Our Navakolasava and before the election — and godforsaken corner of the authorities …

Navakolasava — Three years ago, a military town Columns 2 — know today all truckers from Moscow to Brest. However, like all local, called the settlement of the same name to the train station, just Kolosov.

It is 6 km away — a customs point where trucks with drivers take 10 euros for the ride on the highway. Those that do not pay for years already seduces the road Kolosov — Zasulle that rasklyuyut to such an extent that an expensive Mercedes — are up to 2 thousand summer visitors — travel at the speed of 10 km. But still, they say, the suspension on the fly again. After passing the narrow bush from the station through the thick woods, first enters the territory of the garden cooperative "Kolosov-93." I own "nine" delves host house, which has already changed into "habe" 70-year-old Mr. Basil varish. He confirms:


Varish"Several times was at Zasullya — there is no pass, no pass, as the pits, potholes. Suspension: repeatedly drove — and inspection. Yes, there is a 500 meter section of accidents is not fair …"

My companion decided the election on December 19 did not go. For many, many years of complaints cottagers has recently officially said deputy chairman Valery Franzkevich Stolbtsovsky vertically. (By the way, this name comes up again and again in the course of the story.) Like, this year, enough money to repair only 3 km of the road, and the site at Kolosov — nyapershachargovy. And Mr. Basil points to two wooden threshing floor in front.

Varish"Look — 18 years holding barracks and fire! Herself from Minsk — and does not sell, and does not want to process. And the light collecting money -" we will not pay. " 30 people, and what's not. They are waiting for us to draw light to take over the more expensive parts … "

Reporter"And how much they cost under Kolosov?"

Varish"There are $ 500, to 800 — a" naked ". And with the light as much as you can throw … "

But that's actually Navakolasava. Zrannya see on the court only man in the blue-and-orange robe with the inscription "Belarusian Railway". Seeking a repairman, Mr. Yuri Kachanovichi. Standing next to three brick houses with empty eye sockets.

Reporter"And here at home — from the former military town?"

Kachanovich"Yes, there's nothing there. Was the pioneer camp "Praleska", is on the balance of the district. Wanted to buy, but as we have — zhlobyatstsa … "

Reporter"And go to the polls to vote for?"

Kachanovich"I'll go. To be honest, today's policy does not suit me. All clear? "

We were running up Aunt Lucy, a cleaner and a supporter of the current president, who is trying to take a picture.

Mrs."With a whisk me?" (General laughter.)

Reporter"Why only for Lukashenko?"

Mrs."What's wrong? All is well — all are alive and well, drink vodka, women love. And what more? "(Laughs)

I was introduced to43-year-old Andrew, here varylshchykam single private company OOO "Neman" that has arisen in90th years of the last century. By the time the source is still grieving.

Mr."Seasonal work, wages have 500 rubles. When Shushkevich was better — the goods were mainly for export in the Union. When Lukashenko blocked Russia — taxes, duties much. The volume was up to 800 tons per year and employs 40 people. Now 26 — and 3 months of standing, because there is no market … "

Reporter"For Lukashenko is unlikely to vote you?"

Mr."Not yet …"

Reporter"A name is what?"

Mr."Surname is not necessary. Do not run out of "those" days … "

In the local 11 + yrs Saturday morning found only in the teachers of the school psychologist, 52-year-old Mrs. Krutskikh.


Reporter"Before the election usually is an increase in salary. Was information that most teachers now have won. Can you confirm? "

Krutskikh"Allowances given within 120,000 since October. Promise and from November to add: the highest category — 30% of the basic salary, the first — by 20%. But, of course, not $ 500. We have to work anymore — we have people in the summer berries, mushrooms are sold, and many make pretty good money … "

It turns out that Ms. Galina is not the first company to others of the local polling station, where 1,320 registered voters.

Reporter"Exaggerate now that preferences are given to teachers' salaries, because taking part in the fraud, electoral fraud …"

Krutskikh"In our election commission chairman of the works. And we firmly — do not come without a passport. All the different voting. Part of the inhabitants are very confident for Alexander G. — seen from the judgment of the people. People want stability — neither up nor down … "

Reporter"Sami decided who to vote for?"

