Refilling ink cartridges for printers

So, after all that is required for the printer cartridge refills? Options there may be several. 1st option — filling a particular station. This method of charging is very obvious. Inside the machine insert the cartridge, pour the ink and presses the button. Everything and anything from you no longer need. But, as would be a shame as it sounds, there is not complete without some shortcomings. First — the price of the gas station is quite large (about 150-200 dollars). 2nd — machines can fill only due to the type of cartridges. In general, this method is suitable, perhaps, for large organizations.

Option second — a special kit comprising a mechanism for forming the holes, filling the syringe with the nozzle and the cartridge holder. This allows you to reach all of you good-quality performance in just 10 bucks. There are more than a cheap sets — they can be found in Vintorez or awl, a syringe with ink and plastic or rubber stopper. By the way, getting a set, be sure to check whether there is in it abstract as to make refilling ink cartridges for printers. In this case, if such an option seems to be too expensive, then there is nothing easier than to buy ink, take everyday awl, medical syringe and tape. However, for the first time all, it is better to use the set.

Before the practice will not be significantly detrimental to seize the theory. Let's try to figure out what the cartridge. Fundamentally — it's all inkjet printing unit Printer, consists of 3 main parts. First — it's some kind of tank, which is filled with ink and capillary system that brings them to the nozzles of the head. This design is implemented differently in different models. So, for example, in some cartridges filled with a special ink-absorbent sponge (like foam). In other models, the ink held in the reservoir due to differences in internal and external pressures. Well, in some cartridges, it comes at the expense of a special bag that is filled with air.

Head — is the second part of the printing unit. With all of this in some jet Cartridge head is on the cartridge itself, and its replacement is done in conjunction with himself (let's say Printer of HP). In other models, it still remains specifically in the printer, and change only the tank.

In addition, each cartridge is equipped with its chip its specifically it is "busy" The ink and that it is implementing link printing process. If the chip fails, you can restore cartridge virtually impossible.

It's not that difficult, but to refill cartridges printer was successful, then know these things just have to. In addition, to obtain a good result to make the correct selection of ink.

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