Rule the world aspiring priests — Atlanta blazed trails lead to a repetition of the fate of the world was destroyed Atlantis

Rule the world aspiring priests - Atlanta blazed trails lead to a repetition of the fate of the world was destroyed Atlantis

"… Meteors rain fell from the heavens, and the earth itself opened up beneath them. The waters rose and covered the valley from one end of the earth to the other … "

Atlanta — The ancient, very advanced civilization. Atlantis, which in one night was flooded completely.
Poseydonis — the last of the once great island of Atlantis disappeared around 9500 BC
After a disaster, the surviving Atlanteans came to Egypt and started a pyramid in memory of Atlantis.
The first priests of Egypt were surviving Atlanteans. It is they who built the pyramids of Chephren, Cheops Mikkerina that incorporates ancient knowledge.
Priests used the pyramids to the mysteries, which are held in secret and now. Manage social processes, as at that time, and now, could only people with some knowledge. These people were the priests of ancient Egypt — the Levites, which are at the very top of the pyramid of power, secret world government, the wise men — the globalists.
The leaders of Atlantis began to pay attention to the development of technology exorbitant. In Atlantis, began to develop mining and processing industry. Technological development path, Atlantis heads, seemed less time consuming and more efficient.
Sad was that Atlantis on their land shortly after stabilization of the society, established a rigid caste system.
Caste in Atlantis concentrated all power in the hands of the few. It is of such power, the power of the twelve kings of Atlantis and Plato wrote in his "dialogue."
Having lost his divinity, the Atlanteans are puffed up, and decided to subordinate themselves the world of Earth. But in doing so, they prevented the gods. Manage the same planet with the gods they did not want. That's the whole reason why the military conflict broke out between the gods and the Atlanteans.
In his dialogues "Timaeus and Critias", Plato did not distorted. It is well written the desire of the kings of Atlantis subordinate themselves the entire inhabited earth.
What does this mean? Yes, that war is not fiction author of Atlantis. Plato described the original event.
Frame made war against the Lemurian Atlantis, because it was against the fact that some people were slaves, and the other supermen, what considered themselves Atlanta.
Slavs sided Lemurians.
Destruction of Atlantis comes from the fact that the late Atlanta mired in war.
Distortion of the truth, the creation of false religions, endless war, revolution, crisis, hunger, disease and man-made disasters, the destruction of nature, the death of all life on earth — the work of wise men — globalists ..
Today humanity is one in a way repeats lost Atlantis.
To avoid this fate, must awaken the mind and really encouraged priests to get off the destructive path of degradation and self-destruction, prepared for the world by the Egyptian priests — Atlanta.

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