Power Frets

Power Frets

Magus Rod Veleslav of Alexandrovsk.

In this life there are no coincidences, all natural. Here we are on the first day of new year came not by accident.

We, that is charge of the Slavs, from different cities of Perm region, gathered at the ruins of the ancient Vedic temple, which for a long time looking for. (If there is Vogulsky shrine — a place of great power, which hosted the initiation — POSVYASHENIYA, temple Yar Russia — funeral complex, we should be for the Vedic Temple.)

The purpose of review, activate a place of power, turn ladovanie. The first thing that comes to mind is how this place survives around career artificial mounds — mountains.

We went into the yard around the rock — walls, stone black, visible artificial processing. Passage carefully carved into the rock, it leads us to the second floor, even, a fairly extensive area. The voices of the Veda, they say, there were ambulatory Kupala celebration, carnival and so on.

The left side of the remains of stone walls — in the subtle world is a temporary overlay, in the later period Vedic temple and see: the destruction of the temple in the late 18th century, a small chapel was rebuilt, but it also destroyed.

Guardian spirit is kind to us, he is happy to us, viewed the wall, trying to find the rest of the inscription. Ramil goes back centuries, 650 years ago there was already a church, she explained that she had seen people coming to the church, the tower of the temple well and much more.

We go up to the third floor, a vast flat area for the Veda, on the west side of the gulf, with the eastern artificial wall, built of black stone, and laid Booth inscription in the wall. In a trance, many of us read as "old glory", energy home, okay, I want to relax totally renounce all cases. Energy swallow in an invisible spiral and pull up to the place where the temple stood and outbuildings.

The road leads out to the same place to a place of power, there is growing hazel, there are other trees, see the foundation, the remains of the walls. The temple was built on previous places of power and they are designed ladovat, build energy around the temple, but this place is that — something special. Many people say that the temple as settling energy not just one area of not only the region, but also on a global scale.

To do this, we have gathered, get up in the circle, turn away from the world, trance, subtle world, a portal, a plate — is it closes the energy to go outside, open easily, naturally. Power breaks the will, she has accumulated over the years and is now raging, goes in waves. I look at the happy faces, my heart glad that — and then we did something we can do. Is very strong saturation.

In the rush to leave the third floor, there is good, at ease, discuss their work and share experiences. Look people, a few pairs were drawn to the ruins of the temple, first came the children, they all feel very subtly, subconsciously. Svetlana as always removes all the camera, it is inseparable from it, feeling surprisingly subtle nature of man in charge.

Well, it's time to get down and reluctantly down, I throw a last glance at the rock, where there was a temple and see. I see four Magi stoyashih over the precipice, looking due south, through time and space. In the mental body rushes to him and hear.

— Evening, Rosh Hashanah, vigil, get up with us.

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