Pledge of military equipment Pawnshop

Pawnshop — is a big lender who works not only with individual persons, but is a partner to many private organizations. This is a very profitable partnership because the 1st mate always have the means, and the second — is a potential customer. Lombard machine produces credit under pledge passenger and freight transport, construction and power equipment, boats and bikes. Apart from this, some pawn shops work with such property as military equipment. This includes airplanes, helicopters, artillery, armored vehicles, ATVs Hummer.

A few words about the Hummer. Experts at developing this model in North America. For the base had to take military HMMWV M998 or all-terrain vehicle, as it was called, "Humvee". Bimbo modification was developed for the civil parties. Since 2010, the phased creation of a jeep Hummer, because there was no agreement between the U.S. and the Chinese side. Such a turn of events marked the beginning of the growth of the prices of existing civilian model Humvee. These cars are accepted in all countries Pawnshop as collateral, which offer their large amount of credit and small percentages.

In addition, pawnshop machines will be glad to offer you to purchase vehicles of this type. Contract "purchase — sale" is made in accordance with the laws of Russian Federation in the presence of a lawyer in just one hour. A few words about how to get credit under pledge military equipment at a pawn shop personal vehicles person (owner of the Humvee, collector and art dealer). It shall be accompanied by the completed documents (passport) and technical passport. The whole procedure takes less than a design loan 1 hour. It is being distributed properly followed: about 30 minutes to techno expertise, 5-10 minutes is required to verify the submitted documents, 10-15 minutes — at the conclusion of the credit contract.

Estimated examination or examination of the technical condition of cars, a necessary procedure, which allows you to find the size of the loan amount and interest rate. Lay the car pawnshop machines can be in a small period of time — up to 6 months. The interest rate varies from 5 to 13% for the month, and the loan amount will be equal to 80% of the price at the time of military equipment and technical expertise. Pay credit Web resource agent can be either via the terminal.

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