Refueling Su-34 in flight

Take a look at the above video report about how the seasoned fighter tactical and strategic aircraft of Russian Air Force. From the video, you can imagine the work unit air tankers Sludge-78.

The unique wing air tankers IL-78 is placed near Ryazan, just a few of the boards 10 s. Mass of fuel in the tanks of the aircraft achieves 130 tons — more than half the weight of the aircraft.

This volume is enough to fill a few distant strategic aviation aircraft or to 2-10-s front-line fighters.

The speed at which is filling, is 800 km per hour. Of special mounted units refueling operator, which located in the rear part Sludge-78, produces a 24-meter hose with a cone. This was told RIA announcements.

"I can say that fill strategic bomber Tu-95 easier. A fighter from time to time pairs refuel. They are very quick, shustrenko, head turning, and by the end of day or the cervix is falling off, "- said the chief engineer onboard instructor and operator refueling Denis Kurnosov.

On Sludge-78 three mounted machine filling. Through the hoses of these units on the wings of aircraft, usually run by bombers Tu-95 and Tu-160, because they are not creepy eddies of air, which remain tanker. The main objective of Sludge-78 — distant strategic refueling aircraft during their hours of duty on the borders of Russia. In fact, each such flight, they say the pilots — a meeting with NATO fighters.

"Sometimes, NATO troops came and showed" belly "of the plane, which is not only mounted fuel tanks, and missiles that could be used by us and, if necessary, but quite well-behaved, friendly and we creep away," — told the assistant commander of the air group air tankers Sharonov.

Air refueling is the tip of the flying skills.

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