Plant Hammer, which produces machine guns, can join the Kalashnikov

Vyatskie Polanski plant "Hammer"Produces, namely, Kalashnikov machine guns (RPK) may enter into a concern"Kalashnikov. "

This was stated by Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin after "Government hour" in the Federation Council.

"In real time on the basis of" Izhmash "is formed from a single jurisdiction" Izhmehom "and will be a single design office and two manufacturing bases," — said Rogozin.

"After they unite in their own work and production, further negotiations will begin with Vyatskie Polanski "Hammer", "- he added.

Deputy Prime Minister explained that "the first of these negotiations will affect the creation of a model for the production of a number of small guns."

"After completing these steps likely integration with a number of Tula companies, "- he said.

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