Rymashevski: I feel sorry for people who come to our hospital

Belarusian legislation there are no rules that would provide for the publication of the medical bulletins on the state of health of the Belarusian president or presidential candidates to provide medical certificates to the CEC. Do not apply such laws and in other post-Soviet countries. Although the calls for the introduction of increasingly heard from legislators themselves. Recently, with the relevant initiatives were members of Estonia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan …

On the eve of the elections of December 19 "Freedom" wondered how these people maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether they have any medical problems, what steps need to do to improve the health of the nation.

Vitaly Rymashevski: age 35 years, height 176 cm, weight of 80 kg (have not measured it, but feels that now is less), the pressure does not know.

According to presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski, normal and responsible politician should from time to time to attend regular clinics, and even not having health problems.

Rymashevski: "I do not remember the last time I was sick. Several months ago, had a minor injury as a result of contact to the emergency room at our usual clinic in Sukharevo district. It was a real horror. People stood in line for hours, they had very serious injuries, and they there was nowhere to sit down. Attitudes toward people like cattle. I could not stand it and lodged a complaint. Spat, departed this clinic. sympathize with these people, the sick, who are forced to go to our hospitals. "

"Freedom": "I do not agree with you that the issue of health care in Belarus is dependent on both the social and economic development of society, and from his mentality, people love to ourselves?"

Rymashevski: "I agree with that, and I know that Belarusians have traditionally sacrifice the quality of your life for your family … Let's just say many people do not appreciate their health and even their lives are not valued. Especially older people with grown children. They get

"Many Belarusians do not value their health and even their lives"

miserable pension, but will help these children almost to their pensions, and therefore will continue to work for the hard work and thus ruin their health. These people do not get quality health care, save on food. Add to this the Chernobyl problems. Here, of course, and the lack of food culture, and the lack of protection from radiation from a variety of harmful substances that we are now freely fed. "

"Freedom": "Do not you think that in society there are certain prejudices in this matter, the bad and even contempt for the person who is sick. People are embarrassed to talk about their illnesses, because there is some, albeit hidden, but discrimination …"

Rymashevski: "It's hard to talk about it. Perhaps there is such discrimination. Just lately around me are kind of believers. And here the attitude is different. But I remember my younger life period — with the Soviets, the overhaul. Indeed, it is the neglect of people who have certain physical limitations and poor health. And you know, it seems to me that such a mentality is part of the Nazi mentality and racist. Our physical health, it is certainly important, but it is very sad when such neglect, however, is … I hope that the Belarusian people in this area have a very good quality: it is tolerant and sympathetic people, people who can empathize with others' pain. And that may be the reason for the changes in the society. "

"Freedom": "What could be the reason for the change in sentiment regarding the Belarusian to his health? What steps would you have to do in order to improve the nation's health in the event of your election as president?"

Rymashevski: "We need to start with the family, at school. Need from early childhood to give children the model in relation to physical training. Necessary that the school children were engaged in the clubs for free. Should be more

"Ice palaces in Belarus — monuments cynical and boorish attitude of the Belarusian authorities to the people."

competition among households, neighborhoods. As for the many arenas that are now being built, then that is all I would say cynicism monuments, memorials so cynical and boorish attitude of the Belarusian authorities to the people. After all, to improve the health of the nation can not just professional sports, and physical education.

Speaking of the Minsk district Suharevo where a family lives, there is no pond, where children could walk, youth, adults. There is no space at all for mass sports activities. None of this — is not built at all. And in Suharevo home to more than 100,000 residents, it is the population of a small town.

That is the path to the development of physical culture can really help improve the health of the nation.

And, of course, the state must provide the highest level of medical insurance that allows everyone to be treated very efficiently. These are the proposals of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, which I posted the other day on TV. We should have compulsory health insurance for residents of Belarus by the state. "

"Freedom": "In the practice of different countries there are cases when the president is becoming not very healthy people, for example, Roosevelt, to use a wheelchair. Known as examples where the disease first persons held in secret. This is including about Soviet leaders., In your opinion, with which the disease can go to the president, and with what — no? '.

Rymashevski: "I know, which is impossible. C mentally. Therefore, our next president must be mentally healthy.

Therefore, people should elect the president, the parliament should have

"The patient will bring the spirit of the head of the country before the disaster."

opportunity to impeachment if the president is behaving inappropriately. I should add that there is also the spiritual health. If a patient goes to the head of the spirit over instincts and passions, ambition, vanity, love of money, it will bring disaster to the country. "

"Freedom": "How do you maintain your health?"

Rymashevski: "My health? To be honest, I have little about health care. Now just do not have time for physical education. I try to be in the pool at least once a week."

"Freedom": "Which Minsk pool you prefer?"

Rymashevski: "I go to a different, I will not name because I do not like to, once voiced, meet in this pool a lot of undesirable persons, especially from the security services. But the pool — this is what is available and good. I love to swim, though learned it late enough. Also I love running, and the horizontal bar, which is in our office. To engage in politics in Belarus, it is necessary to have health. Indeed it out of the square, and numerous meetings with people. All this is a great psychological and physical stress " .

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