Rita and Yoga

Part of the Aryan culture, the residence time in the Yin country was honoring the various manifestations of the divine in a particular incarnation, with the gradual strengthening and rejuvenation of some deities and weakening, aging others. Even more dramatic changes have occurred after the great migration from India, with the changing technology and the adoption of Christianity bakery.

Slav forgotten
Pure Rita!
A log cabin in the forest
Not Yoga —
Mudra so strict,
And — oh!
Leg bone —
Called "witch" …

So let's Eve, 2012, this would be the resurrection of the spirit of the glorious image of the sisters — Rita and Yoga! I heard them call! And I hope they will forgive me, if not managed yet to be sufficiently sensitive. Ready to accept criticism from the public — the main work is still ahead.

Bypassing the conventional

Time and space … Huge their intervals are difficult to review and reflection, and the era and civilization can be quite relative, relative, spornyegranitsy: different "maynstrim" (movement of a society in a certain direction) is at one and the same time on different continents, different countries and communities.

If all times and all civilizations have the same flaws and the same dignity, we would not be able to distinguish between them, and find preferences, develop the desired changes. And the change of epoch, competition civilizations would not happen. After contemplating and evaluating conversion of vast scale, we dreamed a better, easier to understand, and the exact steps. Comes enlightenment — clarifying what we want for themselves, their loved ones, home, humanity. But the same judgment and estimation that pose hazards:

— the loss of a "common language" with others, if they continue to adhere to previous views (paradigms, concepts) and do not want, can not take your new aspirations,

— personal difficulties to overcome the familiar, easy items (arranged, standards, stereotypes, life in the "maynstrime")

— periods alone in finding people with common interests of interaction with them,

— rejection, persecution, betrayal and rejection by those who donedavna was so family and friends …

— on the way to realization of the dream we expect the practical difficulties, the long retreat, forced to compromise, criticism and self-criticism, and sometimes — "Chimera" and "worthless."

So, forewarned — armed. Stoking interest and willingness to cheer up his defense, do astrological overview of the era. And then see what prizabytye landmarks now needed again upgraded to mankind.

According to astrology, the axis of the Earth in its long precessional motion moves in the opposite direction to the movement of the Earth around the sun, because the change of epochs in the reverse order with respect to changes in the earth signs of the zodiac annual cycle (Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, …). Age of Pisces (it was associated with Christianity, by the way, the first Christians prayed image fish) lasted for about 2,000 years, and now we enter the Age of Aquarius:

• Aquarius very specific label, it is immediately clear all the sections and put in its place.

• change our relationship with the world and people, some of the "laws" of the old world is not working.

• The physical body changes, may respond differently to the "friends" of the disease or medications.

• Aquarius is constantly looking to the future. He roam different ideas. Present for him "is in the past."

• The pace of life accelerates, requires immediate attention.

• Human relations are becoming more open, no reservations, call things by their names, there is light and fun, but decreases sincerity.

• Prized ideological, mental intimacy. Physical proximity to the background.

In the Slavic tradition, natomest 12 zodiacal signs are the 16th and the current change of epochs corresponding global transition of the Hall in the Halls WOLF FOX. For the old cheat characteristic cunning and flattery, its patron — the goddess of darkness, winter and sleep MARA, Marena. For the young the Wolf characteristic fighting spirit, the desire for order, his patron — Veles, Volos, the god of cattle (paradoxically) and creativity, honesty, keeper of the keys Mezhdumirya).

Generally speaking, the timing and terms of epochs, about falling in 2012, various sources are very different. Thus, according to Mayan legend, we enter the era of the White Jaguar. And some Indian astrologers believe that the era of stealing, hypocrisy and moral decline, characteristic of Kali Yuga ends, and the age of Satya-yuga (Sat-Yuga, Krita Yuga Yuga Virgo) — The Golden Age of Renaissance, truth and purity.

As shown by scientist cosmist Chizhevsky to peaks in solar activity pripadaet revolution punitive mission, war, reform, natural disasters, — one of those peaks hit in 2012-th, and has recorded historical high hard gamma-radiation. Be that as it may, the Slavic world is preparing to overthrow the rule of Kali and Mary, to rehabilitation, recovery and the rule of law Rita and Yoga.

So, you want to participate in the creation of a community of people across borders ages — welcome!

New — well forgotten old

Substantial sense of the age of Kali — pull and display, paralyze and eliminate all the creative excesses A magnificent creation, existing in society. The price paid for getting rid of excess clutter — a temporary pullback great aspirations for low aim blurred entity.

