Or will reach candidates to preserve communism?

Opposition activists from the regions of Belarus, the members of initiative groups of presidential candidates complain that the first week of the campaign is wasted. The main reason — no printed material.

Gomel Oblast

Full campaign fails

During the eight days of the start of the campaign, in fact, does not show in Gomel initiative groups of presidential candidates Victor Tereshchenko, Dmitry Uss, Ales Mikhalevich Statkevich.

Activist from Kalinkovichi Denis Rabenok shares his observations:

Denis Rabenok

"To date, there is no more Kalinkavichy no pickets, no leaflets, no announcements about the meeting without a single candidate. It's been so long, and the team any candidate does not show. Therefore, I believe that all of these statements that we go to the polls to work with the public every five years to convey to them my point of view — is an empty statement. "

And in most of the regional center of the contenders for the highest office in particular do not show themselves.

Explains the regional leader of the movement Petr Kuznetsov:

Pyotr Kuznetsov

"The campaign Ales Mikhalevich in Gomel, yet is not. The company is — Republican, we are subject to the Republican headquarters. We carry a propaganda campaign with the means that we are receiving from Minsk, including printed materials, and so on. While this region is not present, respectively, to lead election campaign have nothing. "

With the absence of campaign materials encountered and activists of the initiative group Statkevich.

Says collector of signatures for Statkevich, Gomel public activist Catherine Gorovaya:

"We are bound hand and foot. We do not campaign materials. We do not have flyers candidate program. Have we become a picket — and how we are going to campaign? What are we going to campaign? "

On November 26, Constantine and Eugene Zhukovsky Yakovenko organized a humorous campaign "Transparent departure" from the State University of Transport. In a specially designed transparent ballot box collecting donations for a ticket to Venezuela. Who — is understandable.

Fundraising for the ticket to Venezuela.

Grodno region

"And the signatures are not collected here, and no one to agitate …"

In some areas of Grodno none of the opposition presidential candidates did not collect signatures, and no one now is not campaigning, and local residents are hoping that they will remember for although during the election campaign.

Berestovitsky in the Grodno region is called the "reserve communism," here there is no opposition party structures, no one was collecting signatures for opposition candidates. Went from house to house only pro-government agitators and collected signatures forAlexander Lukashenko.

Talking to villagers, he sadly says that only during the speeches of opposition candidates on the television people to hear other thoughts, judgments about how differently you can live and build the country. But most, he said, it's no longer interested, they have long been deprived of the attention of politicians.

Man: "Our people are predominantly Zatsyukany but my associates, everyone is trying to keep quiet. Some even praise the regime, they say, look how we live, everything is there in the stores, I have enough — and he is constantly in rubber boots walks. And so the whole area, no wonder it is called the "reserve communism", no open mouth do not give. "

In Voronovo district ask Mr. — how do you live?

Man: "Well, are fighting silimsya, we work, we are doing something, the fact that nearly a year sitting out of work, trying to somehow survive. Do not participate in any recent events … . "

According to him, none of the opposition candidates and of their teams in the district did not call in any of the signatures to any campaign. But, Mr. said that their area is far from Minsk and Grodno, and therefore it is difficult to reach. I say, what people say about the elections in their region forgotten by politicians?

That's a lot to come, saying that Kastusyou especially liked …

Man: "Thanks to television, people watch the performances of the candidates, their praise. That's a lot to come, saying that Kastusyou particularly liked and others too. All support them. "

But, Mr. adds that in the past did not vote for the incumbent head, but after counting the ballots, the numbers are always called back.

In Ivie's also no agitation, no poster, people are also limited to only those that are watching TV. My companion said that in the village of mostly retired people, are sitting in their homes. Bring them to retire, and during the elections and bring the ballot boxes.

Mrs."Now I have children in the city, the daughter gave the order for Lukashenko to collect 150 signatures, or else get fired from his job. So she came to ask us for a passport. I told her I did not want for Lukashenko and has not given a passport. And no one came to us, not for signatures, or agitate — everywhere Lukashenko and all … . "


Proxies Dmitry Uss explain the reasons for inaction

It began with a visit to Mogilev-election campaign Vitaly Rymashevski, Nyaklyayeu and Gregory Kastusyou. Teams remaining seven candidates to campaign publicly not yet started.

