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Following the first view, the human soul is among men, and is the usual earthly affairs, and then sent to the realm of shadows — the land of their ancestors, which is also engaged in earthly affairs. Following the second presentation, further life after death takes place in another world, which is located under the earth or in heaven. In this particular world, no one works, but depending on the behavior of the earth, or enjoy, or betray their eternal torment. In more developed religions the world shared by heaven and hell.

The third direction of future life — reincarnation of a dead body in the body of a living creature — a bird, fish, animal, human, etc. On the behavior and actions depends — who have moved to the soul. Sinful soul can get into the body of the mosquito, scorpion, ant, and even wood.

Buddhist Paradise.

The followers of Buddhism see paradise in the flowering gardens of the blessed country Sukawati (Lucky Country — from Sanskrit). Righteous enjoy there bliss and pleasure. Water changes from cold to warm optional bathers. Homes built in the garden of precious stones, coral and precious metals. No there is no chasms, no dust, no rocks. No gossips and liars. All the pleasure and the mind, and the eye and the heart. But all the inhabitants of heaven — men whom seven thousand virgins delight dancing and singing, but the songs on the case does not go as men do not succumb to the temptation. And in this paradise, not strange, people do not live forever, and die. Without pain disappear with the souls and bodies …

Christian heaven.

According to Christian doctrine (Orthodox, Catholics, most Protestants), life after death is a two-step process. First — from the death of Christ until His second coming. The second phase will begin with the second coming of Christ, and will be endless. During the first stage in heaven and hell get only the soul, and in the second — after Doomsday — resurrection of the body and soul will be reunited with the body. The first phase — a paradise, is located in the sky. After Doomsday paradise will be on zemle.Ray — garden in the sky like the description on the Old Testament paradise — Eden. Many gardens. From tall trees blowing great fragrance.

Some bloom forever, other gold leaves and fruits of beauty unwritten. Everywhere in the gardens of countless birds. On the banks of the river many vineyards with golden fruits and golden leaves.
Paradise — city resembles the description of the heavenly Jerusalem in the New Testament. Paradise — "Kingdom of Heaven" is based on the apocryphal description of levels of heaven in the Book of Enoch, the Righteous.

According to which the heavenly paradise — square and each side of about 2220 kilometers. The walls are strictly on the four sides of the world. All in the realm of luminous materials. At the throne of God flows the river of water of life, and on the opposite bank of the growing tree of life.
The most original Christian teachings were Seventh Day Adventist Church. The church has more than 10 million members, who believe that now there is no afterlife, and that it will start right after the second coming of Christ. Destroy all sinners, but the righteous will go to paradise. This is the basis of their faith, that payment for sin — death, not eternal life in hell. Humanists …


Muslim paradise is huge, "as the vastness of the heavens and the earth." Middle of the garden of the Prophet Muhammad is his palace and home to Islam's supreme servants. Tree of happiness — Tuba around every corner of the magical garden. Righteous rest in the shade of a huge lotus flower that grows on the top raya.Tron God, above the heaven, brings peace, happiness, and peace in the wonderful light emitting joy celestials. Muslim paradise — a beautiful oasis with cold and clean water. Around the greens and fruit orchards.

Four rivers: spring water, wine, honey, camel milk. For the righteous there and carnal pleasures. In addition to his earthly wives (and their four allowed in Islam), each as a reward isolated cairn — girls with silky hair, soft skin and black eyes. Girls give affection, not age, and every morning are again virgins. Every man is meant somewhere 72 houris. each houris on the right breast — the name of Allah, and on the left — the name of a righteous man, for whom it is intended. It seems that the Buddhist and Islamic faiths paradise — a place for men only.

Reliable information about heaven is missing, but there are people who assure us that we were in paradise. The head of the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul ll in summer 1993 was unwell and was admitted to hospital on the operating table. Doctors registered clinical death during surgery. Dad said that he had seen with his own eyes to heaven God gifted opportunity to tell people about the bliss after death.

According to the Pope, heaven is not in the depths of space, and very close to the Earth and its indescribably beautiful golden color of the aura. This information is not official, because the magazine published the message of the Pope had received information from a source in the Vatican's private.

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