In practice this is done, for example, through the "change of human material." For example, by encouraging inter-species incest, internal divisions and a celebration of the mystery of redistribution. Symbol of the era — sexy, murderous, quirky black mother goddess Kali. Among the latter attribute era:

— simulacra — a deliberately false reality, a much more elaborate plausible, than the currently-on-true

— Financial Technologies — impersonal exchange multistage robbery world in favor emissionerov, tax specialists, financiers and bankers, opposition from the public in an attempt to correct situation;

— universal military pressure "double bottom": the operations of the "anti-terror-terror."

Actually, we will continue to discuss the "new — well forgotten old", those are what is suppressed and extinguished in the age of Kali, but precedes it and is reborn, transformed in its sunset.

First of all, we are talking about the laws of Rita, which prevent piarovtsam age of Kali.

Analogue laws are the laws of Rita Rod. Incidentally, there are signs that some countries in Asia, based on them, have become overcome Kali. In South Korea, the laws are practiced widely Rod From childhood Koreans are studying and learning to make Generic Book, go to the Ancestral Temple, etc. And in Malaysia, encourage the marriage bond is not "any random weaves", namely stable families Creole type: mixing Han with blacks, to give favorable offspring Creoles — Malays, contributing to strengthening and prosperity of the country and the region.

Rita prototypes laws are:

— slander and banned in Kali science — Telegonia (the study of inherited advantage of the first father);

— principle of double fertilization of higher plants and animals;

— sexual process with a cash fertilization in bacteria and "dvuhottsovsko-parent" combination of body parts in viruses;

-point gene transfer between related species did not plant and animal world, using embedded in the genome and re-emerging from the genome of the "host" disease-causing organisms;

— principles of "beauty as the highest utility" (Efremov, etc.), "the man — intelligence officer, a woman — a keeper", etc.

— eugenics, breeding or genetic engineering.

Rita is a legitimate identification of functional diversity of inheritable traits, principles of inheritance, methods of influence on him, with the blocking and suppressing unfavorable signs and promoting favorable. Very close to the laws of the laws of Yoga Rita: Rita stimulates beneficial legacy to the next generation and Yoga — helps to show the best and worst features of the current suppress inheritance.

Obviously, going back to the law of Rita, updating them, we are doomed for a while "sound" in disharmony Kali, seep into the past and the future beyond, painful search for a new belief system, a different harmony.





Now thoroughly deciding on the truth.

There is a category of people who covertly abduct many technologies, especially the financial, political, economic, social, human, biological. They're particularly zealous watch over secrecy from the public anthropology. All this is tied to the struggle for money, power, media, psychotronic, and biological weapons, food security, crisis management. We call these hoarders, iskazhateley, along with their public relations cover simple — taynovlastnikami. People running taynovlastiem serving him samoobmanyvayuschimisya samoobmanutymi and professed their secrets entangled in them and confusing others.

The conclusion is that in the search for truth must make allowance for the distortion of the taynovlstnikov. That is, you can not blindly trust the "well-known to the" calm "credible evidence" to rely on the absence of what we do not say out loud.



Major misconceptions, evokes science and media

Here is a short list of major inventions and distortions about human nature, reminiscent of the media to please taynovlastiyu.

  1. Separation from nature, and thus unique unity of the human species (Homo sapienssapiens).
  2. Allocation of no more than three races and three hybrid race groups.
  3. Categorical denial stormy biological evolution of modern man, concealing the impact of viruses and production of genetically modified ingredients in the evolution.
  4. Promote the concept of equality of biosocial, with regards to live together, the effects of inbreeding, regarding marriage, conception and birth of children, the future. Distribution of "tolerance" to prostitution, perversions, bestiality, their gradual legalization and giving privileges.
  5. Interpretation of genetics as vulgar simplified inheritance Mendel, exhaustive fusion of chromosomes.
  6. The persecution of the theory of double fertilization, the laws of Rita, caste, apartheid, eugenics, and the very mention of their studies.
  7. Distortion and elimination of all traditions and historical memory associated with the foregoing, under the guise of ridiculing prejudice, fighting for the rights and progress, compatibility with hidden ban on relevant prognostic (Futurological) research.

Unity of man and nature, the diversity of people


The other extreme in relation to science — its blacklist. With enthusiasm from all sorts of tales belly ambition. Human settlement on the sacraments, aliens Earth, which already lived "ugly monkey." And the mystery of their upcoming return, the thirst kind to us, beloved. In fact, the earthly man is one with nature, the earth, often very unique.

If human ancestors migrated from another planet to Earth full of life, there would be an inevitable conflict of immune, hormone, enzyme and other systems of alien life forms. We would have been very different physiological and biochemical "key-lock". And it would, if not for the death of one of the forms of life, to an extremely long and artificial their coevolution, gradually adapting, as there is no concrete evidence.

