Rosky light rosky world: the truth — in the Creator!

Rosky light rosky world: the truth - in the Creator!In ancient and Rosov Rosov period dulibskogo State 1-9. BC (Duliby Ros), there are two concepts that are described and characterized by an understanding of the world. This notion of "light" and "peace."

The concept of "light" applied to all things human environment, visible and invisible, own space, that it is present (hence the end of the world, on the edge of the world.) The concept of "light" refers to the existence in the universe of physical fields (media background information), energy, matter, all that surrounds and exists in different forms and manifestations, both spiritual and material.

Others in importance is the concept of "peace." "Peace" — a state of the wise arrangement of the world, its construction under the laws of the Creator, the understanding of these laws man and the society, and adherence to these laws. "Peace" — a law mirozdanchesky Creator for our universe. Accordingly, for the other universes have their own "worlds" — the laws of their creation.

"Peace" for a man of the past — it is both a spiritual state (inner peace), who was raised in a human society to find out its place in the universal consciousness — Field, spiritual part of the universe, thinking substance, the main information media cosmos.

"World" people called and called as the state of society, based on the law of the Creator mirozdancheskogo, which occurred harmony relationships, society and all living things, man, and all things in the universe that exists in the field, energy or material form.

Therefore roskih basis (that roskih) the words "light" and "peace", the abbreviation, — an appeal to the Creator, to a universal consciousness, worship them.

Abbreviation of "light" — the design of three words, which is read as "servant of the eternal creator", emphasizing the dependence of physical fields, energy, matter of the will of the Creator and his laws.

Abbreviation of "peace" — also of three words, and read as "wise and robozho" (wisely bogorazumno), which points to a weighty spiritual component of the universe, dominated by the cosmic mind, which includes iriynye (spiritual) hierarchical structure (RO — mind of the Father), as the information field "of light."

Such a system of word formation is a long-standing and fundamental rule for constructing roskih words, phrases, sentences, where the cosmic and divine outlook dominates.

Unfortunately, historical confrontation and conflicts over the past 70-80 thousand years, humans have the basis dozens of different models of compartmentalized outlook. These multi-vector model were most civilizations that had to exist.

The ideological basis of such models — limited professional, ethnic, religious, social vision of "light" person. This was accompanied by fragmentation of the single, coherent and divine perception of the world, the only "peace", the law of the universe that existed at the beginning of the human era. The result — a process started moving away from the objective of the law, the law of the Creator.

Repeatedly such separation ended in collapse of human civilization and vseplanetarnymi disasters (the last of which occurred in the 25-23, 17-16, 9-8 thousand years BC). Disasters, often stimulated by the man who destroyed the "world" — the governing law of the Creator, the frame of the universe.

Is not whether the current humanity to such an end?

Will it be able to see the contours of the "world" that is, the need to follow the law of the Creator, a program deysviya in our universe?

Fragmentation and the limited understanding of the world in the modern human society is estimated by its members as a supposedly objective and natural process of human development, as a way to find the right direction by the selection trial. But this is a misconception. Actually choose from.

This situation is the result of the company participants stay in the imaginary little "light" (the world of management, the world of religion, the business world, the world of science, the world of culture, world history, etc.). These little "light" tear off part of the unity of the whole of society, "the world." They, in fact secondary structures are redundant degree of freedom, which leads to the ideological struggle, where it should not be. They compete with the law of the Creator. The number of carriers of the true law of "peace" in the manifestation of the "world" is falling sharply.

Anthropocentrism, greed, selfishness, the members of such small "light" hide behind their regulations, professional, ethical codes and legitimized man. Declared human rights, but ignored duties before the law of the Creator, to the hierarchy of the world order. These little "light" is reminiscent of canned foods, shelf-life and utility of which is limited.

"Peace", which is controlled by the Creator, as the main program of the universe, for the sake of human anthropocentrism and the integrity of the law section of the hierarchy can not be changed by man in the long term (even in a limited space.) Hence, a person should know — the "world" as the law of the Creator, to break, to question (Prohibited virus), or forget-safe. This is the main rule for all people!

Historically, from 80-70 thousand years BC, knowledge of the law of the Creator, "peace" deal with European teachers revivalist. Of his stay in the region (currently the north-western Ukraine) in 30-28 centuries BC they have moved to Tibet. There, next to Tibet, in Zagorje-Semereche, 22,000 years ago, a teacher-revivalist continued their spiritual mission, teaching the basics of the universe, the laws of the Creator, "the world," his students from mainland Europe — the first Slavic magi ukrov. The story of the wanderings of the past is in the book "Greatness Duliby Ros. Surenzh. (Secrets of Volyn land). " (Http://

Magi mission was to create and spread the word to the west so-called "roskogo world." World, which in the planet Earth has adapted to man the law of the Creator, creating a world of enlightened people. The basis of the process was the extensive training, education, and all those who came from the wise men. Developing their spirituality, they become dew, or enlightenment ("ROS" — translated as "Rozum (mind) of light", which has contact with the RA in the "light"). Dew were top aides and the environment of the Magi, devotees messionerami, bearers of the true knowledge of the universe.

