On the verge of death with people miracles

What happens to those who survived and who narrowly escaped death? Sometimes befall them things that are difficult to explain by rational … So "death" situation could happen again. Also, a person can change beyond recognition. Not to mention the strange visions that visit people in a state of clinical death …

June 5 this year at the Eaton Centre shopping in Toronto armed man entered and began to shoot at visitors. Among them was 24-year-old Jessica Gauja, a sports columnist on the radio and is known under the name of Redfield. Woman saved by the fact that she managed to run out into the street.

"I realized how fragile life — Jessica has recorded in his blog. — I saw the fear in the faces of people, victims of a senseless crime. Remember that you never know when and where your life is interrupted, which will be the last gasp."

On Friday evening, July 20, Jessica was in the movie theater Denver (USA, Colorado), the premiere of a new film about Batman when one James Holmes opened fire on the audience sitting in the hall. This time, the girl could not escape: she was shot in the head and died on the spot. All the shots in the movie theater 14 people were wounded. It seems that death literally hunted Gauja …

In August the media reported a six-year resident of California Zoe Bernstein. Baby after a car accident about a month spent in a coma, and when I came close did not recognize her.

"It has become a completely different person — says the girl's mother. — Zoya has developed so-called" attention deficit. "Exemplary child become a little hooligan. Although, maybe it's not so bad after the accident, it has become more like their peers . On the other hand, it's a different girl, and she, the former Zoe, which was before the accident, most likely never to return. "

Experts say that the cases of personality change after being in a coma is rare, but it happens. So, two years ago, 13-year-old Croat to 24 hours went into a coma after a car accident. When the girl woke up, it turned out that she is fluent in German. Before that, she studied German at school, but little success has never done.

A 26-year-old Briton Chris Birch last year fell into a coma after a severe stroke while training for rugby. "When I came to, I quickly realized that I had to change the orientation — says Chris. — I was gay and took it as a matter of course."

Maybe it's the fact that between life and death, we are in a different dimension, a doctor said Eben Alexander.

Dr. Alexander has long taught at Harvard and earned a reputation as an excellent neurosurgeon. He claims that have never believed in the afterlife. In autumn 2008, a man suffered a coma that lasted for a week. During this period, Alexander, as he claims, made a journey to "another universe."

First he was soaring high up in the clouds, and soon met a "transparent, shimmering creatures flying through the sky and leaving behind a long, similar to the line of the next." These creatures are incorporeal, and like the wind, they made amazing sounds like a great song … One of them was a young woman who became a conductor Alexander. She had high cheekbones, dark blue eyes and golden-brown hair, braided … The stranger was dressed in the clothes of pale blue, blue and peach colors. With Alexander she spoke without words, telepathically.

"You love and cherish you forever — she said the doctor. — You have nothing to fear. There is nothing that you can do wrong. We will show you many things here. But in the end you will return back."

His companion led neurosurgeon in "a huge void, where it was completely dark, but there is infinity and it was very pleasant." Alexander convinced that this was the "house of God."

Soon the doctor came to. After this episode, he was a religious man. He recently wrote the book "Journey of a neurosurgeon in the afterlife," which will be released in late October.

"I'm still a doctor, and still remain a man of science — says Eben Alexander. — But on a deeper level, I am very different from the man who used to be, because I saw a picture of this new reality."

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