The proof of the reliability of facts re-birth for the first time engaged the expert on criminology. At the conference, the Indian Council of criminologists Vikram Singh Chaohan of Patiyaly made a report on the results of their scientific work. He was investigating an unusual case of one child who lived in a past life in the region, Jalandhar, and after a while came to light in other rural areas.

A comparative analysis of the child's handwriting and the handwriting of another person, whom he allegedly was in a former life, Vikram Chaohan proved that they are one and the same person, therefore, there is the phenomenon of re-birth. At a conference of criminologists Chaohana message was received with great interest and approval.

Tarandzhit Singh, a six year old boy from a poor peasant family, constantly "fooling" the household of memories of his past life. His parents remember that their baby is two years old insisted that he was not their son, and a few times I even tried to run away from home. The baby is very reasonably explained that he had previously lived in the village Chakchela, and his name was Satnam Singh, and his father's name — Jeet Singh. He went to school in the neighboring village Nihalval. September 10, 1992 he and his friend named Sakhvinder Singh was cycling home from school, and accidentally knocked on a scooter rushing their countrymen Yoga Singh. Satnam Singh suffered serious head injuries and died the next day.

Tarandzhit little day-to-day repeated to parents about his early life, painted details, call names. His father, Ranjit Singh, went with his wife and son in the village Chakchela, where, according to Ta-Ranjit, he used to live. They did not find people that fit the description of former boy's parents. Then one of the neighbors told them that the village with the same name is also in Jalandhar, and they decided to go there. Ranjit Singh went to Nihalval there and found his old teacher, who confirmed that the student of their school Satnam Singh was killed by an accident on the road and that he was the son of the village of Jit Singh Chakchela.

In his endless stories of a past life Tarandzhit mentioned that when he was hit by a motor scooter, he had two books, and these books are soaked in blood. He also had with him 30 rupees. Ranjit Singh said about these books and the money of a woman, a former life of the mother of his son — he cried and confirmed his word. Mother keeps the books and 30 rupees as a memory of his poor son. After a few days in the village of Mian Alluna, home boy Tarandzhit, newly born into the world, came to visit him, his old father and mother, sister and brothers. They showed Tarandzhitu wedding picture, which he had seen before in his house, and he immediately recognized it.

Some newspapers have published an unusual story of a young boy, born a second time. Vikram Chaohan also read about this fact of reincarnation, but at first did not pay attention to him — a serious scientist did not believe such tales. But after a while decided out of curiosity to investigate this case. Many times he came to the two villages, and questioned people. The boy and his parents, former and present, over and over again to him all the same story about reincarnation. Vikram Chaohan entered the village shop and talked to the owner and found out that a few days before the death of the boy Satnam bought it on credit notebook for three rupees. When the shopkeeper came to the village where he lives Tarandzhit, he met with the "debtor" and reminded of the duty. Kid recognized him and remembered that he owed to the shop for a notebook, but said he had two rupees. The shopkeeper did not argue, may indeed be only two, and it's not the money — it was interesting to find out whether he is a boy.

In order to investigate the scientific basis of the case, Chaohan took handwriting samples Tarandzhita Singh and compared it with the scrawl of handwriting Satnama Singh left after his school notebooks. It came from the common in criminology theory, based on the uniqueness of human handwriting. Handwriting of two different people can not be absolutely identical, and if Tarandzhit Singh and Satnam Singh is a person, then writing should be the same as the handwriting-petsialisty believe that man has the handwriting features due to its individual character. Since no two people are exactly alike does not happen, then the handwriting should be different. Handwriting Analysis is a very complex multifaceted investigation, in which graphical elements are compared with the physiology and psychology. Much of the writing is determined by his mental state. Important role in the development of writing features is thinking and thought processes occur in different people in different ways.

Vikram Chaohan was surprised to find that the handwriting Tarandzhita almost identical to hand Satnama. The only difference was in the muscle coordination, but this is understandable — after all Tarandzhitu only six years old and had just learned to write. Such a matching percentage as in the handwriting of the boys, can only mean one thing between them is too much in common to consider them completely different people.

Chaohan explained his point of view as follows: assuming that the soul of the child moved to another body, and his way of thinking must go to this other person. Therefore, if the soul Satnama Singh migrated to the body Tarandzhita Singh, it is not surprising that the writings of both incarnations of the soul are almost identical. Scientists presented this case and its findings in a report at the conference of criminologists. Colleagues analyzed samples of handwriting and the two boys agreed with the findings Chaohana.

— I found the scientific evidence to confirm the possibility of reincarnation, — says Vikram Chaohan. — But I will continue to pursue this case. I'm interested in the further development of the child.

He supports his arguments another fact:

— Tarandzhit growing up in a poor family and does not go to school. However, when I asked him to write all the letters of the alphabet in English and in the language of Punjabi boy easily manage it, and not make any mistakes. Now Tarandzhit Singh lives with his parents present, because they refused to hand over the child to be raised in his previous family, although that much richer. Father and mother until Satnama Singh resigned to this situation. They explained that they understand the feelings of parents Tarandzhita and are not going to take away their son.

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