Rural seniors do not need a toothpick

Our society listener Vladimir of Polotsk watched the performances of the candidates on television, and then listened to their comments on BT, and shared his opinion:

"For the election campaign in full swing, are the candidates for the presidency, and BT very carefully analyze the performance of each of them. They have all long been dismantled to pieces, and, interestingly, they all find something wrong with it. As of fat sausage vykalupvayuts . Finally, they are all bad, and Lukashenko is good. Well, you know, it's a funny look and listen. "

Nicholas Chibis proposes a candidate for president to contact the police, there to have rated charges of illegal funding made at their address from the mouth of Alexander Lukashenko.

"If Lukashenko insults and baseless Neklyaeva Sannikov that finances them Russia, they have to go to court and let Lukashenko meets, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, because he is such a candidate, as well as the candidates of the democratic bloc."

Students expressed about the performance of a particular candidate. Note the positive aspects make criticisms. Here is the opinion of one of the students:

"They ask the question, why not go to a meeting with the presidential candidates the voters. And what do they go when almost every day, everywhere said that these elections — a farce that will still be President Lukashenko that he sfalsyfikue elections. Instill this idea in head to the people — and they do not go to a meeting with the candidate. Walk, do not walk, and the president will Lukashenko. "

Our listener believes that in today's environment is good, if the election is a large number of candidates.

"I listened to yesterday," Examination of Freedom ", allow me to express my petty opinion. Maybe bad that there is no single, but it's good that we have a large number of people and their performances in total will take more than one hour, but many. Water wears away the stone.

They speak differently about different things and appeal to different groups. To a simple layman words reach Rymasheuski, to the owner — the words Romanchuk, and the banker thought to the words Tereshchenko, for tomorrow no one will lend money, and G. will choose the latter a telephone decree for the next show.

They are bad speakers … And who and where he gave them the opportunity to learn? And what was the G.? Oracle of the mask Alain Delon? All those who have not yet propyl brains to understand that our country is the abyss and something had to be done. G. escape on his "Boeing" and we have to pay for all of his experiments. "

One of the audience, who identified himself as Nikolai Antonovich, accuses the presidential candidates, except Alexander Lukashenko, the crimes against the people:

"I appeal to all the candidates with the question of what services people should vote for you? You've done so much harm to the people that have to work for a long time to reverse the effects of your" work. "Let me remind the audience of your services to the people: in 2007, according to your the request of the European Union deprived Belarus preferences, went to Congress and asked for the embargo, "Man-made fiber."

So let Nekljaev in his program "Tell the truth" to explain to listeners what purpose would achieve asylum sanctions. A Romanchuk, an economist let's calculate how much the republic has lost millions. People have not forgotten what you've done, dear presidential candidates, but because you know that for the traitors of the Belarusian people people will not vote. "

Politician Sergei Kalyakin call the listener comment:

Sergei Kalyakin

"I want to advise students possible rarely watch Belarusian television, which is not a word of truth. When they shall behold on BT of lies about the Democratic candidates and party, then they have such questions arise.

In fact, bad relations with international organizations — is not the action of the opposition, and stupid foreign and domestic policies of those in power. First of all, it is the policy pursued by Alexander Lukashenko.

As for those sanctions that currently exist in respect of the Belarusian state, all this can be solved quickly. If in Belarus will restore the rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, if it becomes a democratic political system, then there will be no sanctions from the international organizations and foreign governments. Today, it is all in the hands of the head of government. "

Our listener retirement age called for "Freedom" after the television appearance looked head of the country:

"The channel BT Lukashenko said:" Matches we have learned to do, but the toothpicks acquire abroad. "First, our matches do not hold water, and secondly, most of the villagers need a toothpick, as the hare stop light, as This part is almost no teeth. prosperous Belarus they have not enough money to purchase a prosthesis. "

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