Refueling tanker Il-78MKI lost the Indian tender

Russian plane-refueling tanker Il-78MKI lost the Indian tender for the supply of 6 flying tankers, reports Defense News. The victory in the competition won the European tanker A330MRTT. According to the results of the tender concern with European aircraft Airbus will sign a contract price of about billion dollars. According to the Ministry of Defence of India, "Rosoboronexport" has not yet received official notification of the results of the contest.

First, in October 2012 the Indian Defense Ministry opened the envelope with the commercial interests of "Rosoboronexport" and Airbus. Russian tanker price was lower than the price A330MRTT, but in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance cost service Il-78MKI was significantly more expensive euro tanker. Further details on the role of aircraft in the competition and commercial offers of "Rosoboronexport" and Airbus not disclosed.

Tests Il-78MKI and A330MRTT finished first in India in 2012. The tender for the supply of air tankers was launched in September 2010. Initially, a request for a part in the contest gave only the "Rosoboronexport". Airbus has decided to engage in a tender at the end of January 2011. Ended competition was the second in a row, and in 2009 was declared the first competition, in which also participated Boeing, then withdraw the application.

Tender 2009 also ended in victory for the euro tanker, but the Ministry of money India has blocked a deal with Airbus, deeming price A330MRTT very highest. Meanwhile, India wants to buy 12 new tanker aircraft. 6 tankers will be purchased on the results of the tender at Airbus. According to a source in the Indian Defense Ministry, the type 6 more planes that will be purchased, the final decision has not been made, perhaps, will be announced next tender.

At the current time in the Air Force India including 6 air tankers Il-78MKI. Earlier, the Indian military not once complained about the significant disruptions in the supply of spare parts for the tankers Sludge-78MKI and poor after-sales service of Russian aircraft.

The defeat of the Russian Federation in the tender for the supply of tankers was the fourth in a row bad role in Indian competitions. So, the MiG-35 lost in the MMRCA tender for the supply of 126 combat aircraft, Mi-28N was eliminated from the competition for the supply of attack helicopters and Mi-26T2 conceded victory in the tender for the supply of languid transport helicopters.

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