Reincarnation Festival underground culture Curiosities

November 30 in the capital "R-Club" s five-hour show will take place, which aims to revive popular in the late 90th festival of alternative culture "non-format". Dedicated to the revival of the fifteenth anniversary of the Belarusian literary avant-garde movement "Bum-bum-Lit" (1995-1999).

One of the initiators of the reincarnation of the "Curiosities", poet and publisher Dmitry Vishnev believes that the Belarusian culture once again been a surge of interest in creative experimentation in different genres — what a its time loudly declared itself "Bum-bum-Lit" reading, for example, the verses animal or basing Belarusian colony in Africa.

"This is a just references to the "Boom-Bam-Lit", mention of the festival, which in its time was something new for Belarus. The participants were combined into a single program performances, music and literature. At the time of such events in Belarus was not. "

Good will revive the forgotten members of the festivals and the new underground persons — poets Artem Kovalevsky and Victor Zhibul, Olga and Serge Gapeeva Minskevich, Jari Wheat and Ales Turovich, Vera Bourlak and Dmitry cherries.

Effects of music artists and groups will provide "Prince Myshkin" and "Buben", Alex and Shrubs "Art-project" … The program also existential klyavnada Theatre mental imbalance and performance of Yuri Borisevich, the presentation of the book of prose transgresivnay Ilya Sina "Theatrical demons" and the poetic books of Adam Globus "new heaven."

The event, designed for the whole last autumn evening starts at "R-Club" and 18 minutes.

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