Over the past 10 years, America has rapidly expanded its military network in the world

Over the past ten years, America has actively expanded its military network in the world

Unprecedented increase in the number of U.S. military around the world for the last ten years, to support the running of their own forces, reinforced by military action in countries such as Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen and Libya. So Makar, the Pentagon is trying to secure for himself the new military base on the various continents and in Oceania.

Over the past decade Amerikosy received permission to construct its own bases in the framework of the 10-state abroad, even in countries that the U.S. were not available during the war years and even in the nineties of the twentieth century.

As U.S. forces abroad includes many types of troops such as Marines, Air Force, Army and Navy. The main focus of the military forces to be placed on the ground in Europe and other countries, are anti-missile systems, protected military bases. On the bases placed radar systems, missile arsenals of interceptors, large satellite surveillance systems, training base for the U.S. Army recruits, the base for the training of special forces.

Alone or in cooperation with NATO Amerikosy built or will soon build a military base and distribute the forces in different places in each country that will agree to place them at home, from small observational bases or training camps before the strategic air bases, on the ground all over Europe, many countries in Africa and Asia.

Countries in which NATO has already built their bases or given permission for their construction:
Netherlands Antilles
Morocco Columbia

With the increased activity of the Northern Distribution Network to supply weapons and food for the war in Afghanistan, not counting several former Russian republics — Ukraine and Moldova were the one or the other method included in the metabolic routes that are created for military supplies and equipment destined for use in the prolonged armed conflict in the world. In January, the Russian government announced that flights of military aircraft of the NATO states and over our government for the role in the Afghan war have gained high marks in the "four and a half thousand flights only in one direction in year. " Later the same month, the radio station "Voice of Russia" quoted numbers that spread the Foreign Ministry announced that fifteen thousand American soldiers and 20 thousand tons of cargo crossed the terrain Russian Federation, heading to Afghanistan in October 2009.

In recent years, the U.S. military conducted regular (at least once a year) Teachings, very often these exercises are held together with NATO and Asian NATO allies in Romania, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Kambozhde, Kazakhstan, and on the African continent (through operations such as Flintlock, Africa Endeavor, Natural Fire and Africa Partnership Station).

Most of the bases, where he lives and works military Yankees staff, assets and military equipment, it is already existing military bases — four in Romania and Bulgaria, seven in Cambodia, 10's in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also many new ones that were not so long ago built it all databases associated with anti-missile shields as radar station Forward-Based X-Band Radar, placed in 2008 in the Israeli Negev desert (with a range of three thousand miles), which serve about 100 American servicemen. The battery of missiles "Patriot" act extended Patriot Advanced Capability-3, sent to Morag, located in Poland, two years back, along with many attributed to the bases of military personnel. Operation with the role of unmanned vehicles "Reaper» (Reaper), which began in the Seychelles year invasion. Through the exchange center in Kyrgyzstan each month is approximately 50 thousand U.S., and other NATO military for the war in Afghanistan and back, and so on. Washington is soon going to place the squadrons of F-16 in Poland and a bit later in this decade will position anti-ballistic missile interceptor Standard Missile-3 in the same Romania and Poland with appropriate radar installations, places of dislocation that study in Turkey, and Ukraine, and in Ayzerbadzhane, and Bulgaria.

Not so long ago built base in Europe, although almost achieve the size of the ones that were installed after the war on the Korean peninsula, and after the second world war, and tysyacheakrovogo "Camp Bondsteel» (Bondsteel) in Kosovo, but completely adequate for the needs of U.S. military forces and their weapons 20 of the first century, which in the main switched to unmanned aircraft strikes, bombing and helicopter attacks Extended Range acts attacks perpetrated by cruise missiles, as the operations are carried out by a special purpose.

Constantly increasing the scale of U.S. military activity not long ago have gained recent point, when the Pentagon sent its own large transport plane C-5 Galaxy in direct non-stop flight to the air base, "Dover» (Dover), which is located in Delaware, over the North Pole and Canada, after over Russian Federation and Kazakhstan on its air base Bagram, which is in Afghanistan.

Aerotransportnoe wing, designed to provide military airlift aircraft of high-lifting set with eleven U.S. states of NATO and their military partners in 2009 at a military air base, "Dad» (Papa) in Hungary, the first multinational strategic air- transport operation, which is the second month of the year flew more than 4 thousand hours and delivered more than 14 thousand tons of cargo and more than 6 thousand passengers in the country on all six continents of the Earth, including the mission that took place in Afghanistan, Haiti, Europe and South Africa , according to data that provides the U.S. Air Force in Europe.

The same information source earlier said that in 2010, for their own military purposes, with sixty-fifth wing airfield services, was transported fifteen thousand airplanes with 22,000 units of personnel on board one of the 20 countries across the airfield Lahes, which in the Portuguese Azores.

Air Force bases that have been built in countries such as Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Romania were very modernized not only a base for military transport over long distances, and potential base for strategic purposes that at any moment can be used for the intended purpose, like Target and forms of those bases that have been designed and furnished after the second world war in Germany, Italy, Britain, Turkey.

In the last 50 years of the last century, the United States could brag The advantage of a full military at all (controlled by them), the Western Hemisphere, Eastern and Western Europe and in much of the Pacific Ocean.

In our time, such as having military budget, both during the second world war, and specifically seven 30 billion dollars this year only, and having a government that is willing to call himself the strongest world power, the Americans are trying to build up its military bases and missile installations on the globe. Thank God, not all countries agree to such meanness.

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