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Thousands of people flock to the house of a police officer on one of the islands of the Andaman archipelago in India to pray to the icon of Christ, who, according to the owner of the image, in the last two weeks of bleeding.

"Eric Nathaniel, a police radio operator discovered the red liquid running down the image of Jesus Christ. He alleged that it was blood. We lit candles and prayed. Prayer lasted all night. After some time, the blood flow stopped, but started to flow out of the hands and Heart of Christ depicted on other icons — says Nathaniel. "

"Experts say that the blood of a police officer named the scarlet dye used to make the writing of icons. Under conditions of excessive moisture it tends to melt. But in spite of this, a great number of people from all the islands of the archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar archipelago arrives to the home of Nathaniel, to pray for bleeding image of Christ. "

The flow of visitors was so large that it is difficult to become a police officer with him to handle. As a result, one of the icons has been moved to a house located close to the bishop.


In Russia, the most well-known today are bleeding icons Kazan icon of the Mother of God, found in a small Orthodox church in the village of Log Ilovlya region Volgograd region, and the icon of the Savior, owned by a resident of the Orenburg region.

On the face of the Mother of God the bleeding spot that is darker, then lighter, then pulsates like a real human heart, there was a year ago. Soon after, the village became a place of pilgrimage Log believers from all over Russia, and the expectations of some of them come true.

Bleeding icon — a miracle in itself, but the icon of Kazan also heals people from many serious diseases. For one of the pilgrims after praying before the icon of his sight, the second got rid of the terrible sores on his feet. And recently came to the temple with a boy of ten parents who suffered epileptic seizures. After hours of prayer before the miraculous icon of the disease receded.

Muscovite few days prayed before the icon for his father, who was dying of cancer. After some time, her father began to feel much better.

In the Volgograd diocese created a task force to study this phenomenon, which includes employees and the Volgograd Regional Cardiology. They concluded that the contours of blood stain on the face of the Mother of God is faithfully replicate the anatomical map of the blood vessels on the face.

Now all cases of miraculous healings Volgograd clergy fixed in a special book, which put their signatures and doctors.


Mistress of the other, perhaps even more famous icons of bleeding is a pensioner Antonina Efimova. It was in her house in the village of Orenburg region Derzhavins April 5, 2000, in the Great environment on the surface of the icon of the Savior (on the face and the right hand of blessing, and then on the forehead) suddenly began to appear small spots of red liquid, which acted as blood to thickened roll up and turn into scabs.

After learning about this wonderful phenomenon, Samara clerics with the blessing of Patriarch of All Russia organized a biochemical examination, which confirmed the initial assumptions — the icon miraculously identifies real human blood. Hematologists even set up a group of blood — IV, which coincided with the data of their Italian colleagues, investigated the bruises on the legendary Shroud of Turin.

Meanwhile, blood stains, which at first were small, slightly visible, dries quickly and deepened, began to increase in size, slower to dry, and formed in their place scabs were kept on board for longer than ever.

In recent years the Icon visited most of the dioceses of Russia and some CIS countries. As often happens in such cases, the miraculous image is confirmed by its healing properties.

In almost all the cities she visited, the priests say about cases or full recovery of people suffering from serious diseases, or significant improvement in their health after they kissed the icon.

Gennady Fedotov

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