On the raw food diet and the role of fiber in cleansing the body

Herbs for health.

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Each person wishing to improve their health, looking for their own ways of healing, and often finds them when physicians, spreading his hands in embarrassment, painted in his own impotence.

Examples abound.

And today I want to introduce you to excerpt Victoria Butenko "Green for Life", which is a trial and error to restore lost health, using the fact that literally grows at all, or in the way, or in the garden of the beds, or in the orchard .

It's about the raw food diet and the role of fiber in cleansing the body.

Issues of interest to many raw food seeking their own way of healing, but, as always, I recommend a sober estimate your abilities and to consult with a doctor you trust.

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Fiber — the "magic sponge"

Dr. Bernard Jensen, a world-famous expert on nutrition and the author of dozens of books on health, said:

"Any, cleansing program should begin with cleansing the colon.
During the 50 years of my life I spent in helping people overcome various diseases, it became abundantly clear that the root of most health problems is a bad job of the intestine.

Based on the observation of more than 300 thousand! patients, I came to the conclusion that in order to be effective, any healing must begin with a bowel cleansing. "

Every day our body produces a lot of toxins, some of which are ingested with food, drink, air, or absorbed through the surface of our skin.

Other toxins are produced as a result of vital activity and include, for example, millions of obsolete cells.

The human body is designed so it is reasonable that most of these toxins are constantly forwarded to the organs of excretion, chief of which is the large intestine plays a role in the body drain.

The colon is filled with regular waste — feces, so toxic that we have a strong aversion causes the thought of them.

It is clear that regular bowel movements is essential for health.

Here for this important body conditions and needs in the tissue.

The main purpose of eating food rich in fiber — is cleansing the body of toxins and impurities.

Without fiber full purging almost impossible, if possible at all.

There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble.

Soluble fiber is found in the pulp of fruits, beans, peas, carrots, oats, flax seed, and especially in the seeds of chia (Salvia columbariae).

Due to its gelatinous consistency soluble fiber collects and stitches together as if all the waste that pass through the intestines.

Certain types of soluble fiber, such as, for example, pectin contained in apples, or guar gum, found in oats, beans, mango, in chia seed — slow absorption of sugar contained in our food and thus reduce the risk of diabetes.

Insoluble fiber is primarily in green, and in the skins of fruits, vegetables and legumes, nuts, seeds and husks of grain.

Cleansing the body of toxins — a complex process, over millions of years advanced nature of the details.

Our wise body can first separate the nutrients from unnecessary and toxic, and then displaying the waste from the body.

I'll try to explain the critical role of insoluble cellulose in the elimination of waste by a simple example.

Have you ever wondered why in our daily lives, we prefer to use a sponge to clean it?

Why do we never wipe dirty tables for example, a piece of paper or polyethylene?

Obviously, the sponge absorbs dirt better than any other material.

Similar "cleaning" is in our intestines insoluble fiber, which is under a microscope looks like a porous fiber, resembling a sponge.

Hold the toxins, it thus provides the output of waste from the body during a bowel movement.

While insoluble fiber works much more efficiently any sponge, as it can keep the number of toxins that are several times larger than its own size.

So I call insoluble fiber "magic sponge".

So, if we eat foods that are low in fiber, then contributing to the accumulation of toxic substances in the body that ultimately can lead to serious illness.

Accordingly, to prevent these diseases, you should regularly consume foods rich in fiber.

Only with the help of the "magic sponge" we can regularly get rid of the huge amount of toxins dumped on us in the modern world.

We have already noted that the toxins get into our body not only by breathing, eating, drinking and through the skin.

Most of us have no idea what a huge pollution comes from dead cells in our very own body.

Knowing that the cells are tiny, many people mistakenly conclude that the addition of cells to the volume of obsolete waste in our body is not essential.

However, according to studies, 98% of the total number of atoms in your body are replaced every year!

This means that our bodies should be obliged to withdraw annually about 35-50 kilograms of dead cells.

If not, dead cells begin to decompose, gradually more and more intoxicating body.

If we do not consume enough fiber, then at some point the accumulation of waste can exceed the speed of the body to get rid of them.

Just as it is impossible to clean the kitchen without a good sponge, the human body can not be cleaned without fiber.

Imagine that you need to do spring cleaning, for example, in a very dirty garage, but do not have anything available arsenal of cleaning than a piece of polyethylene.

I, for example, immediately refused.

However, the human body does not give up, he's trying to save lives, by all, even if not very effective, ways.

For example, if the fiber is not enough for the regular withdrawal of toxins from the body, it is often more work to release toxins takes on our skin.

As a result it becomes rough, porous or rough, the color may acquire an earthy hue.

When the intestine is not fulfilling its function of cleaning, the body tries to allocate as much as possible the amount of toxins in mucus — through channels such as the throat, nose and even eyes.

Remember how in the morning after a heavy swell dinner and "turn sour" our eyes.

However, all these spare channels to remove waste from the body weak.
Such purification can be compared to propihivaniem debris through the window slightly open.

