Overseas ladies liked the trenches

The Pentagon should abandon the practice of interdiction legislated female soldiers specifically to participate in the fighting. This recommendation was voiced in the draft report of the Commission to ensure equal rights of military personnel (Military Leadership Diversity Commission — MLDC), which was posted on her website in the web in the middle of January this year. The final report should be on the desk of U.S. President Barack Obama, will also be presented military bureaucrats and parliamentarians in March for a final decision on the introduction of the respective configurations of the federal legislation and regulations MO.

South American Maid war must be waged

At the current time, the U.S. legal rules prohibited a specific role-American soldiers in combat. They have the right to serve only in the units combat support of ground forces, including medical, logistical and transport. The members of the Commission, made two years back in accordance with the law of appropriations for national defense for 2009 cash year and consisting of 32 high-current and retired members of law enforcement agencies the United States, as civil officials, have called to cancel this rule.

Status of U.S. military personnel vsepolnotsennyh South American ladies were only in the middle of the last century, when in 1942 the Pentagon was formed ladies' auxiliary body. From now officially recognized the right of women to serve in the Armed Forces. In 1967, restrictions were lifted in force on quantitative norms'll call in the army and to practice their military positions and titles.

In 1993, the ladies got the right to serve in the Air Force and the U.S. Navy. And since 2011, they will not only drive the combat aircraft and serve on ships, and will be included in the compositions of the submarine crew, including the SSBN.

According to official figures the Pentagon to give the number of real time in the sun is about 14%. They are allowed to be trained in the 92% range of military specialties. In 2008, the first lady become full general of the U.S. Army, in other words, put on shoulder straps with 4 bolshennymi stars. Now the sun are 64 ladies who have the title of generals and admirals.

As a representative of the Ministry of Defense told reporters Public Relations Eileen Leynez of 2.2 million soldiers and officers who have passed through Iraq and Afghanistan, more than 255 thousand were ladies. According to the Pentagon at the beginning of January this year, 311 were killed in Iraq ladies. The loss of the male soldiers were almost 4.3 million people. In Afghanistan, his death found a 24 bore the insignia representative weak little sex and some 1,400 members strong.

OPPONENTS apologist Innovation

The debate on the resolution of the ladies pick up a gun and go along with the guys on the front lines have long come to the Pentagon, in political circles in America and in the expert community. This idea many protagonists and antagonists. Both have put forward a lot of arguments for and against the application of this idea and its legislative design.

Opponents of lifting the ban on the role of women in combat is considered that the female half of the U.S. Armed Forces do not have the desired physical fitness and stamina required for a role in combat operations. In addition, opponents of the configuration of existing laws say that the inclusion of women in infantry and other combat units performing combat actions, as well as the resolution of gays and lesbians serve in the army, will cause significant harm to the integrity and cohesion of military units. They also claim that the South American public, without a doubt, very badly react to the fact that a huge number of her daughters will vorachivatsya home in body bags.

Supporters of the proposed changes by the Commission put forward arguments to refute. One of the leading professional research organization, the name of "Institute of research and education for women," which investigates the problems of women's equality in all spheres of life of South American society, Lori Manning said that in the current time implementation of the idea verbovaniya ladies for combat resolves itself themselves. Commanders from the Army and Marine Corps, fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon's policy is often ignored in the ratio of female soldiers and send them to the battlefield. According to her, the management of the troops by playing the definitions of "give" combat personnel structures and "include" it in them to make a formal requirements of its own top brass of prohibiting verbovaniya weak little floor to conduct operations. But in fact "for the past 9 years" and in the two country women warriors are fighting a par with men.

Past Captain ILC Anu Bhagwati, at the present time who heads a human rights group "Network promote women's military" said the segodnyaschy Pentagon policy is nothing more than another, as "a huge glass ceiling for women the military." "This policy is archaic, it does not reflect all the victims of female soldiers and the contribution they make in military affairs. This policy ignores the reality of modern military doctrine, "- stated the retired captain. She also saw that, as the promotion of war and occupation in the service of their big posts is one hundred percent, depending on their combat experience, changing the current policy regarding MO ladies will mean only the restoration of justice.

This fact is noted and experts MLDC. They say that the ban on role in the fighting does not allow ladies to occupy about 10% of the posts in the Army and Marine Corps (ILC). This is a significant barrier to their career advancement.

