Repair School 2009 (3 assists) watch online

Repair School 2009 (3 assists) watch online
Transmission Repair School on TNT — Repair an apartment, to be exact — a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, children's room. New interior design ideas apartment the show will be produced by designers who will create an outline with their hands or using a computer in a format 3d. As for the transfer made on TNT, we will see how the apartment and at the end of the transfer programs from leading ask questions to the participants, who will share with the audience their experiences regarding repair of their apartments.

School repair (03/10/2009)
ONE-ROOM Romanticism Repair in a one-room apartment, room 22 m2. Romantic style fusion. Podie sleeping area, with a partition of glass blocks. The floor is carpeted and snow-white laminate. Glossy stretch ceiling. Fireplace.

School of repairs (05.12.2009)
Nastya And COLONIAL ROOM Living room 19 m2. Colonial style. Wood beams zone the place. Natural dyed fabric. The decor of wood beams with rattan between them and the light. Laminate flooring natural wood color to contrast with the dark plinth on the floor and the ceiling. 6 sconces and chandelier. Outdoor huge clock — a case.

Repair School (25.07.2009)
ORANGE SUMMER Repair living room of 20 m2. Modern contemporary style with a replica on the classics. Ceiling cornice plasterboard with backlight. Chandelier, floor lamp and table lamp. Under cabinet lights for visual expansion. Large sofa. Mural on the wall. The floor is light-colored laminate Quick step.Portery on the window. Restoration of the interior door.

Repair , Construction, Design — apartments, cottages, etc.

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