Romanchuk and Tereshchenko live talked about the economy

Nov. 25 live on the First Channel of the Belarusian television were the presidential candidates Yaroslav Romanchuk and Viktor Tereshchenko.

The deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk graduated from two universities and international financial school. This is the presidential candidate told the audience before introducing them to the basic principles of his program, which he called "Building the new, keeping the best." The need for economic reforms Yaroslav Romanchuk associated with the mentality of the Belarusians.

"We are — tolerant. So. But it is, on the one hand, well, on the other — not so. Good moderation is when we are wise when we first think, and then make and take into account all the factors. Moderation, which I do not welcome it when whole world developing dynamically, when everyone goes fast, and we are slowly.

No one disputes the fact that Belarus is the last 15 years has gone forward. We go forward, but when we do move, the world takes two steps. And some countries — and the five steps. Therefore, even to remain in place, we need to go faster. "

Even to stay in place, we need to go faster.

The main potential for reforming the country Yaroslav Romanchuk believes its citizens 'human capital'. To this capital has earned the benefit of the whole of Belarus, it is necessary to free, says economist Romanchuk. Then presidential candidate gave specific examples of how because of bad laws, bureaucracy and other problems the citizens of Belarus can not realize themselves, and make themselves a profit country. Yaroslav Romanchuk said why not give profit Belarusian roads.

"That's so much to collect papers to open a small roadside cafe. Recently, on the highway Brest-Minsk I spoke with the owner. She's from this business no strength left. Why? Business is, wagon ride, what is? Yes, said the two years I collected the papers, opened this cafe, but now is not the day to me did not come inspectors, sanitation center firefighters, police officers, prosecutors, and say to them fed for free. And what is the feed for free? This is an additional tax. "

Specific examples of reform Yaroslav Romanchuk returned to the conceptual things. Thus, the economist believes that until the land owner will receive, it is impossible to reform agriculture and to achieve a high economic performance, true well-being of farmers and preserve the natural resources of the country. To help the viewer better understand the speaker, Romanchuk has found an affordable and familiar to any image.

"I took to the studio two potatoes. Here's a potato from Belarus, and the second — from Morocco, Africa. The most interesting is that the foreign potato half the price of the Belarusian. As for the quality they look like, and here is how different value. And it talks about how we effectively use our land, how well our agriculture. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk also spoke about corruption, in particular at the customs, on low pensions for ordinary people and the high — for the deputies that need to double financial aid to young mothers and get free travel on public transport to children. At the end of the speech Romanchuk was made that he was not a rebel, and was in favor of an honest dialogue with the authorities. As a presidential candidate called for the release of political prisoners, liberate the press and make Belarusians could choose freely.

Video of Yaroslav Romanchuk

Presidential candidate Victor Tereshchenko, Like its predecessor, Yaroslav Romanchuk, spoke live just 30 minutes. Victor began Tereshchenko also from the biography and in particular recalled that he was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation. Himself a candidate presented himself as an economist and that its economic program devoted most of the time.

"There are growing problems, they are all visible. Firmly and quickly rising prices. Let's remember: in 1994, a gallon of milk cost 25 rubles. Loaf of bread — 15 rubles a kilogram of potatoes -10 rubles. Thereafter the country held two monetary denomination, in 1994, the money raised in the denomination of 10, in 2000 — a thousand times. Today, the store a gallon of milk and loaf of bread — about 2 million, pounds of potatoes — 1000 500 rubles. For 16 years, the country with the denomination in the cost of milk has increased 16,000 times. "

If you choose the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, I am ready to offer him my program.

What does the economist Victor Tereshchenko to curb rising prices, and bring the country's economy the most successful? Should not develop at the expense of loans, debt which is $ 2,600 for every person, but at the expense of investment in exchange for shares in enterprises, said Tereshchenko. As a presidential candidate in favor of financial reform. The whole point is to make the Belarusian ruble freely convertible and bring the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar as one to one. To the economy of Belarus earned more efficiently Viktor Tereshchenko proposes to tax reform, the essence of which is to take the profit tax.

Much attention is paid to the candidate how to interest a simple employee work better. Victor Tereshchenko offered to give employees the opportunity to purchase shares of enterprises, and also called for the abolition of the contract system.

The candidate called for the strategic friendly relations with Russia, for fair partnership with Europe and has shown a tendency to compromise.

"In the interests of the country I am willing to compromise. If you choose the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, I am ready to offer him my program as a scientific strategy for the country. But whether he will accept it? "

VIDEO perform Viktor Tereshchenko


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