Ross roars of anger or, as our ancestors fought

"I have not seen people with more perfect bodies, herewith slavane.
They like palm trees, blonde, beautiful face and body "

Ibn Fadlan, Arab puteshevstvennik.

Overcoming fear and hiding emotions, boy proved his maturity. Then, based on the hard school of military doctrine and the knife handle, he went into the dense forest of the bear's hide. Try for a moment to reflect and imagine in all colors form a large forest giant, roaring in front of you. Heavy clawed feet, a single movement can break ribs and tear the body against a knife and human skills.

According to legends that survive by beating angry bear, the young man turned into a werewolf warrior, as if absorbing the spirit of the dead animal. His neck was hung an amulet of bear claws. This tradition of the warrior strengthens endurance, giving it a strong psychological support in any situation. In specific merrymaking childhood passed, laying a few more than just the ability, but what sometimes can not learn — fearlessness.

Playing "king of the mountain" grew into stenoshny fight, and then have to build combat formations.

Gradually, from the simple to the complex, from snowball fights to the prevarication of the hail of deadly arrows, and of cane fights before cutting with swords. Guardianship "uncles" ended after the initiation of students into professional warriors. Of them, and consisted selective host — the princely retinue.
Campaigns themselves Slavs — a rare phenomenon. But the aggression from the side — almost constant. And historically, that Russ was always forced to fight in the minority. Professional army as numerous and should not be.

Therefore, the squad was forced to use anyone, even a slight advantage. The soldiers, from childhood growing up in these parts, are used to fight in poor visibility conditions and confined spaces — for example, in a dense forest. This and battle tactics that enable you to battle alone, even in the full environment.

In order to impose its numerically superior enemy, it was necessary to possess a special skill of the attacking troops, built on a high physical activity.
This battle tactics, and owned a small but strong squad Russes. Tradition says that one druzhinnik out to battle with ten, sometimes with hundreds of enemies. So plunged into horror invaders Demian Kudenevich, traveling alone to fight even without the helmet and armor.
Probably, a lot of fear had such a Kipchak army, which he pushed off the walls Pereyaslavl with six brothers.

Pro athlete Ragdaya broadcasts Nikon Chronicle: "Thou naezzhashe this three hundred warrior."
Yevpaty Kolovrat — "kolo" means circle or spinning in circles — represents his ability to fighting technique lone warrior, being introduced in the midst of the enemy and pinpoint all, throwing opponents around.

Warrior, who fought alone — is the highest degree of military skill, which has its historical name — borserk (later the name of the lord, a strong warrior). For borserka not matter how many enemies to bring down their swords. As a rule, he did not hold the shield, and preferred to take his other hand and weapon.

As a wolf, catching its prey, borserk pounced on the enemy, causing them to feel like a victim angry warrior. Dressed in skins, he introduced himself in a violent state, causing a wild roar, from which even the enemy ceased to obey the horse riders.
From a state of rage borserk sometimes could not get out, and after the battle was over. Sometimes a bucket of cold water removes it from shock. But at times it had to be kept on a chain, because the slightest irritation caused an explosion of rage, and it became dangerous to tribesmen.

Now it is necessary to dip into the primordial, in the early days of military cults.
Perhaps those who have always had a weapon — the hunters — and were the ancestors of professional soldiers. When there was a need to protect themselves from prying neighbors, weapons for hunting, drawn against the aggressor. At this time, there is a weapon designed for war: the sword and shield. Sword cost much, and allow yourself to have it could only noble warrior.

The system of military education was based on hunting cults and absorbed archaism of the established culture. Foundations being laid in paganism, were driven by natural rhythm, they created a philosophical understanding of the spiritual world. Legend of the ceasefire in three parts in the forge god Svarog lays system Tribozhiya Slavic world, based on the three units of life.

The same principle is incorporated in the structure of the Triglav abatis fight. To inflict any blow must be created for this specific amount of energy, which is implemented on impact. This swing. The greater the mass and acceleration, the greater the impact. With various mechanics of motion and implemented blow. In order for it to be energy-intensive, when the element is a momentum gained after the previous application for the formation of base hit next. Start building or hand position at impact — this is Reality — one side of Triglav. Right — this strike action, or more precisely — the time of the application — the middle of Triglav. Finally — a way out of slow blow — Nav, the opposite side Triglav. She is also a reality for the next stroke. Circle. Understanding how the expansion of the shock allows you to build a variety of fighting techniques and to correct any punch.

Triglav also updates the behavioral norms of the warrior that makes even the wise and experienced fighter, not the machine of destruction. In order to hold military equipment at a high level, you need to your actions in battle led military spirit, driven Triglav: Can — should — I want to. Where is the "I can" — a reflection of your level of technical training. "I want" — expresses the value of the desire to achieve the goal. A "must" — the need to face the action. Of doubt — and the victory will turn away from you. The enemy greedily assign it to yourself.
These are briefly laws and beliefs, which in ancient times was based military life of our ancestors.


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