Purchases of new sniper rifles will begin in 2013

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in 2013 will buy new Russian sniper weapons production. On this, as reported by RIA Announcements, said Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov. According to him, it, namely, is a brand new complex sniper 6S8-1 12.7-mm production plant Degtyarev. In addition, the possibility of buying sniper rifles Orsis company "Survey Systems."

Since 2014 Russian Defense Ministry wants to start buying the upgraded sniper rifles Dragunov 7.62mm. In addition, the project also incorporated the state defense order purchase upgraded VSS 9 mm caliber and mnogokalibernyh sniper rifles KAFP 12.7 mm. Borisov also said that the military wants to buy "a fundamentally new optical-electronic systems for sniper scopes."

In December 2012, the representative of the Ministry of Defence for Navy Colonel Alexander Kucherenko told that the Special Forces Airborne Forces have adopted 30 sniper rifles made by the Austrian company Steyr Mannlicher. Mannlicher rifles were the first such instrument of foreign origin which came to the Navy. Purchase rifles conducted from the end of 2010.

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