Sannikov agree that all need to be removed

The Company presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, visited Brest. Policies brought promotional materials, which in the region so far, none of the candidates. On the campaign funds to opposition politicians today have only meetings with voters.

The presidential candidate visited in Brest and Kobrin regional center. Together with a proxy — Pavel Kozlovsky — and Dmitry Barodka Andrei Sannikov met with voters in Kobrin House of Culture. At the meeting it was quite a lot of people, regions today, the presidential candidate is extremely important, but limited opportunities to meet:

"If I had the chance, I'd each region, each village was paying attention. But we are working within very limited resources, so it's impossible. And so I choose those cities where the action teams worked well, where he actively collected signatures where there is interest. Actually I think that the regions are very important, now people are more interested, more active. For people now need not only information to read, but also directly to the meeting, during which the politician will tell you that there is a chance that the story is done today . "

In Kobrin voters who were at the meeting, noted that they do not believe an honest vote count. This is not the time came during the conversation with the candidate, says a resident of the city:

"Only until there is poverty, people would sit and endure, no one will go to the Plaza. Meanwhile in Minsk we will not let anyone into the square. I believe that we need to fight to see each ballot observers, otherwise no counting is not will we know for ourselves the conditions in which we live. CEC reiterated the right number. But people are starting to get tired of it. "

These words were in Brest during a meeting with the candidate:

"Vertical authorities not to allow elections were fair and the counting of votes. Andrew O., you know very well that even begins Dec. 13 preliminary vote. And it is in these urns will be altered ballots, and you are well aware of it, that would be fraud. But when the three days they withdraw all nine alternative candidates, almost 100% of these elections will be declared null and void. "

The presidential candidate did not agree, what you need removed, but agreed to be tampering with the vote count, as well as the fact that your voice needs to be protected. However, Andrei Sannikov said that despite democracy, there is an obstacle in the campaign:

"In fact, done a lot, so we started election campaign possible later, not having campaign materials. At the expense of an alternative candidate does not want to transfer the money. But as for the campaign materials, but now people are able to vydrukovvats leaflets for a particular candidate can lead dissemination of this information. "

According to the trustee of Andrei Sannikov for Brest Zenaida Mikhnyuk, Kobrin and Brest at a meeting with presidential candidate came only about 700 people. Today, the initiative group holds rally in Zhabinka.

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