Cyclic existence

Cyclic existence — a state in which we die, we go through an intermediate state and the entrance to the uterus, or acquire a new body of heavenly beings or creatures of Hell. In other words, the state of reincarnation is expressed by the words "Circle of Being."

Four types of rebirth

The creature can be reborn in four ways. The first birth of the egg. This category includes birds, for example, well-known to you chickens and ducks, as well as reptiles. The second — a live birth. This includes, for example, people, they transform into the uterus. This category includes animals, people, lower spirits and the inhabitants of Heaven Degenerate Consciousness. With the birth of the third heat. Thus are born different kinds of insects. Fourth — is a wonderful birth. This category of the birth of the gods of hell and heaven Conversion Merit in fulfillment of a wish. By the way, it is believed that the gods of Heaven transforms Merit in fulfillment of desires born of the lotus, at least, so say the Buddhist scriptures. However, the preferable view, according to which those who receive rebirth in heaven, go there immediately after leaving the physical body after death and begin to live like God in heaven.


Bardo means "intermediate state". For example, sleep is a bardo between today and tomorrow. Samadhi — is the bardo between the time before entering the Samadhi and the time after leaving it. And death bardo between the end of this life and the beginning of the future. The most important thing here is the view of the bardo bardo of death, which can be divided into three stages: the Upper World BezForm Bardot, Bardot Upper World Forms and Form Bardot Underworld.

Bardot Upper World BezForm

After death we three for three and a half days, full of tranquility, to remain in the Upper World BezForm Bardot. This is the essence of our soul. This quiet, there is nothing but light and space. However, the level of spiritual people today are so low that most of them can not get the experience of the Bardo of three to three and a half days. It takes place in an instant.

Bardot Peace Gods

Next — Bard Peace Gods of the Upper World Forms. Can a creature to gain experience of the Bardo, depending on how it is in his previous life, practiced the true teaching, especially teaching Verhsidyaschih (Theravada). Verhsidyaschih doctrine means the teaching of original Buddhism.

This, however, does not mean that those who practice the teachings of other religions, such as Christianity, can not get the experience of the Bardo Peace Gods. Some scientists Verhsidyaschih certainly exists in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religions. So crucial point here is that how hard to keep the commandments, or how long the practice was carried out in accordance with the Dharma. This lasts for about a week Bardot.

Bardot Gods Fear

Next comes Bardot Gods Fear Upper World Forms. This bard have practiced Tantra or Vajrayana. We can assume that the soul to practice wrathful deities (eg, practitioners wrathful deities of Tibetan Buddhism) often find themselves in this Bardo after death.

Bardot Underworld Form

When does the World Above Bardot Form, comes experience Underworld Form. Since Bardot Underworld Form is the reverse side of this World Passion, then the bard can be any experience with this phenomenal world: the experience of belonging to this world of men, to the animal world, the world of lower spirits to Hell terrible suffering or Degenerate Consciousness to Heaven and Heaven transforms Merit in fulfillment of desires these types of experiences appear to us in visions, consisting of a variety of forms or different experiences. When we pulled into one of these visions, we are born.

Reincarnation and Christianity

Generally considered that the Christian church has no doctrine of reincarnation. However, in the course of the Cathar heresy, which existed in the XIII — XIV centuries, especially in France, clearly present the doctrine of reincarnation, of rebirth. However, this trend was heretical suppressed by force of arms of the Roman church. Thus, this is the case, that in Christianity was the doctrine of rebirth.

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