Russian Foreign gun turns into a banana republic

Recently the nedavneshney resounding resignation of Alexei Kudrin money President Dmitry Medvedev again stressed that defense expenditures have been, are and will be the priority, and that any trials to reduce them unacceptable. At first glance, the statement of the president and his tough position (so often, incidentally, demonstrated Medvedev) can only applaud, because, perhaps, for the first time in recent years the head of the country, judging by his statements, so seriously bothered neuvvyazkami Russian Armed Forces.

But does (or rather, whether guarantees) receipt by the President of the Russian army and navy all of the necessary weapons, which many years due to the acquired underfunding defense industry they have been deprived? Does this mean that our long-suffering MIC from now can breathe a sigh of what is called, in deeply? Technically — yes. After all, the president has caused quite true value of financing. But what happens in real life?

No desire to engage in predictions, but, most likely, that's what happens. Almost a couple of weeks back the Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces General Nikolai Makarov did not mince words in the address of warm French self-propelled artillery "Caesar." Chief of Staff of the French impressed firing range guns (42 km) and time bringing guns to combat readiness (about Minutka). Russian ACS "MSTA-S" does not have such features, which caused displeasure general. But this time the Russian gunsmiths worked not only quickly, but instantly, on the days of saying they are ready to modernize "Msta", then its firing range will increase from 29 to 41 km. This will likely after equipping the new ACS, a longish stem. Plus, the NGO "Mashinostroitel" developed 8 new shells for "Msta" including projectiles with programmable fuses and radar. But … the fact is that the Defense Ministry is not ready to buy them before 2015-2017,., Explaining his reluctance to the fact that the artillery warehouses crammed with shells fired back in Russian time. More that are stored in the warehouses of ammunition still time majestically Russian war, which, because of their own traits generally do not meet modern standards. Thus, the shells of one party may have a different weight, which makes it virtually unenforceable preplanned shooting digital guidance system "Msta." Because of this diffusion projectiles most effective range for this type of ammunition (19 km) from 50 to 100 m, whereas in the U.S. and Europe dispersion tolerance when shooting at 40 km (!) Is from 10 to 30 m . According to the Ministry of Defense, the purchase of new missiles can be launched only after an old shells will be scrapped, what is obviously also need money.

It turns vicious circle. An old warehouses crammed with shells funds for their disposal or not at all, or is there, but not enough. Accordingly, buy new shells no one is going, because they have no place to store. A mean and modernization "Msta" stupid, because an old firing range missiles even when brand new, over a longish trunk will still be lower than that of Western counterparts. And in that case will go cheap money? More precisely, to whom will they go?

More more confusing situation — with the T-90. Export version of this tank is worth $ 2.5 million, while, according to the Commander of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation A.Postnikova, buys Russian army tanks from 118 million rubles. ($ 3.65 million). Why such a price? In this case, for some reason no one wants or can not explain to another point: why the cost of the tank over the past 10 years has increased by 10 times? Despite the fact that the T-90 itself changed nekordinalno.

And no one can explain why France has bought helicopter carriers "Mistral". No doubt, the "Mistral" — a good ship, but do not forget that not long before the collapse of the Soviet Union Russian designers have developed a draft class nuclear aircraft carriers "Ulyanovsk" (Project 1143.7), which were more difficult than the "Mistral". Moreover, the first ship of this type was built in 1988 in Nikolayev, but thanks to Gorbachev's perestroika, ending the collapse of the country, this ship died without being born. Yet, the fact remains that a quarter of a century back, our designers have developed a far more sophisticated ships, helicopter carriers than the "Mistral". Well, at this point, after all Gorbachevo-Yeltsin "reforms" were left in Russia engineers who can create the vehicle in its class. However, this is unlikely to be necessary, because today is easier everything you need (and you need it?) Purchased abroad. And it is good to our military-industrial complex has been swamped with orders for years to come. Not the same: many businesses are struggling to make ends meet, but our senior bureaucrats prefer not to feed their own workers, and zabugornyh.

On the other hand, is nothing extraordinary in this supposedly not. The practice of buying weapons abroad vserasprostranena around the world, and even the United States can discover it. Suffice it to recall British fighters 'Harrier', the Italian guns, "Beretta", French helicopters "Ekyurey" and so on … But the Americans can afford it for myself, because for all imported products and technology for more than half a century they pay colored paper — unsecured bucks. And our homeland will be calculated for the acquired her adopted this same paper, only exchanged for our oil, gas and other resources. At the theoretical level, Americans are generally do not create anything themselves, ordering in the future the same aircraft carriers in China and getting everything that they need, in exchange for their "funny money." But our home is devoid of such luxuries. Because before you buy something abroad (particularly relevant to the defense of the country), it would be good 100 times loaf. It is not enough that we pay for it with their resources, but also deprive their own slices of bread as workers and engineers. But we feed a possible opponent, which Now longingly looks at our defense budget is completely reasonable to hope that he perepadet bold piece.

And it perepadet, but not alone. Our defense industry bled for 20 years of "reform", and quite a lot now and have foreign owners. So from naikrupneyshgo arms manufacturer in the world, which was once the Soviet Union, Our homeland is transformed into a third-banana republic that can not equip its army and his weapon. There is fear that this process may be irreversible.

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