On the contrary, the unity of the hormonal nature of the planet is easy to check: eating hormone-rich creatures (clams, caviar, crab), people compensate for hormonal deficiency. Conversely, the addition of pharmacy "human" hormones water aquarium fish, stimulate spawning. Immune disorders are usually associated with unusual food, the immune response of the body to check parasites and autoimmune reactions due to injury and other "natural" for other living organisms of the Earth causes. Enzymes that break down proteins in the body, as well as their associated blood group antigens and types of antibodies, approximately equally diverse in people and animals. This allows you to pre-test the food and animal vaccines, transfusions, in case of need, the blood of pigs and monkeys, people and so on. Illnesses, such as influenza, are identical or have slight variations for poultry, pigs, monkeys, rodents and humans. The milk of cows, which is similar to your blood type, you seem particularly tasty.

In contrast, the diversity of the people are so great, and some of them have such a clear dividing barriers, what about the species unity serious and independent researcher is not necessary. So, dogs, wolves, hyenas, lions, tigers and leopards, zebu, bison and buffalo belong to different species, but easily crossed. Meanwhile, at the Boers (descendants of white settlers from Belgium) with the Bushmen and Hottentots (natives of South Africa) children together was a long time before enough of the dark-skinned white, and came from North Africa, the Bantu, after years of living together, did not appear the girl. Gologrudye annual procession of the mulatto matured to the stadium Johannesburg, pranksters from the UN consolidated "International Day of the mother." And when the mothers had children of both sexes, they are not recognized for his or negros, or white, and a new nation called "colored."

Meanwhile, Australian Aborigines Negroid type continue to die out. They are poorly adapted to modern life, offspring with white does not give relatively more advanced Negro representatives on the continent is not enough. But the Indians of North America slightly mixed with white — larger-birth children, poorly coming in childbirth, the mother and child are often killed or injured during childbirth.

Human differences


  1. Homo sapiens alba, Homo sapiens alba — white people. Has a psychophysiology, totally independent of the mercaptans, but if they are oppressed by the presence of a third party, with warm, light in color with a thin skin layer of subcutaneous fat, light or moderately thin dark hair, black irises of the eyes (small doses of natural dyes — melanin), massive, but light bones, especially the heel, long legs, excellent swimmers, athletes.
  2. Homo sapiens hany, Homo sapiens Han (from self-old, mostly tsentralnomaterikovyh Chinese people, and to them close to the Mongols, Tuva, Buryatia, the Kazakhs, the Indians and many others) — yellow man. Psychophysiology, alternating periods of dependence and independence from mercaptans, typical thick and taut, moderately colored skin, black straight or wavy hair, brown eyes, epicanthus ("Mongolian fold" — a device for centuries to trap dirt in dust and sand storms), short legs than gymnasts.
  3. Homo sapiens negr, Homo sapiens black — black people. Psychophysiology, fully linked to the production of mercaptans, evaporation of moisture, significant doses of melanin, is a general tan and curly or mochalkopodobnye hair, fine, but heavy bone great runner.

Of course, there are "intermediate types", but they are not infinite, and everything is easily reducible to three types, that even with their considerable confusion, keeps the principle of classification.

Simply put, either you alba, or Han, or black, the fourth is not given, the rest — the nuances of crushing evidence, not beyond a single form. You can not be the Bushmen, but Han (although, due to living in the desert, and the Bushmen appeared epicanthus), and you can not be a Slav, but a black man, but a very light-skinned Jew is, though usually implicit, but a black man, because they are constantly allocates mercaptans (usually kupiruemye deodorants, podmyshechnikami, medicines, etc.)


As for hybrids, they often inherit the best features of their ancestors, but in old age may have poor physical and mental (except Creoles) health. All hybrids are usually well versed about the strength and weakness of the representatives of their parent species, and "see through" undertaking other hybrids. In general, independent, that is, "not enough stars in the sky" on their own, but can be a powerful collective lobby, to be mediators, organizers, diplomats, agents, psychologists and sociologists. Consider specifically:

  1. Homo sapiens albahany, mestizo (from the word "meta" — target). Characterized by a high sense of purpose, easy uvlekaemost, without a worthy goal — or moral decay, or rebellion.
  2. Homo sapiens albanegr, mulatto (akin to the word "Mulka" — fraud, for show). Characterized by sad eyes, artistry and humor, Mummery and campaigning, in the absence, but active and sophisticated simulation of specific efficiencies or persistence in constant self-improvement.
  3. Homo sapiens hanynegr, Creole (on credit — breeding, creation and la — love, good). Characteristic observation, consistency, courtesy in everyday life and stiffness in the acute setting, or lethargy, apathy.

Modern human evolution, the role of viruses in it, GMO and other factors

Why taynovlastniki carry concealment of human diversity? Let's just say that one day the little boy did not say aloud: "The emperor is naked!" Also, they hide the pace and nature of modern human evolution, that "in a calm business environment" to extract profits and smuggle secret projects. They "cream ice" real issues, which are guilty, and for the sake of appearances or advertising hype flimsy and irrelevant questions.

