Sleep that enveloped our nation last hundred years pass. Difficult to wake up, I want to soak in luxury inactivity. But awakening is inevitable. The realities that appear before our eyes, scary. Suddenly waking up, we realize that we do not belong to myself! How could this happen? Yes, just recently, at the turn of IXX — XX centuries, we woke up. Russia seething energy freedom. So what? Unable to escape from the deft hands of the dictator of the world! And he is a prominent strategist and one of his first steps leading to the enslavement of our people — was the baptism of Rus in the X century. That shaky authority of Christianity at the end of IXX century and freed servants' energy freedom. Rests on the Christian Orthodox monarchy — collapsed! There was a need for a new system of slavery. Previously developed communist ideology, the principle of which has remained the same — to maintain control over the state, the world dictator. It was not so practical, rather than Christianity, and a century later cracking, which began to plug all available means, including the old-time religious system.

But people are not so ignorant that I was before. Anyone can pick up the basic texts of Christianity and, if comprehended read it, understand it — "This is not our religion!" From "Exodus," "Old Testament", describes the history of the Jewish people left Egypt, where he arrived in bondage. In fact, the Jewish nation is a nation of slaves, and his teaching Jews preach slavery.

You have to understand slavery is different, there are slaves performers and have slaves lords. A free man can not be a master! "Old Testament" is part of the teachings of the Jews, which they seek to control the world.

"New Testament" is not acceptable to the Jews, because it teaches obedience and renunciation of self. This religion, in the eyes of the Jews, Goiskoye — "Let believe in Christ, we gain from this, we need slaves artists."

Why should we, the descendants of the freedom-loving people to adopt the culture of the slaves? Pray their dead god? Early Christians even called "nikromanami", as they were burying the dead in their temples, in the hope of resurrection.
In this regard, there is even a funny historical fact:

When the Roman emperor Nero, was not able to endure in his empire stench of rotting corpses that Christians carefully folded stacks (when many Christians were killed for the new faith and the dead were waiting for a speedy recovery), he decided to nourish these corpses of dogs and lions, they say — "let him Christ resurrects shit! "Christians do not like it, but they do not stand on ceremony, as a result, improved hygiene in Rome, and Christians still had a long argument, right up to the XVII century, raise the Christ who has long decayed, or who ate? In the end, we decided — He is Risen! Only then in the temples have ceased to carry out mass graves, and the largest city in Europe ceased to stink because the cemetery finally carried out of the city and the dead were buried.
Returning to the question, why do we, the descendants of the freedom-loving people to adopt the culture of the slaves? Pray their dead god? I'll try to answer it. First, it is because we are a freedom-loving, we impose this faith and continue to impose, convincing, though Orthodox Christianity is the traditional Russian faith, so that in us the spirit of freedom to eradicate. It uses a number of proven techniques for centuries, affecting people's minds. Second, indeed, many in Russia weakened and lost the spirit of the ancestors, the cause constant attempts to destroy the gene pool of our nation, plus thousands of years of slavery policy implementation in. It consciously made the princes (who were not carriers of Russian culture, the Russian people for them was a stranger), and subsequently created the state, represented by kings, general secretaries and presidents. So impaired people need religion. They can not go their way, they need a guide, and a guide are needed submissive blind!

But if a person is baptized at the age of unconscious, and later he realized destructiveness of this ordinance, and does not want to be a Christian, what to do? Do not look at baptism? I think this is not enough. For a truly fulfilling life, you need to completely reverse the effects of baptism! For three thousand years, Jews have advanced very far in the esoteric and every ritual, ceremony, each endowed with a deep sense of mystery and power. Out of this situation is a rite raskreschivaniya!
To understand the process raskreschivaniya, you must first understand what constitutes the Sacrament of Baptism? Jews are very kind to their covenant ("Old Testament"). Where the red line is the idea of a chosen people of Israel before God (Yahvoy).
Two thousand years ago, other people's chosen people of Israel did not guess everybody wants to hurt the Jews, the land promised them away into slavery to pay. And then there's Rome again deprived of their liberty. Poor, poor Jews, what did they do? A blessing in disguise. Came to their land Joshua Sage, and became the Jewish people the right way to teach. He tells them — "Do not live by the laws and live by the Vedas." Okay, so it turned out, these are the men and followed him. Yes, but not profitable it was Israeli priests, they recognized in him his sworn enemy, which could deprive them of power, and they decided to kill him. And not just to kill, but with the intent for the future. Caught, not long loitering crucified.
Many have probably heard this story? While most of the Christians and the gospel is not opened.
I note that I have nothing against the people of Israel. But here we have different goals. And we as a nation have the right to self-development, to their own culture. For the right is going to fight with those who are blocking the way to freedom!
So, they crucified him on the cross, the cross means "crossing".
The Pharisees knew a lot about the symbolism of the cross, is depriving the way. On the cross, they were put to death Joshua, deprived of his way, and with it a new way of the Jewish people. It is not a gift of the 22 Gospels, the church was recognized by only four. The fact that the other 18, called the Apocrypha, the way that he offered Yeshua meant the Jews to save them. Yes, and Joshua, was a rabbi, that is, the Jewish priest. But, in that case, the Levites (born Jewish clergy) would lose power over the people of Israel, which at the time they held more than a thousand years. Israel must remain Jewish. But for the rest of the world, Christianity at the time. Only costs a little to edit and go. In addition to it, and "Old Testament", let him know who is chosen by God, there is a lot of it has been written. What are the benefits of a Christian, we will reward each Christian cross, but teach baptized. The fact that the cross is a symbol of death (the cross was set up for the execution of people who were deprived of life crucifying on the cross were suffering, and dying, which is charged with his death), we say these ignorant people will not, wear it they say, a reminder that Christ suffered for us and died for us.