Krutskikh"Until the end — no, would like to see all the candidates. To hear something new and pragmatic. I would not want to have turned everything upside down at my age … "

The interviewee said that her most worried about age bias in the migration processes in recent years.

Krutskikh"Children go to work and learn, we have no place in the town. As far, most of the rides in Minsk. And we are buying apartments, mostly from Minsk. In the district center one-bedroom costs 30 thousand dollars, and we have — or leave the apartment in Minsk children or razmenvayuts over a large area. And for the old, and for the education of children is a good place — quiet, peaceful, without crime, next to the railway … "

However, most kolasovtsev care is literally just too earth. Not far from the center approached the women, they say to each other in a two-storey residential building on School Street. Those indicate the facade.


Cpadarstva"Whitewashed, as you can see, all the angles are destroyed … Since we take the money for maintenance. Entrances anyhow — all good. And why is there not painted, why there? .. You go to Yanushevichav — Let's get! "

Shocked by what he saw in the apartment. Shabby, dirty spots in the walls, dishes piled up on the gas stove that does not work. Broken in the toilet tank. Two of the four brothers, sitting on a mattress, vykalupvali copper "bumps" of the chips. Senior Alexander says:



Alexander"The wall is falling. Addressed — Commission did not help. Looked — not leading. Turn around and leave. And we break the wall — a fine will. The apartment is not privatized. This is my mother-
heroine Vera has to live like that! Five of us in it — one died, this is not talking — invalid.

Guy: (Whispers) "I am the youngest — 23 years old …"

Alexander"GrandmotherThe 44th, the oldest was thirty-ninth Must 107,000 — we cut the gas … "


Reporter"What do you do?"

Alexey"On" shabashki "on a construction site, copper in renting …"


Nikolaenko"Welcome, dear Alexander G.! Turn to you people "Columns 2", now renamed the village Navakolasava living on School Street, houses 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 … "

This local residents gathered to discuss the final text of the letter to the presidential administration, under which about a hundred signatures. Read out and commented on the initiator, the former warrant officer, retired Ms. Lily Nikolaenko.


Nikolaenko"We live in the" Khrushchev "built over 50 years ago. Major repairs are not carried out. Roofs have covered ruberoydam, and the time it began to crumble flag of concrete. Falls directly under the balcony, while the children play in the yard — God forbid, fall on your head. In summer, people can not sit at the top of the heat, winter cold. At a meeting of the town residents, the chairman of the village council and the head of Housing "Kolosov," it was said that was allocated for the repair scaffolding, caps, balconies cash. We have a live grill, and winter creeping roof. Materials are spent for other purposes. I walk out of the shop — ruberoyd crane lifted the roof. And then through the mountain hiding under the stairs and "they are driving." Offered to me. Addressed to the house administration — there was no response. And here is a recent example — tiled roof 27th Housing. Among the day arrived a few cars with Minsk rooms, how many letters removed and taken away. Addressed to the Chief Land Kachanovich, to which he replied, "book brick machine, and I took it Franzkevich executive committee vice-chairman." In 2008 produced a partial roof repairs at home 23, and then in the local newspaper "Ray" has published an article that the repair is done thoroughly. At the entrance number 1 were destroyed stage. The old lady at the age of 90 years caught on rebar and fell. As a result, broke two ribs. It's time the heating season. In the doorways of houses 23-30 partially missing glass — windows crammed with plywood. The doors are not closed, and they say about saving fuel and energy resources. We ask to send a commission to verify the housing finance Stolbtsovsky district and village council Navakolasava … "

Reporter"How are you going after this for Lukashenko a third term to vote?"

Mrs."Lukashenko does not know what's going on! Do not know … "

All adult residents mention 50th years of the last century, when the village Columns-2 originated from the stick types of strategic missiles R-18-63-84, that were based here. They were "the best of times," as they are called local history, a history teacher, Ms. Oksana Kachanovich and her husband, Mr. Anatoly.


Lord"The soldiers and officers were built under the leadership of General Alferov. The town was subject to Moscow. Was painted, in order. There were rocket men and zenitchyki — more than 3 thousand to four. The school is now 200 people, was once the eight hundredth Moscow was the funding of infrastructure. The town was closed. The stores were all in short supply, which can be bought in large capitals … "

Grandfather, who later met on the street, '19 served as an ensign in the senior air defense missile unit in the woods nearby.