Therefore, including a sufficient amount of fiber in your diet, as if we unlocked the door to eliminate toxins easy, normal way.

Now you're probably wondering how much fat we consume?

According to studies, a wild chimpanzee consumes an average of 300 grams of fiber a day!

Intrigued by this information, I decided to calculate your own daily intake of fiber.

The results were surprisingly few — only 3 grams.

And all because I loved cooking juices, and made them a mandatory part of their daily diet.

Over 30 years ago I read a book Walker and others about the benefits of juice.

These books have been written that fiber does not contain any nutrients and only vain straining our intestinal tract.

Believing in the benefits of the juice of fruits and vegetables in one piece, I began to regularly pass through the fruit and vegetable juicer, not wanting to spend time and effort on their rumination.

Squeezing the juice has been one of my favorite habits.

I am proud to drink juices, often for days, sometimes for weeks, trying to purge itself of toxins, certain that I'm very good care of my health.

I was struck by comparing 300 grams of dietary fiber chimpanzees with their 3g and see how it is bad for health — all the time to drink juice without getting any fiber.

I decided that I can no longer afford to throw tissue in the trash.

Green smoothies in this regard is definitely superior to juices, separate and apart from a very few exceptions.

The famous French doctor Albert Mosseri in recent years has radically changed the classical method of fasting on water for Shelton.

After years of practice and observation of 4000 patients undergoing a course of a long water fasting in his clinic, he suddenly came to the conclusion that "prolonged starvation is a dangerous waste of time."

Currently Dr. Mosseri recommends short water deprivation, which are then transformed into the so-called semi-starvation.

In the period of semi-starvation, which can last for weeks, in addition to water, it introduces a strictly limited amount of food rich in fiber.

Typically, patients receive daily a pound of fruits and vegetables to pound until their recovery is not completed in full.

Dr. Mosseri argues that the transition to this method of fasting to accelerate the disbursement of toxins so that 100% of his patients have symptoms of a deep cleansing of the body, as evidenced by the formation of dark plaque on their tongues (dark brown or charcoal black).

Since the beginning of the last century, the world's a huge amount of research on the role of fiber in the human diet.

We have clear evidence of its many healing properties.

Here are some of them.


• strengthens a weak heart;

• lowers cholesterol levels, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease

• binding carcinogens, prevent many different types of cancer

• It reduces the risk of diabetes and improve the health of already existing diabetes

• stabilizes blood sugar levels by slowing the absorption of its

• Strengthens the immune system

• supports the intestines healthy, helps with constipation and promotes regular bowel movement

• prevents the formation of gallstones

• supports normal intestinal flora

• Limit eating and desire to lose weight

• binds excess estrogen

• prevents ulcers.

Recommended in the United States, the daily amount of fiber — 30 grams a day.
The average American consumes 10 to 15 grams.

It is not sufficient.

Given that these poor 10 grams to absorb and excrete some hefty pounds of waste materials, it is almost nothing.

I think that the lack of fiber intake is a major cause of aging people.

Take a look at any wild animal: it is difficult to guess the age of a deer, zebra and giraffe.

They look the same whether they are 2 years old or 15 years old.

Only in the last few weeks before his death in wild animals begin to show signs of aging.

But the age of the people often can easily be determined with an accuracy of up to 5 years.

At the same time, I saw many people who look much younger than his years because he took care of cleansing the body.

I am convinced that we need to consume every day from 50 to 70 grams of fiber, and even more.

However, to increase its intake should be gradual.

The abrupt transition from 10 to 70 grams can be dangerous.

Our bodies have degenerated, because for decades we eat processed foods.

In addition to this, we are accustomed to an unnatural lack of exercise and spend most of our time indoors.

So when we go back to a healthy way of life, it should be done gradually to give the body time to adjust.

Ideal for such a smooth transition — green smoothies.

Other sources of fiber, especially in the form of tablets, can lead to very rapid increase in its diet, and the result can be a sense of gravity, and increased emissions.

These unpleasant side effects can cause people to abandon the use of fiber before they get the opportunity to experience its health benefits.

Fiber — an important component in the diet of chimpanzees.

As I have mentioned, they consume 300 grams of fiber a day.

Besides the fact that they eat a lot of fiber-rich fruits and leaves, chimps supplement their diet with the core and bark of trees, which comprise about 44% of the fiber.

Flax seed — an ideal supplement to the diet of man.

It is very rich in fiber and has her at 26% (14% soluble fiber and 12% — insoluble).

For example, only 2 tablespoons of flax seed contains 6 grams of fiber.

I recommend adding flax seed to your diet regularly.

Because it is covered with a hard seed coat, it is best to use in the form of a hammer.

To get the most, a little grind flax seed in a coffee grinder and add a small amount of freshly ground seed meal.

I recommend adding 1-2 tablespoons to salads, soups and smoothies.

Flax seed is also a good source of saturated fatty acids omega-3 and the richest source of plant lignin — an important anti-cancer agents. "

Author: Butenko.

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