Prices for universal milling machines and cutters for engraving.

Types of cutters

Milling is the process of different materials using cutters. On the proper selection of the tool depends on the result of: the quality of the product and the amount spent on production time and labor. Omnimil machine can work with different materials and used in a variety of industries. Therefore cutters are considered an indispensable tool.

Depending on the purpose for which made or that mill, a product can be cylindrical, end, end, cutting, disk, slots, special end, shaped or angled. Each of these mills is not only used to achieve different goals, but different from other appearance, weight and so on. The most demanded 6 types of mills, which will be discussed below.

Terminal, disk and other

  • Cylindrical cutter.

This type of cutter has a cylindrical base with teeth inclined to the axis at an angle of 30-40 º. They are used for complex processing of various plastics and multi-surfaces of different materials.

  • End Mills.

Axis milling of this type is perpendicular to the work surface. End Mills are used for open surfaces. These advantages include a large number of teeth, which reduces vibration.

  • End Mills.

Used for a long list of works. It is to include end mills for engraving. But this type of product is used for the treatment of deep grooves perpendicular planes and ledges contouring the surfaces of complex profile.

  • Disc cutters.

Used for cutting sheet metal. They resemble a circular saw. Depending on the design features, the data bits can be separated into solid and teams.

  • Angle cutters.

In fact, corner cutter — is a type of disk. However, they are isolated in a separate species. Used these tools for cutting through flute and countersinks, reamers, and so on.

  • Shaped cutter.

Feature of this type of mill is that they are designed based on the needs of a particular production. Use sliding cutter to work with complex profile grooves.

Price milling machine and cutter to it can be different and depends on the manufacturer. To be disappointed in the selection, before buying to accurately represent, what you intend to run blanks.

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