Radiation levels in Primorye after a nuclear explosion in North Korea is not exceeded

Rescuers and forecasters Primorye, bordering North Korea, where on Tuesday may have been a nuclear test, while working as normal, excess radioactivity is not fixed.

Reuters reported with reference to the South Korean media on Monday, North Korea informed the U.S. government and China's plans to conduct a nuclear test. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) on Tuesday morning recorded tremors in North Korea near the test site for nuclear testing. According to the service, an earthquake of magnitude 4.9 occurred in the area at a depth Sondzhinbegam one kilometer. In connection with a possible nuclear test in North Korea South Korea convened an emergency meeting on Tuesday the UN Security Council.

As of the day Tuesday Emergency Management Maritime boundary is in normal operation, told RIA Novosti agency.

"As long as no additional measures to control the situation has been taken, all in normal mode," — said the source.

Primgidrometa representative also told RIA Novosti that the measurements of radiation in Primorye are conducted as usual — once a day.

"As of today, the excess of background radiation in Primorye is not fixed, the average daily values have not changed," — said the official.

Earlier by Primgidrometa told journalists that in the case of North Korea's nuclear test in Primorye forecasters go into high alert, and therefore the background radiation will be measured either hourly or every three hours.

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