Revisiting BMPT

Once again on the BMPT

The car with a mass of bugs, but still it can bring to the brain

1st Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin said that in the program from the state defense order, along with some other standards did not include more than one year to create a tank support combat vehicle — BMPT. With all this "major procurement" expressed surprise at the fact, for which general design and build such a machine, as, say, the tanks are self-sufficient in the field, and no support for them is not required. Leaving aside the question of the sufficiency of tanks on the modern battlefield, too, would like to make a few critical remarks about installed on BMPT complex weapons.

Guns and machine guns

A distinctive feature of the BMPT is the presence of a special combat unit — forward control weapon system mounted on an armored compartment full-circle. In Bullet-proof container, U-shaped supports with lentovodami inside and there are two 30-mm automatic gun 2A42.

Once again on the BMPT

As such, for themselves 2A42 cannon and machine gun — safe and it proved an instrument, tested in combat and not causing prirekany. But rendered weapons makes it difficult to service and loading ammunition, and in the battle for this work crew to leave the vehicle, which could potentially lead to unreasonably highest losses in the middle of the crew. Insufficient for such machines, as shown by the experience of fighting in Afghanistan and in the North Caucasus, and the elevation of the main block of the gun (45 degrees). Well, the 1st machine gun PKT obviously not enough.

Once again on the BMPT

Once again on the BMPT

In addition, the module has a military bulletproof armor, which is in itself sharply lowers its security from weapons of destruction — a swinging part will be quite simply being scrapped bullets 12.7 and 14.5 mm, it will just be jammed. So Makar, despite the fact that the crew of the machine pretty well protected, about the gun itself can not be said, though BMPT should do the function "bodyguard" of the tank and operate under specific fire exposure opponent.

Once again on the BMPT


The main means of BMPT against tanks and other targets of the enemy are highly secure complex 9K120 ATGM "Ataka-T" with a range of up to 6 km. Based on the fact that the anti-tank may have different types of warhead, a range of targets to be BMPT of armored vehicles and troops to the low-flying helicopters. With all this anti-tank can be fitted with a tandem HEAT warhead with a 800 mm armor penetration, and high-explosive fragmentation and thermobaric warhead. Rockets have the caliber 130 mm, different over-protected channel targeting a variable modulation of radiation and installed in standard open WPK.

Once again on the BMPT

It would seem that the supersonic flight speed in combination with the automatic control system of the laser beam in the information does not leave any chances to the opponent to take counter-measures after its launch on the target. But four ATGM for such machines as BMPT obviously not enough, even though the available build machines increase their number is unlikely to be. In addition, the CP is not fully protected against weapons that are not acceptable in general — in the process of fighting anti-tank systems will be disabled in the same first minute. Another flaw is not noticeable ordinary philistine. This anti-tank systems used in the Army is limited, because inevitably the introduction of state departments of professionals for its maintenance and, therefore, the availability of test equipment. This will entail additional costs are real, and because of the huge weight and size characteristics missile systems will need to allocate additional transport for storage and the transportation to the units.

Grenade launcher

In the body of the machine is equipped with two 30-mm automatic grenade launcher AG-17D, shooting each is independently of each other, and the management is carried out with 2 operators remotely. According to the developers, the AH-17D provide hitting targets in the near field — at a distance of up to 1700 meters, with the possibility of fire hanging on the line of motion can destroy the enemy of natural and artificial shelters. And there are also not left without shortcomings.

Once again on the BMPT

Up to now, has not lost relevance in almost all areas of military science experience the second world war showed that the use of weapons in the course of combat criteria ineffective and only leads to inflated costs of ammunition. In the period after the war, such method of placing weapons actually used, is only a Russian tank T-54 light tank and the South American M-24, and now as examples only BMP-3 and BMD-4. Further, despite the fact that the grenade installation BMPT stabilizer used in vertical guidance, the guidance angles in the horizontal plane are limited, which leads to huge "dead" zones. This defect can be removed only by the maneuver the machine to the left or to the right, which will lead to the fact that the enemy will be substituted least secure board. At the same time fighting the criteria is not always such a maneuver is likely, for example, to overcome the minefield or other barriers and obstacles to movement in the mountains, canyons, valleys, etc. Moreover, in military use in the defense, when the machine is in the trenches, firing abilities AG-17 are still less, as the zone of fire are reduced, and the "dead" zone, in contrast, are growing.

Once again on the BMPT

addition, it should be noted that the AH-17D isolated from the gunner, because for loading and removal of defects it needs to go beyond the boundaries of the tank's hull and shut down the main power tools that will lead to the loss of the battle in the middle of the crew and the ability to lower the firing machine. And if the problem of the defense of this is somehow possible to decide, in the coming actually not: stop BMPT to eliminate defects in the process of coming immediately lead to the loss of the machine and its crew. And, finally, the introduction of the crew of 2-gunners grenade makes the problem of their preparation — this additional material costs and the time allocated to the training itself. Well, in general, whether purposefully presence in the crew BMPT 3-gunners?

Once again on the BMPT


It is especially necessary to emphasize the event that the effective use of even such, has some drawbacks, weapon system development programs from asking BMPT crew training for their training in training centers, and determine in what the military academies to train officers for departments and units of the armed BMPT. All this is due to the difficulties that inevitably arise in the organization of the army training.

For example, if a tank company will be four BMPT, in what way with the crews of these vehicles to organize activities? With the problems of the driver does not appear, because the base machine alone, and they will be engaged on a training program there, but it appears the problem with the preparation of gunners and commanders of machines, because armament and BMPT completely different. Besides, who would carry out such studies program there, and for what? For now, no exercise for BMPT for fire training and target practice in the course of this says nothing. There is also no headmistress for BMPT — you need to create, or the newest, or adapt the headmistress of BMP-2 or use a tank headmistress.

I would also like to point to the fact that in today's BMPT it does not have a set OPVT for snorkeling and is not able to overcome water obstacles along the bottom. This eliminates the possibility of forcing BMPT along with tanks aqua barrier along the bottom and at the same time joining the fight on the opposite shore.

Once again on the BMPT

And in return?

What still needs to be done to eliminate the above shortcomings?

I think, as a base for the creation of the BMPT use tanks T-72 or T-90 by the substitution of the main armament, located in the turret of a tank, on the subsequent:

— 30-mm six-barrel automatic AO-18, adapted to be mounted in the crew compartment of the tank and the rich-belt feed;

— Installation of 2-PKT machine guns and grenade launchers 2-AG-17, one block FCT and AH-17 on the left and right of the 30-millimeter machine;

— Nine anti-tank located aft of the crew compartment, and the launcher to arrange them in the center of the crew compartment, several relegating it to the stern of the tower;

— Ammunition to 30-millimeter rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers positioned on the underside of the crew compartment on the site of a rotating conveyor belt.

With all of this guidance angle arms reach 360 degrees horizontally and vertically — from -5 to +75 degrees, and the crew — only three (commander, gunner and driver).

Once again on the BMPT

Such a set of weapons allows you to do the following tasks:

— At a distance of up to 2000 meters of 30-millimeter machine having a rate of about 4000-5000 rds / min, can destroy at least some armored vehicles, including tanks;

— Excellent fight against low-flying subsonic aerial targets at ranges of up to 4,000 meters and heights of up to 2,000 meters;

— Hitting transport and firepower, manpower at ranges up to 5000 meters;

— Firmly hit anti-tank armored targets at ranges up to 5000 meters.

As we see, BMPT, in general, can be brought to the brain. It would wish.

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