Propaganda leaflets Statkievich hit the road accident

Evening of November 28 near Bobruisk got into a traffic accident vehicle "Fiat" Victor Kantsavenka, a trustee of the presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich. This was announced today mister Kantsavenka:

"We Yuri Zakharenko carried from Minsk to Gomel over 100 000 Statkievich election leaflets. Away from Bobruisk, approximately 700 meters from the automotive interchanges, I showed a right turn and stopped, turned on the alarm. And as soon as I tried to open the door, the old "Volkswagen", as if on purpose, hit them. No one was hurt, but the door was damaged. The whole left and printed matter. "

According Kantsavenka, came already two crew of traffic police. Admitted himself guilty Kantsavenka — say, he inadvertently opened the door. Although all the machines, he says, his abyazhzhali "Fiat" with the emergency lights for1.5-2 m, and no one wanted to rush back to back.


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