Remain on high alert in the Altai before the end of the holidays

 All the online services of the Altai Republic will work on high alert until the end of the holidays, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the spokesman GUMCHS the region.

More than a week in the Altai Republic remained cold as minus 30 degrees and below, in the remote highlands of the night the thermometer fell to minus 45 degrees. Until December 20, inclusive, in the region due to cold weather there were an emergency warning MOE. On Friday, the region has become warmer. However, the mode of alert remains.

"Until the end of the Christmas holidays in the Altai Republic will continue operating mode" high readiness ", introduced earlier because of frost. Decision was made in part because of the threat of significant increase in the number of household fires," — told the agency.

He added that the regime of emergency and a state of emergency in areas of the country have not been imposed, it is only the high availability of all operational services.

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