Lies! Column, looking to the sky — arhat path Incanter (Warrior). Crossbar — the way of Satan. Intersection — a warrior fighting with Satan.

By the term "Satan" I do not mean primitive biblical character. Satan is the one who actually owns our world, but not as a kind of mythological being, but as a man still alive and having the ability to make a conscious rebirth, preserving the memory of his former life. The purpose of this person — unlimited power, projected on society, where power is coveted goal. You can overcome Satan and society to project a different purpose, which was trying to make Yeshua.

Then Yeshua was close to victory over Satan. He was close as anyone else, but was defeated. And symbolically crucified on the cross to teach it to others. Here is a reminder to every Christian in his bosom. That is a symbol of renunciation of its path of renunciation of purpose, the renunciation of the meaning of life. In Russia, people with no paths (no meaning in life) called — dissolute, outcasts.

As long as a person has no purpose, it is static, motionless in their cultivation. He manages the system. His whole life — dying. He has no desire, because it is empty. Using void system (mechanisms of operation) of these people fill your needs. But as soon as the aim is, there is content, the desire, the will.

When a Christian is baptized, he is hands from his forehead to his stomach, pointing the way down (to death). Yes, and crosses the path. In fact — it is a gesture of submission, a gesture of the slave gives up his way, and, therefore, on his life and gives it to the owner. By the way, a gesture — hands folded on the breast, while praying Christian, a sign of submission, offering owner to tie the hands fetters.
Depriving each way, Jews stripped way, and nations, and themselves took the place of the world's leaders and administrators of his master.
On this basis, it is understood the meaning of baptism. Baptism is not nothing but a denial of man's ways. The sooner this happens the better for the tasks assigned to the Jews Satan.
Raskreschivanie — is the ritual that helps people find purpose in life. Important form, and inner spirit. The main thing is to find your way back, find the meaning of his life. Baptism does not mean acceptance of the Christian faith, and thus depriving goal. In Soviet times, was baptized and atheists as well, just in case of a sudden there is a God? Such baptized atheists — people with no sense of life. Christians believe in something though.
To perform the rite raskreschivaniya need to find a place that is not affected by the Christian ideology. And as our modern world is the result of Christian missionary work, it is recommended to retire in unspoilt location. Where there is no effect enslaving systems.

But it is better to carry out the ritual of field strength. Russian land is dotted with such places, where it radiates his love for all living creatures that inhabit it. Earth gives its force of each insect, every blade of grass, helping to live and have offspring. This force — the idea of the Earth, clad in energy. No thought can be no form of existence. Mankind has no idea of the Earth is doomed to extinction. Thought necessary for people more than food, water, air and sleep. The fact that in the world there are places, people knew a long time ago. Nymphs were in charge of them. They went there for understanding. Sometimes there is mounting pillars for enhancing the perception of power. If the site was a large boulder on him praying, making the stone battery power. It was called namolennye stone. Some representatives of the same genus established post for another generation did not take this place, and themselves, for various reasons, went to other places. But periodically returned to the post, which is kept by the ancestors.

I spend Vedic hiking in the ancient Vedic where preserved temple — hranilniki (dolmen). There's the ritual raskreschivaniya, and to serve as a priest. Being in a place like this contribute to the exacerbation of perception, attention, and therefore awareness.

It is very important to carry out the ritual at the intersections of the elements: water, fire, air and earth. These places and can do. The ritual is best done either at dusk or at dawn.

One purpose of the ritual is reduced to the return of relations between man and nature. Raskreschivaemy asks sun, water (river), fire, air to remove the cross, imposed at baptism. And their glory.

If the ritual is successful, raskreschenny begins to feel a sense of freedom. At such times, people can comprehend. He opens the meaning of life.

Rite priest spends as raskreschivaemy can not be distracted by the ceremony, and leaves in their experiences.

I want to note that the role of the priest in the ritual is minimal. But we must be able to feel human, to send him in the right direction, to help him find the meaning of life, it does not impose its own! Raskreschivanii essence is to take responsibility for their lives. At baptism the priests take responsibility for the ceremony itself, instead of giving the church baptized their awareness. In the rite raskreschivaniya — action otherwise.

The form of the rite may be different. You can throw the baptismal cross the river, as the priests baptize with water, the water and raskrestit can. You can and it smelt in the fire, Christ wanted to be baptized by fire. Possible without cross raskreschivat not a cross, but a man ceremony is held. Action to be more powerful than the baptism raskreschivat better and water, and fire. It is not the priest, holds raskreschivanie, and the atmosphere created around himself raskreschivaemy. Resellers can only weaken the effect of the rite. It follows that the need to prepare for raskreschivaniyu advance and intelligently.

We must understand that raskreschivanie — not a panacea for all ills. You do not have to find their path. To this we must make an effort. Priest failed to pass the necessary force raskreschivaemu because the force will be his personal one. Raskreschivaemy can take the necessary strength of the Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Sun.

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