Photographed a strange monster walking around the high fence


Someone from New Jersey posted a photo of a strange monster that looks like a creature zaprygnuvshim on the fence or who walk in nemu.Neskolko readers are wondering whether an unknown animal, and some even believe that this could be a character, who is called "the devil from New Jersey ".

User posted image Diabolicism on Wednesday evening under the heading "What the hell is this animal? (Found in New Jersey)."

Within a few hours there were over 600 comments on a post from other users Reddit.Takzhe they are interested in that kind of thing. But it turned out that no one could recognize him.
According to reporter Jessica Biyms, South Jersey Times, photo originates not from New Jersey.

The photo was taken in Oklahoma and first posted on May 6 WildCareOklahoma Facebook page, and the Department of Wildlife Conservation Oklahoma.

But it turns out the coin has another side. Behind the "monster" looks do not really usual, but the front it is not so terrible. Monster was a harmless squirrel suffering beriberi.

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