The creators of the report is one hundred percent refute statements by their own contractors over the fact that the adjustment of female Pentagon's policy will have a negative impact on combat troops. "Today, there is no evidence that the inclusion of women in the previously closed to their units or their purpose in positions that they currently being allowed to occupy, will have a negative impact on such important characteristic of combat readiness as their unity" — written by the drafters of the document . They also point out that nedavneshnie studies Spices "Defense Advisory Committee on the ladies in the Sun", showed that the role of women in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan had "only a positive impact on the performance of combat missions of troops."

Senior Pentagon bureaucrats, too many times we talk about the future configuration of the current practice in the use of the ladies in the Sun So, for example, in September of last year, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, speaking to students undergoing military training at the Institute for Duke (, NC), said that, in his opinion, in the near future, the ladies will be allowed to serve in the armed forces for special purposes namely, in the divisions created for private transactions. The Minister also noted that with the passage of time, equally ladies and get access to all the other structures of these troops.

The members of the Commission to the Council phased approach to the question of the expansion of the field of female soldiers in the army. In the first step, in their opinion, the ladies need to fill all positions in the units the U.S. military, where soldiers need those specialties that are currently being allowed to take the floor rather weak. After that top Pentagon officials, armed services, special and joint commands must create approaches to gradually expand the number of posts that can take the ladies in the Army, leading military action.

Pentagon official dealer Eileen Leynez told reporters that the management of the Council, the Ministry of De
fense will make out when a draft report will be issued in final form. But, according to her, no matter what decisions will be taken at the legislative and administrative levels, ladies U.S. military will continue to participate in combat operations.

"Women in the U.S. Armed Forces continue to make a great contribution to combat acts of troops and show a huge sacrifice," — she said, and said that "even in the criteria of the existing restrictions ladies military will continue to be given to the departments which are involved in the fighting or can be brought to their jurisdiction and to hold those positions for which they have prepared in the learning process. "


The birthplace of ideas feminization army was England. In 1653 in the United Kingdom there first ladies military hospitals in which the working spouse fighter. In the years 1917-1919 as part of the British Armed Forces were formed Lady's royal air force, Royal Auxiliary Corps and Navy Legion Ladies' Section of vehicles in the amount of 100 thousand people.

The first time, on a par with the men as full military with appropriate social status without restrictions ladies have served in the armed forces of Canada in 1895. They began to take the army in time of peace, not only in providing the service, and in combat units as full-fledged soldiers. This tradition is kept control of Canadian Forces to this day.

Second global war has led to increased numbers of women in the armed forces. In the British Army served 225 thousand ladies in the U.S. — 450-500 thousand in Germany — about 500 thousand, and in the Russian army of more than 800 thousand, 80 thousand of them had the officer ranks.

In 1975, the female half of the population of Germany was granted the right to bear arms in the sanitary troops. A little later in military bands. According to the court society with Euro 2001 for the German ladies in their access was open to all military specialties and in all kinds of troops, including landing troops, submarine fleet and air force. In 2010, in the ranks of the Bundeswehr there were 16.9 million women (8.9% of the total number of personnel), 2.6 thousand of them had the officer ranks.

Law allowing the ladies to join the armed forces in Italy was adopted in late 1999. Italians can serve all divisions of government aircraft, not counting submarines and special forces. Now more than 10 thousand citizens of Italy, serve in the army. In the army the number is about 6.3% of the personnel of the Armed Forces, in the Navy — 3.8%, in the Air Force — more than 1.6%.

In Israel Defense Forces Ladies' body was created in 1948. Since 1959, in accordance with the law, all Israeli woman to be called up for military service. In 1995, through the Supreme Tribunal of the country ladies Israel have gained the right to serve in the Air Force. In 2000, a law was passed allowing them to serve in combat units. At the current time, the female half of the Promised Land, available 90% of military specialties. Now about 33% of the number of the IDF are ladies. An infantry battalion of Caracalla, guarding the southern border of the country, 70% of Israeli women.

Dame Turkey began to take a military academy since 1955. Since 1957, they have the right to receive the officer ranks. At the current time in the armed forces of Turkey are about 1.6 thousand representatives of the female population of the country.

Since the early 90s in India, the ladies were allowed to serve in non-combat units of the armed forces. According to the 2010 year, in the Indian Army officers are 1012 ladies' sex.

In South Korea the right to enter the military academy ladies received in 1998. At the current time in the country's army officers' positions are held by 2.9 million women.

Data on the number of women in the DPRK are closed nature. But according to international military professionals and their number in the People's Army can reach 10%. 'll Use all the armies in the world, and experts believe that in the future the number of women and men in the fields of labor will match their percentage of the population of the planet.

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