In Mogilev pre-election campaign two pickets spend only Neklyaeva colleagues. Pickets other candidates do not. No other manifestations of campaign activities:

"It is still not received the certificate trustee Usa. No visual aids him we have also not received. And just walking and waving flags, you know, not by the rules, "- explains the passivity of propaganda ally of presidential candidate Dmitry Uss Vladimir Novikov.

In Mogilev Staff Statkevich admit the first week of the campaign is wasted. No campaign materials as a candidate, as well as certificate trustee of his colleague Yuri Novikov:

We have nothing to go to the voters and what they offer …

"Too late with the issuance of certificates, and we can not even put in the newspaper Mogilev our materials to print. We have nothing to go to the voters and what they offer. In printing problems, and it still has not published our promotional materials. "

The Companions Michalevic has once again promised to start campaigning as soon as possible. Justify the passivity of the usual — no printed material:

Alexander Silkou

"Campaign materials will only be ready today. We bring also their pickets. They then expose. There will be only two, "- explains the staff officer candidate Silkou Alexander.

The familiar phrase "no printed materials," sounded like an excuse agitation and passivity of teammate Vladimir Romanchuk Shantseva. He however said that the campaig
n for the candidate of the UCP started now:

"Today," Bulletin of Mogilev "on the first page of the published announcement that the meeting with Romanchuk held on 30 November at the College of Architecture and Civil Engineering."

As for the candidates visiting the region, Rymashevski already campaigned in Bobruisk, Mogilev Nekljaev met, Kastusyou began to agitate Drybin th Gourock. Besides Mogilev associates Neklyaeva picket and agitate Belynichi voters.


"If it were not for BT, the candidates would have heard"

In Brest, a city of three hundred thousand of the population, as of today there is no campaign posters of candidates. And this is the eighth day, as the registered candidates for the presidency. The headquarters of the politicians are prepared to informational pickets, as well as post information about candidates and programs in the state media.

According to the trustee Statkevich Victor Tchaikovsky, even long-term observers from the OSCE asked the city administration and the field are questions as to why there is no campaign. Tchaikovsky Victor says that an observer of Russian Mosin Victor and observers from the United States, Robert Berry has any questions to the company:

"No campaign materials so far. It is the fault of the CEC. The presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich a daily basis to go on a few times from the CEC to the print shop. But for now, at Brest, no propaganda poster with a photo of applicants to programs. "

The situation in the region is the same. Activists who collected signatures for candidates waiting for campaign materials, said a member of the party "Fair World" from David-Gorodok, in Stolin, Vyacheslav Amelchenya:

"Do not have any campaign materials. I recently had a conversation with the regional leadership of the party, but they point out that while it is not ready. And what is the reason, I was not informed, I do not know what happened, we are sitting and waiting. "

In Berezovsky district, says a member of the BPF Anatoly Saharusha, people can learn about the candidates, perhaps only through appearances on television and radio. Campaign materials promised to deliver on occasion, but as long as they are not:

"On December meeting will be held with Gregory Kastusyou. As for campaign materials, they do not, we do not get anywhere else. Of Staff, I have only asked whether enough three, three and a half thousand posters of the area. They promised that they will be delivered at the event. But when exactly — do not say. "

Officials gave permission for the meeting with the candidates in Bereza, Belaaziorsk and four other villages that are on the outskirts of the district.

Anatoly Saharusha says in Male there are no designated places for meetings with candidates. Such places are allocated in six towns, most of which — on the outskirts of the village of the district, but in the urban village, where a half thousand residents permit to visit there:

"I sent a complaint to the CEC, the executive committee and executive committee. In the area there are 110 Berezovsky settlements. Officials gave permission for the meeting with the candidates in Bereza, Belaaziorsk and four other villages that are on the outskirts of the district. "

Brest headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva sent to the city council a notice of intention to hold a picket in ten busiest places in the city. However, these places are different from those determined by the City.


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