Our picks: amateur boxer put up against the champion of the world

Who are the candidates who appeared on television, the most memorable for you? Why? With this issue, our correspondent appealed to Grodno.

Man: "Most of all I liked the performance of Yaroslav Romanchuk. This really is a man who knows the economy, saying, simply, without papers, without prompting. Speaking about who spoke after him — simply do not want to hear."

Guy: "Different remember: Nekljaev, Sannikov …"

Reporter"And you remember what they are?"

"The fact that telling the truth, what is actually in our lives."

"Sannikov very rightly said. I liked the way he described the current situation in the country and how he wants to change it."

"Basically memorable performances, though not all, but many. Watched yesterday's speech Statkevich, I loved it. He talked about how and what to say. Moreover, I am well aware that there is now happening in Minsk. My relatives live, call often. "

Mrs."I loved the Romanchuk. He is very polite, well mannered, cultured man, promised mountains of gold, but only told how and what to change in our country."

Husband and wife: "The general we liked the most. Possible to vote for him uniquely …"

Man: "Everyone says differently, I listened to many. Also listened to the president. But to some kind of conclusion has not come yet. I can only say that while it's difficult to change something, I'm not ready for a change."

Man: "Romanchuk remembered. Here we have a border zone should open. So he talked about how to do all that we did not have any visas and we could live a normal life with neighboring countries. This is the most memorable."

"Do not catch hold: talk, talk … But it's just because the election campaign, and that will happen — only God knows …"

Mr."No, I do not watch the performances."

Reporter: "But why?"

"Because so and it is known that the president will Lukashenko."

Reporter: "And how do you know that?"

"Because he has no equal. These elections are similar to the way an amateur boxer put up against the world champion. This does not make sense."

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