Out Alexander Beliavsky

Out Alexander BeliavskyLast night was tragically killed people's artist of the USSR and Russia Alexander Beliavsky. Viewers he is known on the huge number of films in which they had played many major and minor roles.

Belyavsky always played positive characters, such as in the films "Enjoy Your Bath", "Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin" etc. Only in a Soviet film — "The venue can not be changed," he played a negative character — a villain Fox. And after that came to him real fame and many viewers remember him precisely because of this role. Therefore, at the mention of his name, often in the face of the rise of association of the film.

They say that the tragedy occurred because the actor for a long time almost in poverty. There was not enough money for food and medicines required for life. Unfortunately, this happens to many well-known actors. In the Soviet Union, they were shining on the stage, though not making millions as modern actors. And now they do not have enough money to buy basic necessities and elementary. Very sad to realize that fact. I wish that the Union kinematogrofa Russia has revised its position in this regard.

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