Romanchuk: Healthy nation begins with the physical education of children

Belarusian legislation there are no rules that would provide for the publication of the medical bulletins on the state of health of the Belarusian president or presidential candidates to provide medical certificates to the CEC. Do not apply such laws and in other post-Soviet countries. Although calls about their introduction increasingly heard from legislators themselves. Recently, with the relevant initiatives were members of Estonia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan …

On the eve of the elections of December 19 "Freedom" asked how the candidates support a healthy lifestyle, whether they have any medical problems, what steps they think should be done to improve the health of the nation.

Yaroslav RomanchukAge 44 years old, height 178 cm, weight 82 kg, the pressure is 120/70.

According to Yaroslav Romanchuk, when a person decides to run for president, he should approach this with full responsibility. As for the voters, that they, in their turn, have to be sure that this decision was adequate and healthy people. That is why the health of the head of state should be a national treasure, and issues such as the physical condition and psychological resistance leader of the nation, should be under the close supervision of experts.

In this context — the next question for a presidential candidate: history shows that nations are often led, to put it mildly, not very healthy people. The specialists, doctors presidents — a clear, stakeholders — to inform the public about the good health of the head of the nation. How can this be avoided in the conditions of Belarus?

Romanchuk"These are the things that need to be nevtralizavanyya through the institutions of political power. Necessary that these things are controlled by the parliament, not the president.

For 20 years, I've never been in the clinic.

It is essential that there was a certain expertise, which would trust the parliament. After all, the parliament passed a decision as to whether a man can work with this diagnosis. It is necessary that the power was shared between the president, parliament and the courts, so that was a political competition, freedom of the media, the president recalled that there is a law that he can not break, going on about his illness. "

"Freedom""We are talking about some certain diseases?"

Romanchuk"In principle, there may be psychological illness, which do not contribute to the adoption of adequate solutions. In the hands of the first person — a powerful political machine, and there is a danger that in a state of stress that person can not give those orders.

Adequacy can confirm I have a lot of people.

This, in turn, can lead to trouble. As for physiological diseases — without a leg, without an arm — that people can carry out their duties in a wheelchair. I do not believe that this could be an argument against the fact that a person chosen to preside. "

"Freedom""Among the most common medical problems of EU politicians (after 40 years) — Cardiovascular disease (in the same Germany every other tablet which takes the politician, has just this purpose), and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, followed by praktalyagichnyya problems , the problems of the genitourinary system, nevralyagichnyya disease … you any of this familiar? How are you health? "

Romanchuk"The health of my very good. Adequacy of the idea can be confirmed by a lot of people. And if there is such a rule in the Constitution as a medical examination, I am ready to do it and take a full medical check-up …"

"Freedom""What is your cholesterol?"

Romanchuk"I do not know. For 20 years, I've never been in the clinic. In fact, I am for national treatment. Milk, honey, some drugs, vitamins, which help the body to function. "

"Freedom""As far as you help the sport?"

Romanchuk"It helps me. Sport helps to be healthy and energetic life.'s Why I play football. At tennis — tennis and ping. When there is no time, then do some exercises of yoga.

It is necessary to have a physical health when you spend with voters 5-6-8 hours.

You need to have at least weekly time on sports, exercise. This provides stability and psychological stability. If you do not have time for a day, you need to do before going to bed. Of course, it is necessary to have a physical health when you spend with voters 5-6-8 hours. It is necessary to have the health and energy to not fall asleep in mid-sentence or break for half of the race. "

"Freedom""Do you think — is it good when on the television show the president, who is playing on the tennis court, skier who spends much time on the hockey rink?"

Romanchuk"This is a good example where it contributes to the development of physical culture. Then it should be welcomed. However, this does not negate the specific program for the development of physical culture among young people and children."

"Freedom""Why, however, such examples are not conducive to the development of mass sports? Despite the presence of large sports facilities in the country, their large-scale construction, health deteriorates. Shorten the duration of life, especially among men, rejuvenated many diseases."

Romanchuk"Goals are good, and the performance — not really. So I for the development of physical education at the school level. I would raise the salary of physical education teachers, those people who are different sports clubs. It is from the physical education of children begins a healthy nation. Elite sport — it also good, but that takes money sponsors, not the money of the budget. "

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