Russia started to burn to a catastrophic scenario in 2010

Greenpeace published a map of the spread of fires in Russia. According to environmentalists, Russia "burns" in the same way as the spring of 2010. According to experts, to repeat the summer scenario, when most of the central regions of Russia in the raging fire, and Moscow for many weeks acrid smog shrouded, just a dry month, while it is not necessary that the thermometer "off scale" for 40 degrees. The weather may not be such a hot enough regular drought, experts say.
According to "Greenpeace Russia" for the weekend fires, caused by palov dry grass covered almost the entire south of European Russia, Kaliningrad region, Buryatia, Transbaikalia territory, the southern regions of the Amur region, the Jewish Autonomous Region and the south of Primorye. Who is the most dangerous situation in the lower reaches of the Volga, in the Trans-Baikal and southern Primorye. Large forest fires are not observed, but it is a matter of time, said environmentalists GZT.RU April 5.

"Burn all who are not getting"

Told GZT.RU head of the forest department, "Greenpeace Russia" Alexei Yaroshenko, while the situation with spring fire is not much different from last year, "While all looks the same as last year with the fire, and a number of regions in advance. For example, in Transbaikalia burns stronger and earlier than burned in the past year. "
Now one of the major causes of fires are natural herbal burns, which traditionally are held annually rural residents. "Burn all who are not falling. First, the tradition of utterly insane. Second, in the villages often people try to set fire to the first, on the assumption that all went to the neighbors, and not to them, "- says the expert.
The people believed that the spring grass burns lead to high yields in the summer and can get rid of various weeds and small seedlings. "The people in other circles as that spring burns grass is good. Completely erroneous opinion is misleading. The fact that losses from regular spring fires, much more than these small benefits. And losses are taking place in the area for which the conduct these burns, yield and productivity of land communities ", — the general director of the Biodiversity Conservation Center Alexei Zimenko.

According Zimenko, grass burns, a major source of natural fires. "They are difficult to control, but no one really did not do anything. A little dry, and all the flared "- says ecologist.
Moreover, the first large catastrophic fires occurred last year due palov dry grass, and the heat wave only aggravated the situation. "The source of fire is always a man. Anomalous temperature is not to blame. They create the conditions so that the fire spread better. In the European part of Russia, at least 99% of fires occur on the person. In Siberia, a little less there, the figure is 90%, "- said the representative of Greenpeace.

"If the sovereign people burn …"

Every year from grass fires burned several villages, and even this year, according to Marxism, there are first victims: "This year there are first burnt houses in Primorye, well before summer residence, but there will be new."
According to Marxism, basically all natural fires occur due to ignorance of the population, and the fashion for spring grass burns citizens instills FFA. "FFA is engaged in aggressive advertising grass fires, that is, they believe it is better to burn out preventively control. Although there is no one to control really burns … People see that foresters and agriculturists harness. Once the sovereign people burn, why not burn all ", — says grinpisovets.

As explained GZT.RU in FFA, in some regions of the spring grass burns really necessary because of the geographical and natural conditions, but it recalled that "FFA has always called, and calls for a great use of methods and tools."
The full benefit of spring palov not be excluded, said Yaroshenko, but people need to explain when it is appropriate to do it and when not to, "If this is done without explanation and without the local population, it looks like an advertisement palov dry grass. And aggressive advertising. "

Fairly normal drought

To repeat the last year is that forest fires are quite common drought-long month and a half, experts believe. "In order for natural fires have become a distinct and dangerous phenomenon, not necessarily catastrophic drought, just enough dry weather. Because the main cause of the fire is not the drought, but the fact that it is not established a system of forest management ", — says Alexei Zimenko.
According to Alexei Yaroshenko, this year Russia is ready to fire even worse than in the past: "The level of preparedness of the country to fight fires is much lower than last year. So it all depends on the weather. If last year for such a disaster occurred, it was necessary extreme drought, but this year will be quite the most usual summer drought. "

The spread of fire in the direction of forest communities is a matter of a few weeks, experts believe. "Currently, the main part of the Forest area is snow, so long as the damage is small. But after a week or two will go and forest fires ", — the representative Greenpeace.
In general, the peak palov forest grass experts expect the May holidays. "The holidays are so many people out of town on the nature and start fires to burn, dry grass. If the peak of the conditions conducive to Palam need for holidays in May, it could be catastrophic, "- says Yaroshenko.
"The position of the power-hide and bury our heads in the sand as long as there is no accident. Accordingly, in the last year, has not yet started to burn villages, all pretending that no problem and no. Now the same thing happens, "- said the head of the forest department," Greenpeace Russia. "

Volunteers put out a fire in Yuzha area in summer 2010.
Source: Pestel10


Russia ready in principle to

Representatives Roslehoza not as pessimistic as environmentalists. They say that preparations for the confrontation forest fire is under way. "Russia is basically ready. Why at all? Because the fire season begins unevenly. Accordingly, in the South and in the Trans-Baikal region have already begun to act wildfires. Center is still finalizing, it is almost ready, "- explained GZT.RU representative FFA Victoria Mironova.
According to Mironov, at the moment of fire-chemical stations fully equipped with the necessary equipment, trained professionals in the field of forest pyrology, "that is, people who know how to put out a fire in the woods is", organized by a single control point.

"The phone can call the control room and any citizen to report a fire. There were some calls about the burning of peat bogs in the Moscow region. But at the moment these moors until a particular danger "- explained Victoria Mironova.
As the representative of the Federal Forestry Agency, "now refer to situations regions fire more seriously than in the past year," and recalled that in early April, the head of department Maslyakov Victor said that the leaders of forestry in 2011, will be responsible for a large fire. "Every fire will have their name, and for him to be held personally responsible managers of forest units" — quoted Maslyakova Victoria Mironova.
"I do not think anyone is interested in seeing that the forest, which is under his responsibility, burned" — summed Mironov.

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