It is not necessary to repeat the path of the wise men and the slaves of the Slavs in Europe, there is a description of the book Duliby Ros (he passed through Altai, Lake. Balkhash, Caspian, Mangyshlak Caucasus Mezhereche, Sumeria, Canaan, Anatolia, the Danube region, Carpathians). The final points and is the most active of the Magi were the lands between the Vistula and the Dnieper and Dniester Pripyattyu. Here media enlightenment began to build "rosky World" (first-rosko dulibsky squad came to Volhynia from the Carpathians to 243-241 BC), where they created roskoe, Slavic state.

Lost as a result of ideological and religious struggle, the tragic history of this state. But more important is the main result of its activity — rooting for centuries Enlightenment ideas in Europe. She gave birth to Slavic "light" proizrostavshy the principles of legality, the Creator, the love that exists, honoring the "peace" on the earth and in the universe as the one true guiding program.

Gallo-Celts, Thracians, Balts, Sarmatians, as the encirclement of Russia, came under roskoe enlightenment, and some tribes sided with volhvovskomu state. A significant part of these was the Slavs, and selected and worthy were initiated into dew. Born broad Slavic community, the heart of which was a settlement Rosov.

Over time, this process involved the land from the Labe (Elbe) to the Caucasus, from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea, occupying a land Germans, Turks, hozarov, Finns, Ugrian, on which a significant role was played messionerskoy Rosov orders.

Turbulence, the scale and speed of the process, the lack of depth of enlightenment few Rosov for these broad objectives, other factors (plague, limited in power struggle with spiritual ignorance) have led to a blurring of the efforts of missionaries. Since the beginning of the 7th v.n.e. on the periphery of the state increased dulibskogo uncontrolled processes. This predetermined start stage crushing Slavic state, and not become obscheroskim.

But after the fall of the state in the early roskogo 9 st.n.e. in its center, in Volyn land, to the wise men "rosky light" spread the message of "peace", has not disappeared. It continued to exist. The region has created new religious centers and schools, and resumed the lost elements of spiritual relationships, spiritual tweaked contacts who are 11-13 v.n.e. influenced the creation Volynskiy Galician government, gave a significant amount of the Slavic world of spiritual and military leaders.

From the 14th century, anticipating the times of hardship, times of high treason, the spiritual decline of society, Volyn dew began to prepare for the construction of a significant number of new roskolaney (ruskolaney) outside the land of Volhynia ( 114). They were to be cell-outposts "roskogo light," the guardians of his idea. Successful were two beginnings: the Altai (late 14th v.n.e.) and on. Khortytsya on the Dnieper (end 15 v.n.e.).

Outpost on Khortitsa became a school where Volyn Dew promoted "rosky light", as this Creator, successfully organized a study Cossack Kharakternyky, which resulted in the creation of Zaporizhskoy battle. After whipping (on roskom — Sich or "Sich", an abbreviation of the translation — "the light of Iria (Іrіya), net") that affect the safety of the outpost roskoy, in Europe 16 17v.v.

The process has stalled at 17-18 v.n.e. when the name "Ros" was used by a public entity antiroskogo direction, which gradually eliminated the spiritual refuge of the Cossacks. The idea of "roskogo light" based on "roskogo peace" was deformed. Sich land ceased to be a safe haven vehicle "roskogo world" who had gone to other places.

Altai outpost 15 st.n.e., saving good contacts with Volhynia, added model "Roscoe World" organized a very clear line roskogo settlement (14 settlements around the spiritual and educational center). Its governing body was council of priests, representatives of such settlements. In 16 v.n.e., after contacts with Volhynia in order to find a safe place, was planned resettlement Rosov farther toward Tibet, which it did.

Neither the prosecution nor the deliberate distortion of philosophical foundations of Volyn, Cossack, eastern Rosov not destroyed rosky spirit in 19-20 centuries. The desire to follow the law of the Creator, to create "the world" in the ancient lands roskih not disappear.

The question arises where either "rosky World" at the moment?

Is it possible to revive it?

The answer to this question will be positive only if the ideas of enlightenment, the idea of "peace" in the lands unite "roskogo light" the true carriers of the laws of the Creator, of the laws of the universe, the laws of "peace."

For the truth — in the Creator!

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