Human evolution is happening rapidly. Uninitiated it seems that low child mortality and the lack of practices, such as throwing the abyss sickly babies, as was customary in Sparta, ensures the primacy of the social evolution of the biological. In fact, nature does not deceive: restrictions imposed on it in the same place she immediately overcomes many others. So nezachatie and natural mikroaborty, abortions (miscarriages) pass into the consciousness, especially boys Students. Later they find out the impact on the conception of female frigidity and male impotence, also associated with health, but do not hurry to share such information. And there are moments of complex health of his father, mother and child, very much.

Next time: the immune system of people evolving at an unprecedented pace for all living things. Bacterial diseases daunted not only vaccines as living human organisms. Plague remains refuge among rodents, but human cases — a rare phenomenon: people develop immunity faster pathogenic abilities plague. A similar situation with cholera.

And, instead of epidemics, decimating entire villages and towns are spreading permanent (sluggish upgradeable) viral infections such as colds, coughs, non-hazardous to the life forms of influenza, other respiratory diseases, "childhood" diseases. Also, the spread and vaccinations, which have important evolutionary effects. For example, the vaccine for smallpox often "prisyhaet" — it is a powerful immune vaccinated in childhood protects against infection by the parents of their child. Viral illness or vaccination forced to "work" the immune system, and between the people there a hidden competition immunities: grafted or bolevshie parents can not get pregnant for a while (secret statistic mass vaccinations), and the first to become pregnant are the ones whose immune system stronger.

But immunity is not limited to the role of infection. The fact that the disease-causing viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and even the type of lice, often "hibernate", and just inside the genotype of "owner" — a person or animal, and even plants. This occurs when the body's immune system is strong enough to suppress the activity of a stranger, but not enough to destroy it. "Hibernation", say for viruses, means the distribution of the three components of its genotype (head, body, tail) within the genome "boss." And it is worth, say, with a deficiency of vitamin and minerals, and even severely hypothermic, get into the stress and distress, like an infection or a "stick" from the outside, or even manifest within. Feeling special mediators favorable for the development of the disease situation, the head, body and tails samovyrezayutsya virus genotype of "master", collected in a single unit (a well-known principle of "samozborki") and attack … But there are nuances. The fact is that in a strange samovrezka genotype samovyrezka out and self-assembly, are associated with constant errors. As a result of the virus from domestic chickens, pigs, cats and hamsters, can bring to the human gene corresponding to the animal, and leave it there. And can pass through Colds stork, a tiny piece of genetic material is black Africans resident Findyandii. Of course, that will not be a black man, but small changes, such as improving the digestibility of citrus, is possible. By the way, and by such errors help viruses mutate. Say, a similar virus to bind its genetic material from similar places genotype "master", and then also exchange genes, and sometimes the whole head, trunk, tail, creating "chimeras", sometimes quite competitive.

Similarly, the process of developing evolyutsonny and among plants. And so, after a totally dangerous animal dusts, taynovlastniki started using Roundup-distribute — the most powerful and versatile vegetable venom directed against weeds. Then, with the help of rapid biochemical evolution at the level kalyusnoy tissue parenchyma ("protoplasm" of plants) obtained Roundup Ready crop plants, grow them and get seeds. Initially Bagatelles for high yields with Roundup cleaned of weeds "clean" fields — this thing called "green revolution" and the panacea for hunger in developing countries. But soon there were two problems. First, the consumer properties of GMI (products of Roundup-resistant plants) were reduced: when human consumption or domestic animals, complete and full assimilation is impossible, prevent the "ballast" or "poison" — Roundup-resistant plant proteins miodifikatsii . A potato, which shows the genes of wheat, was the stability for the Colorado potato beetle, but sharply reduced yields and become tacky taste. The second issue of GMI — pollination of weeds. For example, Argentina, wild sorghum pollinate cultural genetically modified, and spread on the fields that are processed Roundup, Thailand pereopylilis wild rice, and so on.

On the other hand, people have evolved, and, overcoming gastritis and ulcers, are neutralize or even in the body to absorb any "chemistry", from which previously were sick. That is, nitrates, urea, pesticides, herbicides, GMO, plant and animal psevdogormony-stimulants, synthetic dyes, preservatives, fragrances, flavors, stabilizers, soil corrosion products.


