Riddle of the disaster in Uglich and remains his secret?

The disaster in Uglich and now is in the middle of heated debates historians. There are several versions of events in this little-known period in the life of the Russian country.

The last scion of Ivan was born on the seventh marriage, unsanctified church of Maria Naked and the number of illegitimate. During the heavy disease king some nobles openly refused to swear allegiance to the kid that made the Terrible still suspicious and tougher. After the death of the emperor he had two offspring: Fedor flabby and small Dmitry. Fedor was a man driven than rapidly enjoyed a close relative of the wife Boris Godunov. The reign of Theodore, in fact, was the beginning of the reign of Godunov — farsighted and shrewd politician. After the proclamation of King Theodore and the convening of the board of trustees with the queen to innocent lad was oriented in Uglich. The Queen herself was of a settlement in a single independent inheritance in the State reference and frankly hated Godunov. Frequent discussions about Boris, filled with rage, had an influence on the boy, forming a fierce hatred for the man. Suddenly prince death — the death of the boy a day can be called the beginning of the Troubles stateliness.

Prince Dmitry. Picture of Mikhail Nesterov, 1899

In the middle of the first official interpretations of the death of the last son of Ivan the Terrible and Maria Naked — Prince Dmitry considered unfortunate case. May 15, 1591 after church to take the boy was playing in the "knives" with their peers in the courtyard of the princely house. Occupation, by the way, very weird for a kid ailing epilepsy. For babies older nurse looking after Volohova Vasilisa. Suddenly the prince had an epileptic seizure, and he paid for himself a mortal wound. The fact of the ill-fated version was installed specially made by the Commission, organized by Godunov, which was headed by Prince Shumsky. It must be emphasized that Shuya was vneglasnym opponent Godunov, so look for premises that justify the current weak-willed coach Fedor likely targets he had not. Yet, the Commission has considered that the reason for the death was the "ordeal" and not malice conspirators as alleged naked. In general, during the investigation of all, apart from Misha Naked recognized fluke accident. According to the investigation, it was found that, in a fit of Prince throat cut for himself, and it was impossible to save him.

On the one hand, a plausible interpretation, but there it is a strange, not to say contradictory things. According to the testimony of other witnesses and Volokhova death, the boy fell to the knife, clutched in his hand, and damaging the throat, another long struggled to fit. Causes hesitation at first that in case of damage of the larynx and a significant loss of blood prince was still alive, and the seizure lasted. This fact is still possible to find an explanation of honey. Doctors say that if damaged vein or artery subject to seizures could enter the bloodstream portion of air and died prince from the so-called air embolism heart. Rana, apparently, did not cause a large loss of blood, because the nurse did not see her in mortal danger. It looks similar statement indescribable, but doctors insist that this situation is totally could have taken place. Further doubts among historians is the behavior of the queen. Mom replaced in order to try to help or just to mourn son nurse jumps on a log and beat her. Then, in the town of someone pounding the alarm and begins massacre, during which naked straighten out all the unwanted persons, one way or another connected with Boris. Maybe the behavior was dictated by the Queen mental shock, but the execution of the following are present in Uglich representatives Godunov prove not only the spiritual trauma. This behavior is more reminiscent deliberate and prepared in advance of the act. By the way, the following acts of Mary Naked relative to the first Pretender also almost incomprehensible.

Investigating the incident did not know Prince's face, because he beheld for the last time almost in infancy. Apart from the Queen and her relatives reliably identify the corpse kid nobody could. As a result, there is another version about him which is escaped magical prince that had spread to the appearance on the scene of False Dmitry I. There is a worldview that Bare, fearing assassination attempt on the life of the baby Godunov staged his perdition, replacing Dmitri offspring of a priest. Hardly anyone will fluctuate that the attack took place at some point would be. Taking into account the cunning and intelligence Godunov, it would certainly have failed. Perhaps this fact is well understood and naked, because the version of the replacement of the baby seems very plausible. Taking advantage of a comfortable opportunity, they blew lightly wounded Prince deep into the princely house, and all those who knew perfectly Dmitry destroyed. After the relatives had the time and opportunity to bring the prince in a hidden place, and hide it somewhere in the wilderness. Then to this version have been intermingled reasons that the first of impostors really like a prince, had the same birth-marks, correct posture and mannerisms. In addition, there were at adventurer and some paper, and jewelry from the royal treasury.

Gregory Otrepyev also, presumably, was one of the supporters of the False Dmitry, but not by him. This person is also preserved some data. Thus, in order Godunov have cooperated in the investigation of the first information about the impostor. But the information and documents had many inaccuracies and errors, and therefore now are huge doubts. In spite of all his uveritelnost, this view has a significant drawback. As you know, False Dmitry I was a man of strong and healthy, while Prince Dmitri suffered a severe form of epilepsy that threatened his life every minute. Even allowing for the fact of its indescribable cure that in the sixteenth century, it was just unreal, you can not deny the existence of inconsistencies in morals. The consequences of epilepsy disease, or its presence is always reflected in the mind and manifests itself in certain signs.

People suffering from this disease, suspicious, insecure and vindictive, while Falsdmitry outline open and charming man, without a shadow of identified features. On countless readings, the impostor just fascinated Muscovites, for which he was immediately after the death of accused chernoknizhnichestve. Assuming that the False Dmitry I still and was an offspring of Ivan the Terrible, most of all, it was a one of his illegitimate offspring, but not the murdered prince.

The next version of the death of a popular destination Dmitry is the assertion that the disaster is nothing else like lurking order Godunov to eliminate pretenders to the throne. Supports this assumption and Karamzin, though, the stories of his friends and colleagues, as described in the writings of view is not the same as the personal views of the historian. Recognizable monarchist dared to debunk official interpretation because, as he puts it, deep-rooted belief is holy. But in this gaze, which later became almost the main, have their major flaws. On one side was the death of Prince Fedor profitable guardian because of his claim to the throne became apparent. Prince clearly showed hostility to Godunov, and his accession to the throne promised merciless repression. There is evidence that the boy was in the middle of fun and very corrupt. So, for example, he sought to sculpt snow figures, giving them the names of reputable and boyars of Godunov, and
then chopped and quartered dolls. Remorseless kid actually manifested in everything. He loved to watch the slaughter of cattle, and chickens personally swerved head on the prince's kitchen. In a fit of rage at one point the prince bitten to death the daughter of the 1st of confidants. Dmitri was to become a very cruel monarch, did not yield, and perhaps superior to his own ruthlessness of the royal father. The drama of destiny of the people Dmitri got a good status.

Thus, the fate of Dmitry seemed a foregone conclusion. But the method of eliminating a competitor was chosen quite uncharacteristic for Boris. This Stealther and highly intelligent leader preferred to eliminate unwanted people to him without undue noise, often using toxic chemicals and other agents. Frank murder with such a large number of conspirators, who did not even try to hide from retaliation outraged relatives, does not jibe with the Jesuit ways to combat Godunov. It affects behavior and Shumsky, who did not even try to blame the enemy in his own death prince, and only after a long period of time made a statement about his crimes.

In the middle of the main theories about the death of Dmitry malehankih, it seems more plausible first. Unfortunately, find out exactly what did happen in Uglich May 15, 1591 is unrealistic. We can only make conjectures and try to back them are valid, which appear to us to be more convincing, but insist on a single version of the truth impossible.

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