Our people are indifferent to elections

"How do you think that is why the meeting with the presidential candidates comes a few people? Would you like to participate in such meetings? "This question is answered residents of Gomel.

Mr."Meetings are held at a time when most people are at work. Here is the problem of the organization. Plus indifference to the election. The population believes that everything is already decided, selected ".

Mrs."I think that not only advertise these meetings. Personally, I am a pensioner little heard, which hosts the meetings. The invitation to me, so to speak, and did not act. It would be interesting to hear Sannikov, Statkevich would be interested to hear. "

Mr."The desire is there to take part in the meeting with the opposition — that anyone of them was to start a debate."

Mrs."Perhaps, as always, there is no time — all their occupied. Basically, I'd like to stay Lukashenko as he was. "

Mr."I do not even know where they are. There, on the Syalmashy, I saw only one ad. November 30 will be a meeting with one of the candidates — and know nothing more. "

Mrs."First of all, perhaps, many are working. Our people are very careless about the election. Often say that the elections were already known to all. It makes no sense. "

Mr."Maybe people just do not have time. Since the works are tired, and still go to some meeting. Of course, it is necessary to know, but people do not want. "

Mrs."So they are not interested. I myself will go to Sannikov. "

Mr."Indifference and ignorance breeds."

Mrs."And if there was then listen — one criticism."

Mr."Is there somewhere ads in the Sahara? Never seen! Listened to, why not?"

Mrs."People just do not know what will happen meeting. Where it will happen if? "

Mr."The problem is that there is not a single candidate. If it were, there would be, of course, a lot of interest in people. And if such a wide choice, people and lost — and who to go? "


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