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Swiss parapsychologist Lucius Vertmyuller known not only in his country but also around the world. In 2006 he organized in Basel congress on centenary of the birth of Albert Hofmann, the inventor of LSD. This congress has received considerable attention in Europe.

Famous chemist and philosopher Albert Hofmann was a close friend Vertmyullera. Their friendships, according to a parapsychologist, and did not stop after the death of Hoffman, who died in 2008. In any case, during a seance in January 2009, received from the deceased Vertmyuller Hoffman small note. Vertmyullera she moved and excited — the content of the text, he was convinced that this is really news from a friend from the dead.


Over the past 15 years, says Mr. Vertmyuller, he spent 20 Ouija, involving five different groups of mediums. During the sessions, he heard loud voices and otherworldly to watch a lot of the characteristic manifestations of the other world, including the materialization of objects. In January 2009, he attended a session in a spiritualistic circle "Felix" in the suburb of Hanau near Frankfurt. Vertmyuller last spring met with the founder of this group, Mr. Kai Myugge, journalist and filmmaker, which was filled with great confidence as a highly professional and decent person. Supervises circle doctor Jochen Martin is familiar with the history and practice of parapsychology.

The meeting took place in the circle of the family home Myugge in a small room of the first floor. The meeting was attended by ten men, six women and four men of various ages. Sitting down at the table, they focused. Vertmyuller had earlier heard that the circle of "Felix" sometimes can be seen levitating table where participants sit session, the materialization of objects, knocks and voices coming out of the ground like. Mr. Jochen Vertmyulleru told about the recent "send" — the paper in 1955 with notes on the appearance in a Berlin house haunted.

Mysterious object

The session from which the hosts and guests waited a lot of interesting, began a sluggish. In Myugge that day very bad headache, and weak manifestations of supernatural forces in the session it disappointing. Table as if his hands trembled under the sitters, but nothing happened. In addition, all felt somewhat constrained by the presence of the Swiss guests. Mr. Jochen was about to end fruitless session when he felt (maybe got a sign from the other world?) To be assembled should transfer into a different order.

After the guests and hosts swapped table around which all sat up and hung from the ceiling. Once again the table down, everyone wanted to go away, satisfied with the result. But Jochen Martin suddenly asked those present to put his hands back on the table. At the same moment he heard a slight noise, and Vertmyuller felt easy subject touched his hand and fell down somewhere. The lights. The young woman sitting next to Vertmyullerom, said he felt like a fallen object slipped on her leg. She excitedly insisted that the object is definitely fell on the floor and need to find him.

— I immediately reached down and began to feel the floor under the table, — says Mr. Vertmyuller. — Minutes had passed, I felt a small object with his hand and squeezed it in his fist.

"I am also alive! Albert "

This is the so-called physical spiritualism, in which "sent from the world" things appear as if from nowhere. Some parapsychologists have rarely encountered this phenomenon. At least do the spiritualists claim that their session is and levitation, and sounds, and objects materialize out of thin air.

Lucius Vertmyuller was holding a small dense object the size of a chestnut.

Opened his hand, I saw the palm wax hemisphere perhaps two inches — says Swiss. — On closer examination it turned out that inside it there is a metal object. We carefully cleaned the flat side of the hemisphere, and saw an old silver thimble, sealed with wax. After removing the wax, we found a thimble tiny rolled-up piece of paper. He was waxed and very hard. I began to expand and once read the first word, once said Sabine and members of the group: "This is from Albert Hoffman." We have deployed a note to the end. It was written just a few words: "Lucius, I contemplate this wonderful nature, it is alive. I, too, is alive! Albert. "

During the life of Albert Hofmann often wrote letters Vertmyulleru, so he instantly recognized his handwriting. In addition, Hoffman often used the verb "contemplate" instead of "look." Visual perception, he gave a special meaning, and called himself a "spectator". "Wonderful Nature" in life was one of his favorite subjects for reflection.

— I remember he always emphasized that only nature is able to create something quick. And we, the people, creating a dead things — continues Vertmyuller. — I also remember how many times we talked about the existence of life after death. And before that he had discussed this matter with my father. The more I think about the contents of the note, Alberta, the more sense to open in a short message. I do not know any other words that I could better know Albert.

The handwriting has not changed

In Hanau Vertmyullera drove his car one of the participants at the session named Sabina. On the way they talked, and the Swiss said that two days before a seance in a circle "Felix" Albert Hofmann turned a hundred three years from the date of his birth. Parapsychologist was very excited and touched by an unexpected gift from a friend and immensely grateful.

Vertmyuller noticed that the handwriting of Alberta has not changed. Especially characteristic of his writing a capital "A".

Two weeks Vertmyuller described the children's message Hoffmann, Andreas and Beatrice, and even showed them a photocopy of the note. Both said without hesitation that this is the handwriting of their father. Parapsychologist Dr. Stanley Kripner many years supported by Hoffmann with friendship. He also carefully considered the note and comparing the handwriting with those stored in his numerous letters of Albert Hoffman, also came to the unequivocal conclusion that the handwriting in the note is fully consistent with the handwriting in the letters in his lifetime Hoffman.

Otherworldly humor

But what's the thimble? After a while Lucius Vertmyulleru occurred to me that Albert Hoffman worked with cardiac glycosides, in particular, with digitalis, which is also called digitalis. It was, perhaps, the joke in the spirit of Albert Hoffman, which he often allowed himself.

— I'm sure — finishes his tale Swiss parapsychologist Vertmyuller — that participants spiritualistic circle — impeccably decent people. In addition, none of them personally knew Albert Hoffman. So no one but myself, I could not procure and discreetly throw a thimble with a sealed message in it, but I did not do it!

And more. German writer Thomas Mann was a member of a seance at his friend Baron von Schrenk-Nottsinga and seen similar manifestations materialize. He found that the fraud in some mechanical sense there could be no question. But, unfortunately, the manifestations of the reality that people do not question, they were watching, until aroused lively interest in the absolute majority of scientists.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Special" № August 2012 g

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