Rock, paper, scissors …

Ancient knowledge partly forgotten, partly lost its relevance, in part to date. And, if the purchase of cigarettes a person can see not only the words "light", but also an explanation "in the lungs and liver," or even a bright color drawing, photography decomposing body, then relative to incest, this approach is not practical. On the contrary, the society said, get married, get married and have children can be in any combination. Type 60-year old woman and 20-year-old girl can register same-sex marriage, and there is no reason to reject the Ombudsman in his adoption order the child from the family, who died in the accident — who knows what his own maiden aunt wants to take the baby to her — she, like unmarried and not a close relative of human something less …

But that's coming era of the Wolf, then will be restored on the impact of a warning system, and, in time, the system, which regulates the limitation of marriage. Actually, the elements are constraints, but this is at the level of custom than law. Some of these limitations taynovlastniki ridiculed and persecuted as relics: for example, prohibits caste in India, divorce denial of the property to the spouse who is found guilty of treason, moral condemnation of-wedlock births. But all the same, and in some developed countries it is forbidden to register the marriage without medical examination and mutual knowledge of its data, the bride and groom. Or, do not register the marriage to be registered in narcological with chronic psihbolnymi to prevent the birth of a sick offspring.

And what if the healthy parents are doomed to birth and education of sick children, and the disease appears in the case of violations of certain rules of incest? And if there is a group of people conspired korystlivy hindering public awareness of these rules? Taynovlastniki categorically deny the like (at least pretend that it is not possible), do not allow such issue. But if you clear the living reality of their hidden influence, what do we see? We can see that …

… On the one hand, with the right scenario many hereditary diseases "treated" in the next generation if the bride and groom are correctly oriented. Say, in most cases, spouses have deaf children with normal hearing.

… On the other hand, if the wrong scenario, healthy parents are expected to appear unhealthy children. Moreover, in this matter come together and experience of ancestors, fixed millennia, and unbiased research of modern scientists.

In order to understand the resulting interspecific interactions of people, let us remember the game "rock, paper, scissors": two or more people, chanting the refrain, waving his hand in time, at the end abruptly thrown out his hand with a pre-cooked character: fist symbolizes stone, index and middle fingers extended — scissors and expanding palm — paper, clockwise, from the instigator of the game, the characters begin to "fight": rock beats scissors (breaks them), scissors defeat paper (cutting it), and paper beats rock, wrapping his . By the way, if three or more players, winning is usually the instigator.

Similarly in humans. In every age, and often in each country (area) — its instigator. But the characters of the species of people:

  1. White man symbolizes paper: in the absence of mercaptan, a man passes descendants keeps the hereditary memory — the image of the spirit (the "memory of past lives" as they say in India). Because pure white children, even growing up without parents, well versed in the world, have positive environmental, creative and conscientious guidance (innate notion of "What is good and what is bad"). However, in the case of interspecific hybridization, that is, in a collision mercaptan with psihometabolizmom the image of the spirit is not passed — as if erased relatively white parent — (tabula rasa — a "clean sheet", as the Romans). And the image of the blood transmitted worse than the other (dominant for producing mercaptan and a host of other features) side.
  2. Black man symbolize scissors: an abundance of mercaptans, with interspecific hybridization, allows you to "cut off" to suppress others' genetic memory — another way of the spirit, and the spirit of its image in black nigger to do, partially offset by imitation and innate artistry. Body image for Negro line also passed, but not completely.
  3. Yellow man symbolizes the stone: the alternation of mercaptan and bezmerkaptanovogo metabolism, in the case of interspecific hybridization, which lets you perfectly preserve the inheritance of the body — the image of the blood, and also partially transmitted hereditary memory (the image of the spirit).

But their main competitive advantage, or, in other words, the weapons:

  1. Weapons Album — fairness (or neatly covered with paper or valiantly earned reputation should not be tarnished), or, in other words — apartheid (separate existence) in the case of exclusion or isolation of blacks and haney, it progresses rapidly in the inner civilization construction. Each successive generation of "standing on the shoulders" of ancestors, give them all a spotless essential (not spoiled) genetic memory. And the availability of ready-made image of the spirit can immediately take "a head start", and pass even more great achievements to the next generation.
  2. Weapons Negro — equality (rights and the possibility of prolonged and mass tolerance to external forms of sexual aggression), or, in other words — the debauchery. Debauchery, vaccinate, imposed by competitive species can neutralize the benefits of other start transmitting the image of the spirit, by the "cutoff", destroying it. And even the ability to create a negative image of the spirit, which leads to self-extinguishing inheritance.
  3. Han weapon — a compromise (tactical compliance and the white civilization, and the black sexual expansion, combined with vision), in other words, the stickiness. Stickiness can extinguish aggression construct its strategic advantages on the basis of others' tactical successes and failures.

Blood thinners, erasing spirit


Before you read on, decide or do not read and do not think about the problem, or the finish and think through to the end, ready to receive, even if you come across a concrete expression matershinnye appropriate, limit or carefully prepare the access of minors and people with unstable mentality.

Thank you for your understanding.

What is the dilution of the blood, and that this erasure of the spirit? In the age of Kali, in addition to the Cali, in the world ruled by Mara — the goddess of darkness, under cover of which, people often "spoil blood" — Mara image of spirit and blood. For example, the senile, the aging of the mighty ruler, seduces Kali, as a beautiful loving servant. Born to them the child does not inherit the image of the spirit of ancestors, having "heavily implicated" inherited valuable skills, and the body is frail.

