Rumlevo winter saved?

Rumlevo — beautiful countryside within Grodno, forest park in the hills along the Neman, on the west bank of the river. One part is a XIX century manor park. Rumlevo is a natural monument of local importance. Recently, the government abruptly engaged in it guidance system, and that has caused a strong reaction among the public. Thank God, the snow fell, activists say, and the work so far stalled.

Asphalt compactor

When moved by the most modern in the city — Rumlevsky Neman bridge, you see to the left and to the right asnezhanyya beautiful hills covered with forest. It divides into two parts, "gorge" Kletskova prospectus. The right side of susedtvue with the residential area, left in a better situation: for it is the village of Sola, and nearby — the avenue new Belarusian Church of All Saints.

On the eve of the winter, though it was impossible to wait until the warm weather, the authorities have begun thorough work: a shallow cut down the vegetation, drove tractors, began laying asphalt. The public scored a bell: it is a monument of nature, you need to carefully prepare the first draft, asphalt — in any case! Heated discussion took place at the local blog, one environmental organization about Rumlevsky perturbations even appealed to the prosecutor.

It seemed to me, that another voice — if I join the chorus that Cries "SOS!" — It is unlikely that something can affect. I wanted to try to understand: what is the reason — why the city government so determined to roll up their sleeves and stubbornly refuse to listen to the public? If it is a natural monument, so peculiar flora simply can not swing an ax …

Upset, especially following. Rumlevo first theme has hit the state press. Leaders Administrative Region held a meeting at the forest park, then — the massive work day, which was attended by the officials. Next: on-site community activists saw the Mayor, who has personally examined — where and what to improve.

Order — a sentence?

Put yourself in the place of the activists: they go to the authorities, agree what you need gather all interested in including Capital specialist Manor Park Rumlevo connoisseur, to discuss the problem, then create a project, without haste, without involving all hands, but suddenly everything is forgotten in Rumlevo starts working fever. The activists are knocking at the offices, listen to them again, even agree with the arguments, but the impression that they were talking to a wall.

Finally one official patriot Rumlevo reveals that in the corridors of power is considered normal open secret. Turns out, the regional chief who came to the park and the neglect of which he did not like, ordered that the city government did there marafet and reported on the performance. In this case, has been named a specific period of time. That is why, it turns out, asphalt roller, which is sent to Rumlevo, no one could stop.

And note: the city has no money to work in Rumlevo at the end of the year, laments the power itself, only the lights that were used earlier, asphalt — removed from the streets during the repairs. The administration agrees that in a place like the road to do with the bat red brick — as in Kaloskim Park. This brick in there, but this is more expensive asphalt.

Do no harm!

On the example of Rumlevo we see the mechanism of action of this power. Its construction is more like an army: the smaller "for the title of" chief must stand on command "Attention!" With a hand to his cap — "salute." That says it all.

Everyone knows the saying "removing the head, the hair do not cry." So: this summer the regional chief, prayazhzhayuchy on Volkovisskij area, gave the order, we will think, "comb your hair," and the local authorities out of fear, "head shot". Let me explain: the road stood a century mill around all overgrown with weeds. Local underling took so destroyed the mill instead of mow wormwood yes thistles. And he was not to be: in the list of monuments of the mill, which remained one, did not appear.

The last time we remembered Kolozhu — the ancient church on a high bank of the Neman. So: it destroyed by a flood in the nineteenth century, is made out of boards and from the river looks like a shed. Let me vtryruyu, but the order to bring order to the same Kolozhu can be interpreted in different ways, Volkovyssk mill — is an example.

Well, today's officials know that the temple is better not to touch. But their predecessors have done the opposite: standing in the middle of Grodno Gothic Vytautas Farah. Some big boss saw it and was outraged: "Why do you have from all sides in the city center churches stick? Put things in order!" There was thus uttered the words "blow up" or "dynamite", the word "order", but the church was blown up. Up to the present government of the day did not allow thoughts to restore the lighthouse Vytautas.

It is now known that the provincial leadership still managed to convince not to rush with orders to Rumlevo, and it agreed. Well, of course, but the snow in any case lay on the asphalt does not, agree.

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