Riddle of the South Korean corvette

Seoul has posted the results of the commission of inquiry into the death of 26 March yellowish sea Korean corvette "Cheonan". The report of the Commission, except where the South Korean military got some experts from the U.S., Australia, Canada, England and Sweden, it is argued that the collected evidence "is actually definitely confirm that the sinking of the" Cheonan "came as a result of external underwater explosion caused by a North Korean torpedo attack submarine the boat. "

Leave the conscience of the commission incomprehensible phrase "actually quite accurate" (overwelmingly — in the British version of the text). The main evidence, testifying at the views of the investigation, the involvement DPRK to the disaster should serve as a look for almost the last days of a piece of torpedo propeller on which the marking is found in the "North Korean-style" — namely, the designation "№ 1", performed in Korean. Argues that these designations, as the analysis to find the fragments of one hundred percent match features torpedoes, found 7 years ago off the coast of yellowish sea.

The question arises: what kind of rare fortune accompanied the investigation, if after a powerful explosion (about 250-300 kg of TNT) is not just found the fragments of a torpedo hypothetical, but directly — a piece that says, "damning" North Korea? Exactly the same could be marked and the South Korean torpedo — a simple "number one" (the other symbols issuing country of origin was not found) in South Korea would have written the same way.

Representatives of the Commission bring all new shocking facts and details. Turns out, it was found that for 2-3 days before the "attack" a few small submarines accompanied by a support ship left the North Korean naval base on a yellowish sea (its title and location in any case not shown) and departed in an unknown direction, and returned back after 2-3 days after everything happened. Track the movement of submarines, although it was in a particularly controlled area, particularly in the protected area of the maritime border between North and South, could not: Tipo boat for a while disappeared from radar screens and the route remained unknown. This version is absolutely contrary to the claims of early over the U.S. military that, according gallakticheskoy and sound speaker U.S. intelligence in the area of disaster no North Korean vessels, including submarines, were recorded.

In the first hours after the announcement of the commission's findings feverish "promotion" of the proposed plot. It creates the impression that everything is going on well in advance of harvested scenario. In a statement, white houses, placed almost directly from the Commission's report noted that the United States supports the findings of guilt in North Korea in the attack and "condemn this act of aggression." Earlier, during a telephone conversation with President Lee Myung-bak Barack Obama agreed with the views that all contacts with North Korea should be suspended until a final conclusion about the causes of the disaster and identify those responsible for it. About his own strong support for Seoul (assessment data investigation word!) Said in Tokyo, where according to tradition — that no matter what happens — committed to increasing external pressure on Pyongyang and its international isolation.

In most of South Korea's president has set the tone of the campaign, which gave instructions security ministries to take decisive countermeasures against North Korea on condition that she could not repeat the "obscure their provocation." In the political and military circles, especially muffled talking about the need of some retaliation, right before the "retaliatory military actions point of temper." Expression of these sentiments was the Defense Minister Kim Tae-young, which said that North Korea "must pay in full for what he did." In Seoul, like mushrooms after a rain, and more new agencies for crisis response, to monitor the state of national security or for checking the readiness of the municipal government to the coordinated work "in the criteria for an emergency." The air is thoroughly smell of gunpowder.

And yet the decision about the likely military action against DPRK Seoul to save up for the latest case, knowing what it can threaten the entire Korean peninsula. But a diplomatic pressure, preferably by the band of the Security Council, said in Seoul perfect option. With all of this South Koreans are keen to draw to support their own position more fundamental for their country, including partners in the six-party talks and the UN Security Council permanent members. Since the position of the West in general is clear, now the center of Seoul's diplomatic activity is transferred to work with Russia and China, you want to assure them to support the South Korean administration in its effort to "punish" Pyongyang.

May 21 Sergey Lavrov had a telephone conversation with South Korean Minister of Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan, during which the latter once again interested in the conclusions of the investigation, highlighting that the collected evidence points to the guilt of Pyongyang. Russian Minister of response, according to the official report of the Russian Foreign Ministry, was diplomatic. Seoul indicated that Moscow would closely examine all the materials of the case and not only the South Korean, and those who "come from other sources." Meanwhile Seoul clear was given to understand that Moscow has full confidence in the South Korean version not — the question asks impartial verification. Go with Russian side stressed the need for all stakeholders display restraint and caution, so as not to prevent the impending escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula. It is precisely in this situation required the responsible line. Fundamentally, that Moscow was able to keep its stated position.

On similar positions and are the Chinese. Foreign Ministry spokesman described the tragedy of the corvette "Cheonan" as "a tragic surprise" and expressed the view that in this matter need to focus on the peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia. He called on all parties to maintain calm, restraint and discretion to determine the final picture of this incident. The non-Chinese terms indicate that the collected evidence is the South Korean side unconvincing, suffers apparent gaps and contradictions, because China will build its own assessment of the outcome of the investigation.

Only in the last days in DPRK were placed three fundamental document — the statement of the Municipal Committee of Defense DPRK, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Committee on the Peaceful Reunification of Korea. They categorically rejected all samples southerners to prove the involvement of the North in the incident. The document states that the so-called "evidence" fabricated; DPRK Kazakhstan is ready to put in their own inspectors to check the "evidence." At once DPRK giving a tough political assessment of the situation. The current situation, according to Pyongyang, can be regarded as "one of the steps of the war," with all the ensuing consequences. These criteria Republic mobilize all forces for the protection of state sovereignty, and if in Seoul still otvazhutsya to measure "retaliation", Pyongyang will respond full-scale war, and unlimited use of military force. Hovering in the fact that in exceptional circumstances, the North Koreans really go on harsh retaliatory steps, however.

Pyongyang's proposal to bring in the ROK delegation of professionals to share their own
research to find the southerners "evidence" in time and constructively. Such co-operation in crisis situations will keep the line of communication and contact between the North and the South, and with an honest approach of the parties to the bilateral group work can become an important factor of conflict resolution. Very basically, as Seoul will respond to this offer. Discouraging that, in the first reports, the management of the Republic of Kazakhstan under various pretexts, trying to tear away the idea Pyongyang. If this is confirmed, the doubts about the evidence base southerners only intensify.
Now almost all will depend on because what the next move or series of moves take Seoul. Expect soon — the appeal will be held on May 24, Lee Myung-bak to the civilization in which we present a follow-up plan to the South Korean side of the current situation.

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