In the age of Kali is practiced sexual diversity, up to special privileges media promiscuity. Specifically, we are talking about "zhidah" — have, so to speak, liquefaction, liquid blood — and the "lumps", "chumps" — utratvshih ancestral spiritual memory. The origin of the concept of "chock" goes back to a time when records were kept sharp metal sticks on chipped and hewn wooden tablets — tags. In this case, from a full deck could get some pivot birochnyh chips, but have always been and side splits — lumps, which did not keep any records.

Preventing dilution, protection from abrasion

Beyond the age of Kali, the society professed and practiced law Rita and Yoga, and those who deviate from their enforcement, as well as victims of non-called "caliche" (Devil Kali). In a narrower sense, caliche, Yids and chocks call the carriers hereditary diseases (abnormalities) — the experience of perception, not by name, photograph or other abstract "xenophobia." In this case, it is in the age of Kali, drops out of sight, that these deviations are guilty, especially parents who have violated the laws of simple and intuitive Rita:

  1. The law of human interspecies harmony. Violation of his, careless, casual, curiosity interspecies incest fraught birth of caliche, as follows:
  • Jews — children with complex physical and mental health problems (phimosis, otherwise — nezalupa, predisposition to hemorrhoids, lisping and grassirovaniyu, schizophrenia), somewhat offset by an innate artistry and imitative; major mental disorder, which occurs with the heredity of the white man — is erasing the "image spirit ";
  • chocks — children with the same violations (except burr and grassirovaniya), not compensated innate artistry and imitative; major mental disorder, which occurs with the heredity of the white man — is erasing the "image of the spirit";
  • bastards vyblyadkov, vylupkov — children at risk or already manifest with disorders of unknown fathers: men of such children grown up in despair and hopelessness, saying, "Fuck!" which literally means "I watched all of a sudden you're my child, but it turned out you caliche. " Accordingly, women available casual partners, called whore, that is "krovosmesitelnitsey» (blade — blood, in many languages descendants of Aryans, some other "pull" — help from relatives edinokrovnikov).
  1. Law avoiding birth Jews. That is, non-white and Negro incest — the option that carries the appearance of the Jews. Alba> + negr + = albanegr J. Albanegr Jevis (mulatto-liquid) — a combination, entailing a complete loss of his father's image, and partial loss of blood. This "dilution" is almost independent of the multiplicity of "whitening" the father, if negrityanskayamaterinskaya line remains continuous.
  2. Law avoiding birth chocks. That is, non-incest black man with a white — option entailing the appearance of chocks. Negr> + alba + = albanegr C. Albanegr Churka (mulatto-chock) — This is an unfavorable combination, entailing the total or partial loss of the image of his father's spirit, with the ability to correct deviations of multiple "bleaching" the father and mother.
  3. Law "gates." The birth of the fetus and the birth of a child produced only a man and a woman, and only after some "gates." Sexual fantasies are encouraged with a variety of sexual positions (see the Kama Sutra), but limited to the relations between men and women, and only one "gate". Violation of the law, "Gates" — a "debauchery" breaking of the gates, conduct that "in any gate not climbing." Unacceptable sexual "diversity" to the use of "encouraging, relaxing" of alcohol and drugs, inadequate holes, gay sex, group orgies, and bestiality tehnoseksa. This breakdown leads to a violation of "the inheritance of the image," provoking "heirs" — "Heritage", where parents should not have to go to the parent detrimental "trail" to the increasing trend of following on from generation to generation, has become increasingly unhealthy way. Vlot to extinction kind (remember had used recreational drugs and little whore hippie — thousands of them moved from the West to India, where a little and died.) Breaking the most detrimental to the whites, but is harmless to blacks (due to lack of genetic memory). In the case of animals, bestiality incest leads to a partial, as well as the development of sexual aggression and jealousy of people have skotolozhnyh animals and their heritage. By the way, this applies to at least one nursery in California, bringing specialized sex dogs, incidentally, in the US Army legalized sex with animals — fighting ability and morals fall together.

Generally contain cross-breeding. In addition to these basic laws, Rita shows some damage to the white part of the inheritance of the image of the spirit, in the case of cross-breeding, hybridization, ie white with yellow — of course, with the damage of the white parents. It is in such cases, a long-time custom demanded parental blessing on marriage, and even encouraged the selection of parents and other family members experienced a narrowing of the young is not defined. Indeed, in the areas of mixed long residence to determine the "who's who" is difficult, and the young can be grateful to their parents for the right choice (for example, after a failed first marriage against their will, and second, a successful — for their advice), and the same themselves to practice.

