Romanchuk looked modern, Tereshchenko was easier to talk

Today in the election broadcast made by BT Yaroslav Romanchuk and Viktor Tereshchenko. Their performances are analyzed Vladimir Glod.

Yaroslav Romanchuk appeared on television against the slogan "Save the best build new." He's very good-looking in appearance, perfectly behaved — they say he allegedly took lessons in the most Zinaida Bondarenko — and acted as a modern man — confident, assertive, persuasive, intelligent.

He did not break into pieces the economic policy of the authorities, and it was perhaps right, because half of the slogan was about "saving the better." But he is so logically laid out his program, a program like-minded people that his words "Belarus takes one step forward, and the other countries in the this time two to five steps "- looked not just a metaphor, but the logical conclusion of his speech.

Yaroslav Romanchuk told specifically and clearly, through which can be make the lives of ordinary Belarusians much better. This is — the people, the roads, water and forests, the land … And his thesis he supported the specific examples and even visually — if the show the audience in the TV studio thick folders with papers, without which you will not open even a small coffee shop or Belarusian potato, which for some reason is more expensive that which is brought from distant Morocco, and even baseball football club BATE. This is an example for Romanchuk — what can be achieved Belarusians, unless they are "knit by hand and foot" of power.

In short, he said, as there are now, and what will be. And it was obvious that special attention paid to Yaroslav Romanchuk voters retirees. They are considered the largest supporters of Alexander Lukashenko, and presidential candidate Romanchuk tried to draw them to his side, with indignation when talking about termination benefits for them and their grandchildren, and promised that he would immediately return these benefits.

Now Victor Tereshchenko.

He laid out his economic program and its program can be called economic miracle — because how else to call a program in which the presidential candidate states that in five to seven years will be worth $ 1 — how many do you think? — 1 Belarusian ruble. However, as do it and whether you can do it at all, I honestly did not understand. After all, even though Viktor Tereshchenko and drew diagrams and charts, but it seems to me that the first time zmahu understand how real is this program is probably still possible. So, maybe he is too much absorbed in the economic side, and it seems to me, we had yet to speak a little bit easier.

De itself still marked the end of the speech of Viktor Tereshchenko. There were two interesting points. First — he said that he — not the opposition candidate and if Lukashenko Lukashenko wins, he will give his program for his use, but then he said he is not sure that Lukashenko will use it. Second — when he said that without the fraternal Russian anywhere and we can not do anything. With it, we were tied, bound, and now we are connected forever.

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