Mr."I came in Kolosov, both in Moscow. And there is a field in the oven, the toilet in the yard go, thou shalt bear children in the bath, and the soldier of the field … "

Reporter"A name is what?"

Mr."Zenon S. …"

Reporter"Pozniak did?" (General laughter.)

Mr."Kirzhun. A vote in the elections will only Lukashenko, Belarus because it brought into the world. Go to the store — eat as much as you … "

Once again, continues Ms. Oksana.

Oksana"All collapsed after the fall of the Soviet Union. Rockets have been taken, the Americans came here, and we have more rear-Arsenal. Town was not so — see our roads, houses ragged, flowing roof. Earlier're all whitewashed, trees sheared, painted. visited us with concerts "Pesnyary" Moscow Circus at the Palace of the officers … "

Reporter"And you had a brass band, which played" the Beatles "?"

Tarasenko"Three years ago, a brass band — now art school, performed the works of" The Beatles "with the head of Vladimir Tatarytskim. Children left … "

This is the artistic director of the local center of culture Diana Tarasenko. She says she has "consistently pessimistic mood."

Reporter"Salaries you raised before the election?"

Tarasenko"At 30%, they say, we get in December. We believe so many years, and nothing has changed in this culture, except for the worse. They do not want people to come — all computers, DVD. The instruments are not given, the money is not isolated — what can we do? Go to the library, but not enough discos, shows, festivals, because they do not what to do … "

Reporter: "To vote go?"

Tarasenko"Definitely. Only it was not worse, when someone will come. Probably will vote for a third term … "

Meanwhile, in the house Kachanovichav us with Oksana joined owner — Mr. Anatoly, who 2 years ago was a school principal and unwittingly became a victim of the "administrative and political repression."

Anatoly"I gave 21 years of school work. Commission came from Minsk, I showed all the shortcomings of the school — then the roof is leaking, it fell apart. Chairman of the Executive Committee did not like — Radyuk, he now sits on Corruption, Head of Education was his protege. They said the night to find a man, and I get to write on their own. The school I had a good record — from 40 to 50% of enrollment in higher education institutions. Then I was very offended by the whole system, and went … "

Now, Mr. Anatoly works VOHR watchman.

Reporter"In many parts of the military navakolasavtsav now?"

Anatoly"70 people in the military guards, 50% — of the former officers and warrant officers. The average salary — a million 100 thousand. But we have a house for Sports, 3 built in 1960 — are flowing all the pipes, roofs, plumbing. So it is a service, can be taken away after 8 years, I have … "

Reporter"Privatize do not have the opportunity?"

Anatoly"We did not have 10 years of residence. Since we have entered into an agreement to2018-th, and there's no telli
ng, allow you to transfer to the service in the state. So many of us live. I am under 50 years old — where I built and for how much money? "

Oksana"We have young people build a concessional loan. But credit must be immediately put out by 50% — we have not gone to record the cooperative … "

Reporter"A vote go?"

Lord"Let's go. Of all Neklyaeva I know as a poet … I graduated from BSU and once filfak know who Nekljaev. And the kids know his songs … The children quietly asked, watched "The Godfather"? .. We also came to the part of some — "can not be like that!" There is not much to talk about. Imagine — a senior warrant officer, he has a pension 700 000 200 million and there is — why not live? There is nowhere such earnings are not in the area. Lieutenant Colonel came to VOHR — he just retired a million … "

The yard was waiting for me a woman from next door — the news of the arrival of a correspondent from Minsk managed to raznestsisya through the village.

Mrs., "Can you come to us? See what numb … "


Ms. Natalia in the entrance introduces35-year-old duty on the move Alla Neden. She lives on the top floor.

Alla"We have the documents of the metal roof, hardwood floors, asphalt lies — Radyuk wrote. And they began to privatize — the roof is different for everyone. This Kolosov no power, no money is not allocated any — God-forsaken corner. We still have not been on the pillars of light — apparently before the election included. And who will pay for it when the executive committee of the village council does not allocate money, although here and young families, the school! What it is not — the same … "

Reporter"What should be done — the power to change?"

Alla"We must! Vote will go, I do not even know who. Go to19th think about it — maybe someone new will come … "

Natalia"They came — I signed up for Lukashenko. A vote for him, I will not! "

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