Strengthening blood


Here the above laws, but now in the mainstream of positive Rita and Yoga:

  1. The law of human interspecies harmony. Humanity continues to evolve, and in the age of Kali and Mary, and in the era of Rita and Yoga, and then with hybridization should somehow be considered. Rita admits a continuation of the caliche, but rejects the idea recharge them. Old holy (light, righteous) writing the previous era contained the concept of "original sin" and "redemption", including "the other world". But Rita is treated differently from Cali:
  • "Original Sin." First-born, born of the marriage, or illegitimate child, shall have and exercise the spirit of the image and the image of blood is no worse than his parents. If this does not happen to showing caliche, it is necessary to identify, openly disclose and address their cause, to save their honor from suspicion and derision, to protect their child's dignity and honor, and others to continue to avoid similar mistakes. Further births of the same "original" pair is not allowed.
  • "Atonement." The child who is grown up, he would not suffer, do not torture others, and not the fruit would go on caliche, to properly raise it (make far more than the usual effort) and found it appropriate to fix a couple of unfortunate heredity, or "buy" this pair and pay, respectively, dowry or dowry.
  • "In the next world." Parents show in their children, raising them in your spirit, being born, so again. If the image of the spirit in children erased, it may still show up in their grandchildren or great-grandchildren, even after the death of a parent. And this is sure to happen, should correct their mistakes, to watch over the prevention and correction of errors descendants.
  1. The law of radical correction Jews. Condone — it means to indulge intrigue and adventure, greed and extortion as long as the earth fertile and the Promised Land not prevail Desert and Death, and the Judaizers did not go to the next even nezagazhenoe place, threatening to ruin the whole universe. And, apart from the emergence of new non-Jews must address remedial. From the position of Rita, the most reliable and enables to overcome the Judaizers is its mass creolization (cf. "creativity" creationism ") that is, hybridization — better with Mongoloids, or at least with mestizos, Creoles.
  2. The law fixes chocks. Compared with Jews, the situation is similar, but somewhat less severe, also requires creolization (already successfully runs, say, Kazakhstan).
  3. Law Yoga or "return", "guidance", "on the road", "true". Yoga says: even born Jew, white can be, and to be a role model of self-control on the part of whites, too, can, but you should make a sustained concerted efforts:
  • Need to encourage the expansion of early childhood and removing the body of mercaptans, for that consume less sweets and more bread, not to overeat, to practice periodic cleansing and fasting, vegetarianism (maybe not "strict" — with moderate consumption of eggs, milk, fish, and especially — seafood "from Cali and Mary help squid").
  • Laid out, making static exercise: it is like a vacation, but also good for flexibility and beauty of the body, and a constant load of the body to relax and avoid the production of mercaptans.
  • Avoid heat, cool the body (with heat wrapped in a wet sheet, use the air-conditioned, with 25-37aboutWith a minimum of clothing).
  • Perform prana — physical and physiological exercise, adjusting the energy of the lungs and breathing body, to give the pure breath.
  • Combining prana and mind, to achieve high mental and spiritual self-control, self-improvement.
  • Precise control of the flow of energy, in particular, sexual energy, or direct it to the conception of a child, or redirected to other needs (in the way and in the spirit of self-improvement).
  • To be able to stop the negative aspirations of the most radical methods — meditation, the practice of "nikakoevosti" achieve nirvana (enlightenment, unity with her best entity merging with the cosmos).

In addition, Yoga and Rita include psychological practice formed a special egregors — community of people who want to learn, perhaps, to settle together in the search for solutions to common problems and challenges, the implementation of creative and business objectives, and projects. It is possible, for example, treatment in the offspring of some hereditary diseases. So, just breaking in genome replication fork A nitrogenous bases — adenine, T — thymine, G — guanine, C — cytosine, leads to hereditary diseases such as certain proteins discord assimilation by the body. If you collect the sick, then together they can not only develop with the necessary food and medicine, but also to eliminate the consequences of the disorder in their children: as a rule, once again showed signs are heterozygous mutation type in the offspring as possible splitting criteria: will be part of the "traditional healthy "and some -" healthy mutants ".

Probably originally Indian caste was created on the model of "free communities to address the problem and make the best ideals" — before the tradition was distorted, forgotten, and forbidden.



Favoring best scenario and manifestations


Wishing happiness to his descendants, the most comprehensive effort to transform them, the people next to Rita and Yoga, are trying to build their lives and the lives of their children because "that was not excruciatingly painful for the wasted years taynovlastiya under oppression." So, put a reasonable and very real, tangible goal: to find like-minded people and build happiness together.

The task of self-preservation from extinction under the pressure of sex aggression Kali expressive faces carriers Rh-negative blood type.


You decide: either do not read and do not think about the problem, or the finish and think through to the end, do not disdain true naturalism, cleansing power of truth, or restrict access to carefully prepare young children and people with unstable mentality.

