Russian Air Force goes to the SMS-management


Russian Air Force started assembly and installation of a new system of control and communication of long-range aviation, handing out long-range target acquisition team and strategic bombers Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22M3, which can attack ground targets nuclear charge. The control system works on the principle of the telegraph or SMS, sending text messages encoded with the orders of a nuclear strike, and the coordinates of the target.

As told to "Izvestia" a source in the General Staff Air Force, the modules of the system will be installed on the aircraft during routine maintenance, which is subjected to several cars in a year as the establishment of a resource.

If the old system of coordinates of the target pilots had entered into the control system of rockets by hand, the new — data comes automatically, without the participation of the crew, said the source publication.

— At the command post operator is typing messages with the keyboard transceiver. Each sign system assigns encrypted digital code and passes it to air. A few seconds before the signal reaches the plane and there is decrypted — described representative of the Air Force principle of the system.

According to him, to send messages to the system uses conventional radio and excess (multiple) encryption. Because of this for communicating with aircraft do not need to use satellites, and if communication with the aircraft is interrupted, the system of message fragments will be able to recover all the message entirely. The signal is sent only unilateral — from the headquarters to the plane.

— Old communication systems such as P-099 "Chaika", quite sensitive to radio interference and transmission, decoding, and data entry take a few minutes. The new system speeds up the process of refocusing the strategic air forces thousands of times and makes it impossible to mistake the "human factor" — said the "Izvestia".

According to him, due to the latest algorithm of data, working on the principle of excess encryption system is virtually immune to interference, so the opponent will not be able to prevent activate and redirect strategic bombers to nuclear strikes.

Military expert, co-author of the book "The New Russian Army" Anton Lavrov said the "News" that the main reason for the introduction of the new system — the physical deterioration of the old one.

— There are no other reasons for upgrading the control system no long-range bomber. Just now, the components that are used to create the existing communication modules, has no issues, so replace them decided to use new components. On top of making the system more resistant to radio interference — Lavrov said.

He added that the system is receiving the command to start — one of the most vulnerable in long-range bombers.

— "Visionaries" perform patrol dozens of hours away from their bases. During this time, the situation could change, so the most important thing for Nuclear Command quickly and clearly convey the order to strike, and the coordinates of the target. For the crew, the main thing — to get this order and did not make a mistake in the choice of targets. Of course, the enemy is doing everything to make such an order did not get on the plane or got distorted. The new system would interfere with the team is almost impossible — said Lavrov.

The expert also added that now the digital systems to transmit information to the strategic bombers are only in the U.S. Air Force.

The order for the components of the new system of control and communication in the amount of 11 million rubles Ministry of Defence has placed on site procurement. Among them — the transceivers telecode the P-097M. The only manufacturer of these systems is the Kaluga Research Institute Telemechanical devices.

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