Quarantine introduced in three villages of Altai, where people become infected with anthrax

On the borders of the three villages of the Altai Territory, in which people become infected with anthrax, mounted police posts and dizbarery, import and export of animals and animal products is prohibited, according to the head of the Altai Territory Veterinary Ivan Gatilov.

Last Saturday became aware of hospitalization of three villagers Friendship with suspected anthrax. In virgin area of the Altai Territory was declared emergency mode. The village, home to about 740 people quarantined, all residents examined physicians. One died. On Monday poselkenachalas mass vaccination of the population. Doctors suspect the anthrax from a resident of the neighboring village of Marushka. Reported on the introduction of quarantine and in the village of Marushka. In total, according to official data, the hospital has 13 people, two of whom the diagnosis was confirmed by laboratory tests.

"At this point in the area of Virgin continues complex anti-epizootic measures aimed at eliminating outbreaks of anthrax. Introduced vaccination of susceptible animals (cows, horses, pigs, sheep). On entering and leaving villages friendship Ruposovo, Marushkka has installed police posts dezbarery , sold out. adopted measures to prevent the import and export of animals, animal goods, food, door-banned the slaughter of animals. corpses of dead animals were burned, conducted soil decontamination "- said Gatilov on an Internet forum of the regional administration, answering questions from residents.

He said that according to the veterinary quarantine laws on anthrax is removed within 15 days after the last case of death or recovery of the animal, sick with anthrax. Visiting the area is not dangerous to humans, subject to the usual measures of personal security, he said.

According Gatilova, penultimate outbreak of anthrax in the region was recorded in 2006 in Krasnoschekovskom area. At this point in the virgin areas is the whole complex of anti-epizootic measures aimed at preventing the further spread of the disease.

"To put it in general, to maintain a stable epizootic situation in the region is carried out every year a lot of work. Annually for diagnostic purposes is investigated more than 3 million head of cattle, poultry and beehives, from prevention to treatment and processed more than 170 million head. Conducted at livestock facilities animal health measures for disinfection, disinfestation on a total area of more than 17 million square meters, "- said the expert.

Anthrax — an acute infectious disease of a group of particularly dangerous infections. A person infected typically sick animals or infected material — skins and wool. The infection is not transmitted from person to person.

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