Thank you for your understanding.

So, what is this "Rh"?

Studies show that the blood of most animals have the same basic blood group as the person, or a small group of species less. And the blood of a pig because you can, in case of emergency transfusion person with the same blood type — but not vice versa. On the contrary it is impossible, if a person has Rh-positive blood. And most people today is she is.

Rh factor — a protein on the surface of red blood cells — red blood cells, the complement of A and B antigens of the major blood groups. In the presence of Rh blood is called Rh-positive, and in his absence — Rh-negative.

The main manifestation of the monkey — giving the relative merits of its carriers in reproduction. Let's say, in the "open society." The point is not that the Rh-negative people are naturally less fertile, and that in the pairs made up of people with "monkeys" — "no monkey" Rh-negative women tend to give birth to an Rh-positive men the only time in my life. Since at the time of delivery, with the cutting of the umbilical cord, or abortion, blood, baby, acquired Rh factor from the father, gets into the lymph or blood mother, then this foreign protein for her body immediately produce antibodies (similar to the antibodies produced by pathogenic microbes ). And, subsequent attempts to get pregnant, the mother's blood, full of anti-rhesus antibodies, and the blood of the embryo, causing anemia and, usually, death still in the very early stages of pregnancy (mikrovykidyshi). Rh-negative men, meanwhile, are free to fertilize the Rh-positive women, but Rh-positive — a dominant trait, so their descendants certainly become Rh. That is why the Rh factor, competitively advantageous for its first carrier, for several centuries, millennia perelitseval humanity of rhesus negative to Rh-positive.

So, what is "guilty" of Rh-negative women, and especially — women, disadvantaged children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and often lonely, abandoned by their husbands because of the "failure to deliver"? Why most people are probably just a few generations, it was in the minority, and was of extinction? In fact — this is just one of many similar models in the treatment of most minority: the incompatibility of the fetus and the mother is not only on D-Rh antigens, and incompatibility occurs in other Rh antigens (C, E, c, d, e or M , M +, Kell-, Duffy-, Kidd). So let's look at this question in more detail.

The cause of the virus appears to be in non-compliance with the law of Rita "gates" and a violation of this happened in Africa. There all continental and even monkey island Madagascar (from rhesus monkeys, which for the first time and discovered the Rh factor) — Rh-positive. This is due to their episodic interspecies sex. A sex, usually does not prolific hybrid offspring.

Now we have to make a digression into biology. There is one catch: the higher animals and plants, fertilization is always only a double, not a purely single. Contrary to the simplistic, compelling taynovlastnikami. Now, the first sperm, punching only the outer shell egg passes the cytoplasmic heredity (genetic memory, the image of the spirit). And ribosomalnyeuyu heredity, for example, concerning the psychophysiology of energy and color, in part — metabolism (body image). A second major chromosomal sperm transfer, anatomical, heredity.

Moreover, the first and second fertilization happens, is a long period of time, and the first insemination is possible not only to other masculine than the second, but masculine at all other species with which direct anatomical fertilization completely impossible due to different chromosomes. For example, the Neanderthal (dead end of hominid evolution, owning advanced tools, production of fire, man-made dwellings) had 48 chromosomes, and Cro-Magnon man, an ancestor of modern man — only 46. However, recent data indicate paleogenetiki that some genes from Neanderthal Cro still got.

By the way, such studies in the plant to have a good, folding corn: its long snout — "racetracks with barriers", in which the pollen germinates, introducing first, and then the second batch of fertilizing the genetic material in a pestle. This creates interesting combinations of traits studied in detail and described in the North American colonies before Mendel, and with even more expressive deviations from the "classical Mendelian splitting."

So, the Rh factor, probably spread rapidly from Africa, first, for example, rhesus monkeys other species of monkeys, and then, because of the minimum of clothes, living in open huts, frequent overnight in the forest, wide and almost unregulated practice bestiality and rape, spread to the people. Spreading, initially through the blacks, the whole world like an epidemic.

Determine the presence of the Rh factor is impossible without special equipment, and it is not organized by the obstacles encountered its spread. However, even now, not so "absolutely too late." You can, for example, to create a Russian, Slavic, or just white settlement, which the entire community of intergeneric would consist of people with Rh-negative blood type. Family units within the community would avoid extinction. What if these are the people most in need in the near future of space exploration? Incidentally, the Rh-negative normal body temperature — about 36aboutC, and 37aboutSince they have already begun mean disease, these people distinguish good memory, concentration, strength, perseverance.

Positive practice creating a circle of acquaintances, to choose spouses with the ability to establish a close spiritual way of life, full extension type, without deterioration, and, if possible, with improved traits of offspring — a very attractive and very real creative purpose, in the spirit of Rita and Yoga.


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