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The fact that we are now seeing the mixing of different races, and it seems to think, that this is completely harmless, or even good, requires at least a few remarks.
Argues that such confusion, in principle, it is a good thing — because, as it were, and culture changes and in general — are living in new territories. It is "good" only works for the race whose men take their wives women. The fact that the scripts of women's fate in principle suggest that opportunity — dying in his family and birth in the birth body of her husband.
Although this mechanism actually, well, set to change the delivery within their ethnic group, it is in the case of mixed marriages still makes women transition into another ethnic system.

In this white woman ethnicity easily during a wedding is integrated into a different environment, because it is in principle possible. Here it is possible to hypothesize that the white race, in principle, capable of adapting to other layers — the races, even with the cost of losing some of the possibilities.

But due to the nature of the family and traditional marriage, such a transformation in the delivery of other races often easy, especially as a white woman very often, which is called the "default" has a relatively high social status, as a special value to accept her kind. Thus, a woman may not be aware of some loss of quality.

And, here, in the case of integration is not a white woman in the white race, the situation is quite the reverse — it involves super efforts, which in principle does not give the desired status and result. In this case, the woman takes the opposite advantages of such a marriage for their children.

Using the symbolism of astrology, we also easy to understand why the woman in the cross-species marriage is the "transition zone" — it was the fourth house at the same time connects us with the archetypal roots of ethnicity and simple — with our own mother.

It is more important that the same house connects us to our ancestors, and the best of which are channels of communication with the worlds of high (in our tradition — "Heavenly Iriy"). And in fact, it is the fourth house, the sign of Cancer is associated with the nature of our transformations.
All these mechanisms break down, if there is a mixture of races.

The above does not apply to the mixing of nations within the same race.
Amalgamation of, for example, the French and Russian, on the contrary — it is useful, because closer to the fullness of the original archetype of the same race.

It is that it is a mixture of different races — a difficult and not always a good way of conscious integration into the body of one of the races. The fact that it is nearly interspecific hybridization — many generations of descendants will have to solve the problem of the return.

And it's important to understand that the process of dying husband in the family suggests that one result of this confusion disappears ethnicity (female line), and the other stronger.

Do not need illusions of one humanity. Someone wins and someone dies.

Today, all over the world see the result without glasses — white race disappears, goes global displacement of some other Traditions.
Children of mixed races are simply trying to join a better ethnic side and then become more devout guides their choices, than the pure of the race.
That is, we have a mixture of blood and power of informed choice regarding the soul. Although, of course, these factors are mutually define each other.

But on a deeper level thinking, the whole idea of globalization and the dismantling of tribal ties actually leads to the fact that all races living here are vulnerable to things denser worlds, the same IIV D. Andreev.

This is just an example of one of the expansions. In fact, the introduction of more creatures nizkiz worlds is possible precisely because the interrupted line of incarnations in its delivery.

Actually, it is a form of development — within the body and provides the kind of immiscibility sbolee blackout plans and gradually climb, the development of all kinds.

The destruction of this mechanism, we have not only the alienation of people from birth and race, and soon all over the place — alienation of children from their parents.

All this yuvenalschina — the natural result of such expansion tighter lower consciousness who are interested in bringing the vibration of the plan to his — then we have a real collapse of the present civilization.

Igvy, by the way, according to the author of the "Rose of the World" just and raise their young families is as incapable of sustainable partnerships because of their selfishness.

All supposedly "progressive" ideas for new companies in which disappears generic core — is essentially a result of the invasion of our plan of consciousnesses heavy worlds.

And the familiar argument "Now these new times" — does not read "for", if only because that's what we're moving in the deep layers of the Kali Yuga — the age of ignorance, and degradation.

Yes, there are times that the restaurants of Paris was served food of the monkeys — because negros that migrated out of Africa are used to eating monkeys. However, soon settle in Paris and the real cannibals — that's when the menu will be truly progressive …

In other words, there is nothing particularly glorious in these times — we have on the country's nothing left, the land stands empty, we're just dying out, and in none of the countries white race no clear solution to this problem.
Just because it takes courage and a direct statement of what is going on. Nothing but a return to tradition is not able to revive the ethos — it's like a tree that if it comes to life, it is only when its roots are in the ground.

In every form has its own purpose, its own task of development, its function in the world. So, within the race is intelligible orientation down at her stream, which is often referred to as God. And a person born within the genus is much easier fate for subsequent incarnations — the stronger clan ties, the better a person at birth, remember their past lives.

Not necessarily remember the plot, but clearly shows in ability, personality traits, etc. And the most difficult birth — regardless of their race.

The child is less love, less to help him, though, of course, often this awareness in parents locked.
The ability to translate his ancestor in your child — it is a gift, because this child is the conductor of the mission type. The more binding units, the stronger the connection with ancestors, which are one of the levels of the gods — the leading force.

And because the person that is born out of race is extremely difficult to find a stable relationship with a good plan, he needs to understand that the archetypes in his mind. What tales he actually dreaming that the images determine its alleged conscious choices.

Rod God — not by chance pervobog Slavic world. Because that is what family tree structure in principle allows each of our lives.

It is quite possible, of course, that on a higher plane, nezhli earthly incarnation level, interracial conflicts dissolve in the original all-unity of emptiness — the primary source of all form. But here on the earth plane, we can not be guided by this knowledge, because touch to it simply leads to loss of form here, to disappear immediately.

Here is God Rod leads us until we will embody all of its fullness. But before that — here we need to survive.

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