Police looking for money to the trustees Neklyaeva. Not found

Today, the 7th in the morning at the Minsk railway station police detained trustees Vladimir Neklyaeva Fyaduta Alexander and Oleg Blizzard, who returned from Moscow.

As theand "Freedom" spokesman Neklyaeva Julia Rimashevskaya, car, which drove Fyaduta and Snowstorm, was cordoned off by police in plain clothes and in uniform.

Trustees Neklyaeva detained and taken to the police station.

"There have inspected — primarily looking for money, apparently, wanted to prove the truth of the words Lukashenko that the company Neklyaeva allegedly financed by Russia. But for 2 hours because the police found nothing. They also checked all the passengers who were traveling with Feduta and blizzard, but also to no avail. "

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