Russia expects to political censorship

Waiting for a Russian political censorshipIn the past few years, our homeland acquired the status of one of the most developed in terms of information of global powers. By the number of so-called man-connections per unit time to the Global Network RuNet in general is still ahead of all the planets. In this regard, the promotion of websites — one Russian sector of the engines of the information market, which allows to develop and live completely free laws.

But the media are increasingly began to appear, information relating to the fact that the Russian Web is going through the best of times. This is due first to the authorities' attempts to impose censorship on the RuNet, eliminating those areas that can bring some damage to the structures of the imperative and the political fall ratings. Namely, is not the first time there is evidence that the FSB is trying to neutralize the activity of certain Web sites Web. One of these websites is social network "Vkontakte", which is the sovereign creator Durov says that by the special services on the Web site of strongest pressure is expressed in efforts to restrict the activity of users in specific groups made by other users. With all of this myself Pavel Durov says that the network made them lack not only so called opposition groups, and groups who express their approval of the course of today's Russian authorities. According to him, the elimination of some groups and artificial cultivation of activity on the other able to make social network very one-sided. And it is capable of radically change the attitude of users to act as the FSB, and at least some other structure, trying to restrict their rights in the Global Network.

It should be noted that the active sample to restrict access to those users or other Web sites were recorded selections and day — 4 December. Then the hacking attacks were the websites of radio station "Echo of Moscow", "Live Journal" and other sites where the opposition was expressed worldview. If such acts by the security services will continue and further, the Russian sector of the Web can do almost anything to lose and become openly sided. It may be that someone such situation is very hands on, but not developing a civilian society of, the development of which so much was said in the near future.

Let us hope that all the limitations of the sample sites in the opposition RuNet become the latest trend of negative scale political censorship.

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